Bon voyage 💛

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Hello I’m banana sorbet. I’m a really shy guy and do not talk to people much. I’m yellow in color. I wear a banana peal on my head as a hat. My body is just a bone covered with rubber, and I carry an oxygen tank everywhere weather it’s in an office, HeadQuaters, or a spaceship….

Can you guess who am I?...

Yes you guessed right, I’m a crewmate from among us……WAIT!....

Isn’t among us just a game …

Well yes, it is a game but not “just” a game. We, the crewmates have a whole life behind the game….

but something was wrong..

innersloth HQ notified us

here is what happened yesterday…

we were all so exited because yesterday was Christmas, and we all were going to get new Christmas hats and today's special boat voyage map!

pink: “yay!”

orange: “ for What?”

pink: “we are going to get new hats and the awesome boat voyage map, didn’t you know?”,

orange: “yes..umm..yes of course I know”

pink: “well then… yay!”

orange: “yay?”

i wanted to talk but I'm too shy so I did not

we all picked our chrismas hats and…

blue texted innersloth HQ

blue: “ innersloth, please start the mission.”

Innersloth HQ “mission starting in 3…2..1….."

A tab appeared on my screen “shhhh” said a red player


There is one impostor among us

I was nervous… after all no one wants to die on Christmas…

I could feel my rubbery heart beating..


I went to admin to do my card swipe…

I took it out and swiped it

“beep. Too fast. Try again” said the machine

I tried again..

“beep. Too slow. Try again” said the machine

Just then, I remembered something from training..

I swiped the card slow till a specific point and then fast till the end.

“click. Card accepted. Thank you

Suddenly another tab opened


Orange: “where?”

Blue: “why?”

Red: “what happened?”

Lime: “in electrical, dark green is acting super sus…I was doing the fix wiring task but then dark green came in and the door locked…I went to the door when dark green ran to me and…. The door opened… it was a christmas miracle… I ran as fast as my legs could and pressed the button…..”

Dark green: “ I’m not the impostor and I was not acting sus... btw I saw orange in the room too.”

orange: “ you were acting sus like you were the impostor, and framing me?....tsk..tsk...tsk...”

I still did not yet talk

Blue has voted

Pink has voted

Black has voted

orange has voted

dark green has voted

yellow has voted

lime has voted




dark green:4

dark green was ejected.


I went to electrical and finished my wiring task



Pink is dead we all discussed and lime was ejected

And I did not talk again

Blue has voted

Black has voted

orange has voted

yellow has voted

lime has voted

Lime was ejected.


I want to storage to do garbage task

I hadn’t finished it..

Just then..


orange: “ black was following me”

black : “no I was not”

I did not talk again…

We voted..

Blue has voted

Black has voted

orange has voted

yellow has voted

black was ejected.

Black- was- NOT-the-impostor

I went to do my decode message task:


whY are veggies are Of no use to frUits.

sArah and aRiana wEnt home.


*I need more Cake, Ramen, Eggs, Water, Monkeys, Apples, Turtles and Energy

* see the first letter of all the items






you are a crewmate .

just then...


Blue: “yellow sus”

orange: “really?"

Blue: “trust me orange he is”

orange: "yeah and I suppose he is not gonna talk too"

You: “no wait, I'm not, let me tell you”....

but alas I was too late...

orange: "bon voyage...Yellow"

Blue has voted

Yellow has voted

Orange has voted




Yellow was ejected.



Orange was the impostor

I thought I was dead but I realized I was in innersloth HQ base sub, they caught me and the others. Turns .out that they catch the ejected cremates. I was never ejected before so I did not know. We activated the self destruction mode of the boat it exploded in front if our eyes like a firework show in water it was beautiful and the impostor died....atleast we tought....we saw a small orange figure on a jet ski laughing and moving far and further until it disappeared.

Something told me this was not the end....

{Should I Post part 2? }


February 25, 2022 03:43

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Advice And Tips
08:44 Mar 02, 2022

Amazing story. Well crafted


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Luna Silvermist
03:45 Feb 25, 2022

Hi! It would really be appreciated if u could drop some feedback :)


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