Fantasy Funny Crime

I go to the beach today. The light was blinding, killing me so I wear my sunglasses but that is no help either. It is summer today and my Mum continuasly was trying to convince me to go to the beach. I am really forced in the end because I was carried into the car when I refused. When we ‘arrive at our destination’ as our GPS said Mum takes me out of the car to see the ‘Beautiful scenery’ Really it looks like a black blanket covering land. I prefer yellow sand. Black is so boring. I breathe a lungful of salty air. I spit it out and go to the sea to wash it out. That made it even worse. It felt like sparkling water that had gone off with a siding of sourness. I wailed. WHY! I wish I had glued myself to the chair so I did not have to go. Mum is about to force me to put on sunblock. NO! I am not letting her do anymore. For all I know, Everytime I am forced to do something it always turns wrong so I refuse it. “Honey, remember if you don’t put on sunblock you may get the sun-” She was cut off. “I do not care!” I yelled. She puts the sunblock down and says “Very well. But remember if you get -” She paused for a moment and says “It will not be my fault.” I smile. YES! I get my way for once! Finally getting home I get ready for the school camp that is happening tomorrow. I get ready to go in the shower by getting my clothes off and then once I have washed my hair as much as I could and then I go out gracefully. When I look into the mirror I scream. I. Have. Chickenpox. Well so I thought. I am covered in the most disgraceful layer of skin and have red circles pierced through it. Then I feel the pain. It shot through my legs like wildfire sending me up to outer space. It was a sting that I had never felt before. My face was as if it was on a frying pan. Like it was being cooked. Then I remember what Mum said “If you don’t wear sunblock you might get the sun-” What could that mean? Then a thought dawned on me. “The sun” she said. This was an allergy. So I have the sun allergy. I should have known earlier.

One Hour Before…

I am lying on the ground not knowing what to do. Mum said to ride my bike or go to the park. These things here are SO BORING! I nearly fall asleep. When ten minutes goes by from continuously asking her to do something she comes up with the idea of the beach. Now I am complaining about not doing something. I should have gone on my bike. Then after a few minutes I am whipped into the rusty old car.


I have no idea why I did not put on the sunblock. I wish I did. I am annoyed at myself. WHY? Why does my life always turn disastrous? Everytime I am forced to do something it turns out bad and everytime I get my way it always gets ruined. I want some happiness in my life. Now how do I get rid of this sickness? I wonder. Then I have an idea.

A week ago

I have Mrs Stringer as my teacher for history. I think all of it is kind-of boring. Well until we come across adventure. She is really good at storytelling and amazing at acting. She told us about Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf trying to eat her for supper. She talked about Goldilocks getting eaten up by the bears when all she wanted was a bowl of perfect porridge. I like this type of fairy tales. It has fantasy and death…

Now (Again)

I will go on an adventure to find this ‘potion’ to cure my sickness. I will have to go all the way to the…


It is sixteen miles from where I am and I will have to go back as well. So that means one thing; I will need the car.

I will give it back. I bet Mum will be fine. It will just be for thirteen minutes. “Mum” I call. “Yes” darling is the reply. I do not go downstairs just in case she sees my shape. Then after a little thought I say “Could I use your car?”

The answer is no. Well, Obviously. After all, imagine if your son suddenly announced they would use your car what would you say? I was expecting this and don’t care one bit; I am going anyway.

After stealing the car keys from Mum, I go in the car and start clicking buttons until I find the right one. I know how to use the accelerator because I have seen Mum do it before so I change to the reverse and roll out the driveway. I hope Mum does not growl at me for scraping off the door when I hit the fence but other than that, No more damage done. When I am one hundred meters away from my house I spot a give way sign. What does that mean? I think it translates to people giving way for me so I speed up and turn a corner. Smash! A car had zoomed into me. I am flying through the air as if gravity doesn't exist. Then I realize the noise. Of police cars.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

The time flew by. I jumped out of the car and ran. I ran as fast as I could. But then I am shot by a sleep dart and fall down, down, down until I hit the ground defeated.

When I wake, I am still where I was. Looks like those policemen could not handle my allergy. They are on the floor, motionless. Then I realize it was not me. A villain was standing over the body’s. With a real gun.

The next few seconds wished by. I leap up on the man and punch him in a face. A look of amusement crosses his. And he swishes his foot at my leg. 

The pain was terrible. I am limping on the floor watching as the blood streaked pass onto the pavement. Can’t I just get to this pharmacy? I get up and snatch the gun from the man’s hand. Or at least I tried. He smashes the metal at my face and I am out again.

This time I woke up in a different spot. The cage snaked its way up to the ceiling making a shadow like spilt ink under me. I am trapped. I have nothing to do but wait. Wait for an escape.

Hopefully not for long…

May 07, 2021 05:31

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05:38 May 07, 2021

I have just began to read this story, but I noticed that this sentence needed a comma: As our GPS said mum.... It should be: As our GPS said, mum. You need the comma. Thanks. :)


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Arwen Dove
22:09 May 07, 2021

Cool story!


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