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Callie glances up at the clock on the wall as she begins preparing her customer's sub.


Thirty-three more minutes until she could go home, finish her artwork, and possibly watch her favorite show: "Manifest".

"Your total is $10.4--"

"Hey you," a familiar voice calls, tapping Callie's shoulder firmly, causing her to look their way, "break room. Now." It was no one other than her boss, Pete: tall, chubby, grumpy, and thinks the the world revolves around him.

"You take over," he says, to a co-worker standing nearby.

The two go to the back with Callie already annoyed with whatever was about to be said.

"Give me your apron, you're fired," he says, flatly, holding out a dry hand.

She scrunches up her face and steps back. "What? Why? Look, if this is about me being late I told you it won't happen again--"

"Well it is, it's been too many times where you've been late and your co-workers have to work more than they should. Also, customers have to wait in long lines and they become angry. I don't like angry customers because angry customers mean LESS customers and that means less money, and I don't need that," he said, pointing to himself.

Callie shakes her head. "I can't afford to lose my job right now, YOU know that."

"And I can't afford to lose my business so whose problem is bigger?" he pointed behind him with his thumb. "Get outta here kid before I call the cops."

Callie clenches her jaw as she stares him down before snatching the apron off and throwing it at him. Grabbing her belongings, she speaks up. "You always had something slick to say because of the color of my skin."

He nonetheless ignores her and she rushes out, leaving the deli as everyone watches.

When she gets home, her reminder of paying the bills resurfaces once she notices the mail on the kitchen table. Sighing, she goes to her room and strips down to her boxers and sports bra. It seemed like everything was falling apart. First, she lost her bestfriend just a few weeks ago. Then, her mom kicked her out with little to no money; now this. She was back at square one when it came to trying to get her life together.

Laying on her bed, she closes her eyes only for a knock to come from the front door. She groans and gets up, slipping on a pair of basketball shorts and a wife beater.

"Hey Callie!" exclaims her elderly neighbor when she opens the door, "just letting you know the mail came today and I got yours!" She holds out two envelopes.

"Thanks, I really appreciate that, Ms.Cline," Callie says, forcing a smile.

Ms.Cline laughs. "Oh, no problem. So how are you, have you been getting along okay?"

"Uh well," Callie hesitates, "y-yeah I've been good. How about ya' self?"

It was evident to the lady that Callie was lying, but she didn't push her. "I've been good, great actually. Sammy misses you though, he's always at the door expecting you."

Callie's smile is genuine this time as she thinks about the giant, yet friendly dog. "Well I can come over now, if that's alright with you."

"Of course," Ms.Cline says, gesturing for the younger girl to follow her.

Callie notices the new doorbell Ms.Cline had gotten installed right under her apartment number: 727.

"Sammy!" Ms.Cline yells as Callie closes the door behind them. A gold retriever came running from one of the back rooms with his tongue hung out.

"Hey boy!" Callie exclaims, bending down to scratch him behind his ears. "I missed you." Sammy licks her face and barks causing her to laugh.

Ms.Cline smiles at the both of them. "Would you like to stay for dinner?" she asks, going into the kitchen to check the food in the oven.

"Oh no, that's alright I just came to see Sammy," Callie answers, giving him one last pat before standing straight.

Ms.Cline comes over to her. "You sure?" There's plenty for the both of us."

Callie nods her head. "Yes, thank you for the offer."

"Okay," Ms.Cline pauses, "if you ever need help I'm here okay?

Callie shoves her hands into her pockets. "Ye-yeah thanks." She waves her and Sammy goodbye before going back to her place.

Slipping off her slides, she sat at the table and looked at the mail from Ms.Cline. "Ughh," she groans, putting her head in her hands once she realizes it's a late notice for the light bill.

The next morning, Callie ate a bowl of cereal and began applying for as many jobs as she could online. She was even contemplating accepting more than one because she didn't have any extra money of family to fall back on.

In the evening, she decided to finish the painting she began months ago; too busy with work to finish it.

She gathers her materials and was off to the local park, in hopes to uplift her current mood.

The sun shines down on her as she takes her time walking. It gave her a sense of peace, something she's been wanting since yesterday.

"Hey, California!"

Callie turns her head toward the voice, her vibration increasing at the use of the nickname. "Hey, Joe." She walks up to his ice cream truck and leans against it.

"Want some ice cream? I have your favorite this time and get this. " He sticks his arm out of the open window and points at the prices on the outside of the truck. "Buy one get one free AND, it's 5% off the first one. So it's $7.27."



It replays in her head like a broken record.

"Callie, you alright?"

She snaps out of it. "Uhh, yeah. I have to go. Maybe next time?" She speeds off as her mind races. She was aware of angel numbers but she's never encountered synchronization, until now.

Once she got to the park she sat on a bench, put her materials next to her, and pulled out her phone to begin searching.

"Angel number 727 is an indication that positive news will enter your life in the very near future," she reads, with raised eyebrows as something sparks in her.

Coincidence? She thought.

Although deep down something told her it wasn't.

A pair of black shoes appear in her peripheral vision. "That's quite outstanding," they say, startling Callie.

She looks up, a pale, elderly man in a grey suit and matching top hat. "Oh, uh thanks," she mumbles, glancing over at her unfinished artwork.

"Mind if I take a seat?"

She hesitates, taking in her surroundings. "Uh...sure."

He sits, leaving a gap in between them. " I haven't seen anything like this since I was a young boy," he pauses, taking off his hat, revealing his gray and white hair. "You don't mind if I take a closer look do you?"

Callie shrugs, allowing the man to pick up the canvas. "Look at the detail on this, it's magnificent," he says, in a giddy tone.

Callie looks at him strangely, she's never been around someone of his kind: proper.

"Take my card," he says, pulling it from the inside of his suit jacket with his middle and index finger. "I'm interested in your work and I'd like to do business with you." He stands from the bench and puts on his hat with a wave and saunter's away.

Callie watches him in shock before slowly analyzing his card. His companies name was on it along with his personal information, but the address stood out the most.

727 Pinecohn Ln

July 24, 2021 03:36

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