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“Well holler if you need anything,” she said walking to a closet towards the back of the store.

Charles looked at the ring again. “Why does it have the words, Olivia & Charles?” he thought to himself this time. He went up to the counter where the lady was standing. 

“How much for this ring?” he asked.

“$12,” she said with an evil smile upon her face.

“I’ll take it,” Charles said handing her the $12 dollars she said it was. He was wondering what was up with the weird smile but didn’t care much.

He took the ring quickly and hurried out of the shop. He had such a strange feeling about the shop but was still shocked about the ring. He couldn’t help but think about it all day.

On the day of his anniversary, Charles searched everywhere looking for the ring he found at the strange shop. He was feeling very stressed, as he could not find it.

He gave up looking and went back to Ludingsburg to find something else. He was disappointed because he really liked the gift. It was perfect. Perfect, but strange.

He was looking through the windows of the stores, searching for something as good as the ring, as he stumbled upon the store again. He took some time to memorize the name of it, which was, Full Moon. Charles looked through the window and saw it. The ring! Why was it in the store again? He went in and the same lady that was there yesterday greeted him. 

“Hello again! What are you doing back here?”

 “I loved the shop so much, that I came back.” He knew that was a lie but just kept shopping.

“Ok well remember, holler if ya need me!” she said in a much better mood than yesterday.

Charles went to the exact spot where the ring was yesterday, but it wasn’t there. “Excuse me!” he hollered, doing just what the lady asked him to do if he needed anything.  He was trying to look around one more time before the lady came over.

“Yes?” she said.

“Erm, did someone just come in here and buy the ring on here?” Charles said, still clueless how it wasn’t there.

“Nope, you bought it yesterday, remember? Did you like, lose your memory or something?” she said, acting like Charles has lost his mind.

Charles looked at her name tag. It said “Olympia”. 

“No,” he said chuckling, “I swear I saw it through the window while I was walking in.”

“Well, nope. No ring here!” she said smiling.

He walked out feeling disappointed, as he did not have anything for his anniversary. He was probably hallucinating ‘cause he was so stressed. He went home, and as soon as he walked in, he saw it! The ring! It was there the whole time! But he could’ve swore he saw it at the shop. 

Charles didn’t care that it was there. He looked at the time and it was 7:30 pm. He was half an hour late! He rushed out of the house and quickly ran to his car. He drove as fast as he could, almost getting a ticket from the police, trying to get to his anniversary date. 

When he got there, Olivia was sitting there on her phone looking very mad. Charles sat down. “Where were you?!” she said with a serious face, waiting for a good enough excuse to forgive him.

“Well, long story short, two days ago I got your gift and this morning I woke up and couldn’t find it! So I went out to Ludingsburg and went to this shop named Blue Moon to get another gift for you. I saw the ring through the window, so I went into the shop to get it and it was not even there! So then I went home and it was right there! And that’s why I was late.”

“Oh my goodness!” Olivia said laughing so hard she started tearing up. “That must have been a lot of trouble for you!”

“It was! I was about to give up! But I remembered how much this was important to you, so I couldn’t miss it.”

“Well, I forgive you, Charles. Now let’s have the best anniversary date ever!” Olivia said.

And later that night, it was a full moon.

December 12, 2019 23:38

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