Dear Ariel. Oh how I've missed you. I'm sorry for ignoring you like that to be honest. This holiday has been busy. I had to socialize with normal people. Well mostly relatives. It was pretty much fun. Nanny Jane reminded me of dreams. "Aren't you soon graduating to finally work on TV! The way you fantasized about it"she said. Can you imagine she still kept my dreams. How thoughtful of her! Look at me now preparing my schedule for my last semester of this degree in Accounting. You know I still have hope of being a journalist. Mum always said it is a matter of time. 

Speaking of schedules this semester we have an elective subject. And guess what! I am offering Fraud and risk management because of him. He's going to be assisting in lecturing this course unit. What other better way than to make him notice me. I can't even believe I am doing this. You know Ariel its kinda your fault I added it on my new years resolutions. You just had to be there for me to remember that this is a first I have to deal with. I'm already feeling my stomach churn. It might be hunger though. I'll be back.


So Ariel today was our first class with him. By 6.00am I was up well to get dressed and look all beautiful. I needed all the luck I needed for him to notice me. Today I showered hot water because I had all the time I needed. I wore my new pair of blue jeans with my favorite you black sweat shirt. Well the shirt has a you on it. Yeah lol. So I added my lunar necklace I got for my birthday on new years eve. Well I just lined my eyes a little bit and wore purple lipstick. Trust me I looked so good. I couldn't help taking a few snaps before I left the room. I was in early for class by 8 I was on my spot. He entered class and introduced the course outline something related to introduction to risk, risk assessment, and some other things. I couldn't focus my whole self was anticipating for the moment he'd look my way. Guess what. He didn't. He'd almost turned to my side when the clock chimed 10 O'clock for him to get out. I am so frustrated at the time. And there goes my stomach again. Why didn't I take breakfast. I'm mentally slapping myself. Maybe next week he will.


Well Ariel. Today he didn't notice me either. My description of my attire won't matter anyway. There's no significant memory to keep for our future. Jack noticed me though. He said I always look terrific every Tuesday. "Are you looking out for someone in particular?"he asked. I blushed instantly. I thought my best friend had cracked my attention seeking plan for Him. "Not really. I didn't even notice" I laughed uneasily. "Well can I interest you in lunch later on?" He continued "That can't go to waste" he said as he assessed me. That's how I ended up with a fancy treat and a photo shoot later. Jack really lifted my spirits. Plus today I won't complain of hunger.


I was on my way out of campus when He stopped his car beside me. He lowered the window to his car and motioned me towards his car. "Hello" he said. My inner self was screaming like ahh. He's finally noticed me. I replied hesitantly as I realized I'd been staring at him before replying. "Uhm hi?" "Could you direct me to Pine Valley apartments please" " Yeah sure" "I'm still kinda new to this place" he added. He invited me to enter his car which I did obviously. "What course are you studying?" "Accounting" he looked surprised. "Which year are you?" "Final year. You teach my class actually" "oh! So what's your name?" As I opened my mouth to reply I heard myself say my name out loud. Guess what I opened my eyes only to realize it was Monday at 9am and I'd literally missed half of my first lecture. I'm so mad and I've decided to let go of my first crush I think. He'd taken up much of my day and now night dreams. I've got to be serious. I have a semester to save.


Hey Ariel. So today I entered class a bit later. Clearly effects of a bad morning. I opted for my high waist round purple skirt with my black off shoulder top. I left my hair out for today to brighten my day. My lips were painted pink with a touch of black liner. It was as if I had a magazine shoot to catch after class. I'd just sat down when I heard Him say "Uhm Girl with an Afro" I turned to face him. "What's your name?" "Stacy Ruiza" I said remembering yesterday's dream "Well class Stacy here. Will be opening the discussion on the risks we've faced as rational human beings." I moved to the front of class and this was perfect timing.

"Good morning everyone" I started " Hypothetically having a crush on a lecturer is a risk. Right. Since the probability of them having mutual feelings or them ignoring you is unknown. This lecturer~crush can be mitigated by either getting over the crush or communicating with the lecturer by the student." I finished as I smiled at the class well him mainly. I was hoping he'd read between the lines. So I nominated Jack for his opinion on risks. After class I packed my stuff in my bag pack to avoid Jack's scrutiny over my opinion in class. I was in the process of wearing my headphones when I felt a tap at my shoulder. Please dont be Jack I prayed mentally as I looked side ways to see the person. "Miss Ruiza right!" "Yes " " Yours was quite the opinion" I blushed. " I know. Its been a dilemma of mine" "If you are free we could talk about it over lunch. That's if you don't mind"he added. Well Ariel I had to accept the invitation. It had him, lunch and the best view to take a few snaps for my Instagram followers. The best day of my life because it turns out He's just worth the crush. On the other hand I'm dreading Tuesday next week. I promised to tell him about the lecturer I am crushing on after he'd encouraged me to try my luck if he was young. Can you imagine that? It is going to be one awkward moment. Fingers crossed he's offering me lunch again. Well here's to me for being noticed finally! 

 Not to sound superstitious but according to my sister's diary maybe dreams do predict the future after all.

April 09, 2020 12:56

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