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Sad Friendship Historical Fiction

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

(Authors note: Remember, Nazis were terrible people. Sadly, there probably weren't any Nazis back then like Johann. Enjoy.)

I am an old man, and I sat in my rocking chair as I cleaned the lenses of my glasses. My grandson sat on the rug.

"Grandpa Gregor, tell me a story. One with a villain. One with an army. One with a happy ending!" My grandson said.

I stopped cleaning my lenses and smiled.

"I will tell you a story, and in fact, it's true. There is a villain, several armies. But it depends on the person if you're asking for a happy ending." I said. 

"What's true? Is it real?" My grandson asked.

My smile turned into a slight frown.

"It's real. I wish it weren't, though. Daniel, I'm about to tell you a story about me. If it weren't for a man, I wouldn't be sitting here." I said.

Daniel started getting comfortable on the rug. 

The story took place in France in 1941. I was an American man put in the French army to deal with Germany. The tragic event of Pearl Harbor recently happened at the time. I had to patrol Notre Dame with two other soldiers. I tried my best to follow the rules and tiredly walked in a circle around the cathedral. The other two guards were named Darren and Brock. Darren walked up to me. I found them to be idiots.

"When I get home, I will go hunt a moose; it'll roast on the fire, my wife will be there, and we'll have a great time. I'm going to be a war hero!" Darren said.

"There's a reason we're patrolling a cathedral," Brock said while rolling his eyes.

"I doubt it! They're saving the big guns for later." Darren said.

"I'm assuming you're proposing that we're the big guns," I said.

Darren nodded with a smirk. We heard propelling noises. I stayed silent and hid behind a nearby bush. Darren and Brock followed me and hid behind it. There was a giant airship in the sky. It was green, and it landed right in front of Paris. A man walked out of the airship. He had a black outfit on with a black hat.

"Is that Hitler?" Brock asked me.

"Yes, it is. We need to leave here and get to president Lebrun." I said.

"How do we get out of here?" Darren asked.

"Follow me," I said.

We snuck out of the area, and more people in black suits slowly started purging out of the airship. The Nazis all had guns and knives. They were like ravenous wolves who slowly killed off rabbits one by one.

"Do they all speak German?" Darren asked me.

"I'm assuming that not all of them are German. A few could be French or Spanish." I said. 

I made a quiet whistle, and they kept following me. Eventually, we were out of sight, and we ran. I heard a Nazi yell something in German, and I gasped. Five Nazis started chasing after us. 

"Run!" I yelled. 

We all ran as fast as possible, but they had wolves' speed. We were close to a cliffside, and Darren had a bright idea. Darren pulled out his pistol and shot one of the Nazis in the leg. The Nazi fell to the ground. Darren grabbed a Nazi and threw him off the cliffside. Brock shot another Nazi and pushed him off the cliffside as well. The one Nazi on the ground struggled to get up. Another Nazi tried shooting me, but Brock kicked him, and he fell off the cliffside.

"Two more to go! See, we're some of the strongest soldiers!" Darren said.

"You're right! We are strong!" Brock said enthusiastically.

"Don't celebrate yet, fools," I said.

The Nazi on the ground still struggled to get up, but the other one had a gun in his hand and started walking toward us.

"Moinsen, junge." He said.

"We don't speak German, bastard!" Brock growled.

"I assume you speak English then." The Nazi said.

"What? You're a German Nazi, and you speak English." I asked.

"I speak every Language there is to speak. The Nazi said. Calm down, boys. We want three things."

"What might those three things be?" I asked.

"Geld, Energie und Juden." He said.

"I said we don't speak German, bastard!" Brock retorted.

"Allow me to translate. Money, Power, and Jewes." He said.

"What is your name?" I asked. 

The Nazi smiled.

"Ubel. Ubel Fuchs." He said. 

Ubel pulled out his gun and pointed it at us.

"Pleasure to meet you, boys," Ubel said.

All of a sudden, someone grabbed his back and pulled him back. It was the Nazi that Darren shot in the foot. The Nazi punched Ubel and knocked him out on the ground. 

"Darren and Brock, run. I'll see you both soon, go." I said.

Darren and Brock quickly nodded and started running. The Nazi stood up and kicked Ubel.

"I'm sorry about that. My name is Johann." The Nazi said.

"This is so stupid. Let me guess, you speak every Language." I said.

"I only speak English and a little German. Johann said. It's not important; you should go."

"Why did you save us?" I asked.

"What we're doing isn't right. I'm tired of seeing people killed, and I had to save you guys." He said.

All of a sudden, a Nazi yelled at Johann.

"Johann, du hast ihn!" The Nazi said in German.

"Damn it! They think I caught you." Johann said.

The Nazi ran over and put me in cuffs.

"Johann, steck ihn in die Zelle im Luftschiff. Er wird bald in die Gaskammer gehen!" The Nazi said.

"Okay, listen. I have to put you in a cell, but I'll be there. I won't let them put you in the gas chamber. I'll break you out tonight." Johann whispered to me.

The German Nazi was an English-speaking Nazi as well.

"What happened to Ubel?" The Nazi asked.

"Ubel was knocked out by some other guys who escaped. Just give him some rest; he'll be fine." Johann said.

"Oh, good." He said.

"We can put this man in the gas chamber in a couple of days. Okay, Tobias?" Johann said.

"I'll tell everyone else, Johann," Tobias said.

Tobias picked up Ubel and brought him back to the airship. Johann led me into the airship. 

"What's your name? "Johann murmured to me.

"Gregor," I whispered back. 

Johann nodded and smiled. Two Nazis grabbed me and threw me into a cell. 

"Johann, beobachte ihn." One Nazi said.

"Ja, werde ich." Johann said.

Both Nazis left the room, and Johann leaned on my cell. 

"What did he say?" I asked.

Johann made a slight chuckle.

"He just told me to watch you. I'm not going anywhere." Johann said.

Meanwhile, Ubel was in the infirmary inside the airship. Tobias sat on a chair by Ubel. He woke up after three hours, and it was night.

"Ubel! You're up!" Tobias said happily.

Ubel had pure anger in his eyes.

"Shut it, you fool! I almost was sent to hell!" Ubel said in anger.

Tobias stepped away.

"Calm down, Ubel. It's okay!" Tobias said.

Ubel growled and stood up. He grabbed his black outfit and put on his hat.

"Where is Johann?" Ubel asked Tobias.

"He's watching the soldier we captured," Tobias answered.

"YOU IDIOT!" Ubel yelled.

Tobias started backing away in fear.

"Johann is the one who knocked me out! He is going to free the prisoner!" Ubel snarled.

Tobias gasped.

"We need to get to the cells now. You're coming with me." Ubel said.

Ubel and Tobias started running to get to the cells.

Johann took out a key in his pocket and unlocked the cell door.

"Follow me; stay close," Johann said. 

I nodded. We ran down the hall and saw Ubel and Tobias behind us.

"Where do you think you're going?" Ubel said with a smile.

Johann mouthed something to me, and I understood what he was saying. I slowly started backing away from the open window. I grabbed a rope hanging on a hook and quickly tied it to that hook.

"Oh, Ubel. I'm going somewhere, and I just don't know where. How exciting." Johann said.

Johann snapped his fingers. He and I grabbed the rope and jumped out of the window. Ubel and Tobias gasped.

"Should I get a few Nazis?" Tobias asked.

"Yes. Yes, you should." Ubel said slowly.

Tobias nodded.

"Wir brauchen zehn Nazis, um das Luftschiff zu verlassen, um einen entflohenen Soldaten und Verräter zu fangen!" Tobias yelled.

Ten Nazis ran out of the airship to catch Johann, and I. Ubel and Tobias also ran out of the airship.

As Johann and I ran, I saw Darren and Brock.

"I told you both to run!" I said in anger.

"We wouldn't leave you! We're here to save you!" Darren said.

"This is Johann, and he's here to help," I said.

I turned around and saw ten Nazis. They all had guns.

"Gregor, you need to trust me. You see that rickety bridge that goes onto the other side of the cliffside?" Johann said.

I nodded.

Johann started running, and I followed him. 

"Trust me, Gregor. After I jump, you jump." Johann said.

Johann quickly cut off one of the ropes on the rickety bridge with his knife, and then he jumped off the bridge.

"JOHANN!" I yelled. 

I knew I could trust him, so I jumped off the bridge. I started screaming, but I stopped after a split second. Johann was on a ledge on the cliffside that we could walk on. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"I'm alive! You're alive!" I said in awe.

Johann smiled.

"What about Darren and Brock?" I asked.

"Hopefully they can escape. I don't know." Johann said.

The ten Nazis put cuffs on Darren and Brock. 

"Listen, soldiers. We will kill you unless you do one thing." Ubel said.

Darren and Brock were listening.

"Tell us where Johann and the soldier are going." He said.

Darren and Brock gasped.

"We don't know!" Brock said.

Ubel smiled.

"I saw Johann whisper into your ear the location. Tell me now." Ubel said.

Darren and Brock's faces turned red.

"If we tell you, you'll let us go?" Darren asked. 

Ubel nodded with a smile.

"Johann and Gregor are headed to the president, taking a shortcut through the cliffside," Brock said. 

"Thank you, boys," Ubel said.

Darren and Brock stared at each other. Sweat poured down their heads.

Ubel and the Nazis started walking away.

"Aren't you going to let us go?" Darren asked.

"Oh, I forgot about you two," Ubel said.

Ubel grabbed his gun and shot them both in the head. Their dead bodies lay on the ground.

"Wasn't that a little too gruesome?" Tobias asked him.

"Do you want to be next?" Ubel said in anger.

Tobias shook his head.

"Fetch my horse," Ubel said.

Tobias nodded and got his horse.

"Listen, men. Tobias and I will hunt down the traitor and the soldier. We'll come back with their bodies!" Ubel yelled.

The Nazis didn't quite understand the English, but they nodded. 

"Für Deutschland! Für Hitler! Für die Macht!" He yelled.

"Für Deutschland! Für Hitler! Für die Macht!" The Nazis yelled back.

Ubel made an evil smile.

"Tobias, get on the horse. You're coming with me." Ubel said.

Tobias nodded and got on the horse.

The horse galloped to the other side of the cliffside by going around it rather than through it.

Meanwhile, Johann and I were taking a rest.

"Johann, I need to know. Why can you speak English?" I asked.

Johann frowned, and a few tears came down his eyes.

"I was born in America. I lived with my mother and father. They truly were the best. I was only a child at the time. One day a man walked up to us. He had a gun, and he asked us for our money. We couldn't give him any money since we needed it. The man killed them. I nearly was killed as well, but a man saved me. His name was Leon. He was a German man, and he took me in. We went to Germany. He taught me how to speak some German. One day he and I were both chosen to be Nazis. Neither of us wanted to be Nazis, and we were forced into it. Leon eventually was killed on the battlefield. Ever since I've been on my own." Johann explained.

"I'm so sorry, Johann. You're not on your own anymore, though." I said.

I hugged Johann, and he hugged me back.

"Thanks, Gregor. We should get going." He said.

I agreed, and Johann used the rope to get to a shortcut. We climbed down the rope, and we made it to the ledge. There was another slightly lower ledge. It led to a cave that curved around the cliffside, which could get them to the president. Oddly enough, the cave was very light, and it had lit torches hung on the wall.

"Something's off about this cave. It's almost as if people live here." I said.

"I agree. There must be people here." Johann said.

Randomly, the fire on the torches faded away. It was pure black. We heard laughing. The room got light again. Eight men had black and yellow clothes on and grabbed us. They put cuffs on us.

"It seems we have caught some of Ubel's spies!" One of them said,

"We're not spies! We're trying to escape!" Johann said.

"Don't heckle me! You are trying to kill our race for no good reason! Take him to the hideaway!" The man said.

The other men started pushing us through the cave to take us to the hideaway.

"It is truly ironic, you came all this way to capture us, and we captured you instead!" The man said. 

"We're not here to capture you!" I said.

"Where are my manners? Not like you have any, haha! My name is Kaplan; I am the leader guarding the hideout! The Nazis are trying to capture us Jewish, so we must make a hideaway! Which we did, haha!" The man said.

"We're trying to stop the Nazis! Let us go to the president, and we can drive them out!" I said.

"Classic talk from simple spies! We're going to kill you, don't you realize?" Kaplan said.

Eventually, we made it to the hideaway, and there were hundreds of Jewish people in there. They put us on a giant stool.

"Are you going to hang us?" Johann asked.

"It depends. Do you want a slow or simple death?" Kaplan asked with a smile.

I was getting angry.

"Everyone stop!" I yelled.

Everyone stayed silent.

"You're all very misunderstood. Nobody in this hideaway deserves any type of death! Let us go, and we can help." I said.

Kaplan thought about it.

"It depends, you silly spy. You could easily make us cry, making us die!" Kaplan said.

"Trust us!" Johann said. 

"Very well, free them!" Kaplan said.

Two men took off our cuffs. We gasped. Hundreds of Nazis ran through the entrance of the hideaway. The Nazis grabbed the people.


Kaplan whistled to Johann and me.

"Follow me! I know a secret way to escape! "Kaplan said.

We both nodded and followed Kaplan. Ubel and Tobias saw us.

"Ubel! They're getting away!" Tobias said.

Ubel noticed and started chasing after him. A giant pole fell, holding one of the person's tents up, and onto Tobias.

"Ubel…help me!" Tobias said in pain.

Ubel turned around and looked at Tobias.

"It was a pleasure, Tobias. I have some work to do." Ubel said.

Ubel left Tobias with the pole on him and started chasing after Kaplan, Johann, and I. Kaplan led us through a secret passage that quickly led us to the top of the other side of the cliffside.

"You can now get to the president! I'm going to leave and help the Jewish who escaped! It was nice meeting you!" Kaplan said. 

Kaplan ran, and Johann and I stayed. Ubel found the secret passage and went through it. He found us.

"Well, well, well. You thought you could escape?" Ubel asked.

"I never said such a thing," Johann said.

Ubel smiled and pulled out his gun.

"You are a traitorous man," Ubel said.

Ubel shot Johann in the chest, and he fell to the ground.

"Stop it!" I yelled.

Johann stood up on his legs and took out his knife. Johann grabbed Ubel's gun and threw it off the cliffside. Ubel growled and pulled out his knife. Ubel stabbed Johann in the back. I punched Ubel in the face. Johann threw his knife at Ubel, and it hit his foot. 

Ubel started choking Johann. 

"Goodbye, Johann," Ubel said.

Ubel was about to punch Johann. I grabbed Ubel and threw him off the cliffside. I heard Ubel scream as he met his rocky doom. I saw Johann, and he fell to the ground.

"Johann! It's going to be okay." I said.

Johann had a bullet and a knife in his back.

"I can't move. Gregor…I love…you." Johann said slowly. 

Johann stopped breathing, and I couldn't stop crying the rest of that night.

"That is the end," I said

I sat up from my chair.

"Grandpa Gregor, that was a good story," Daniel said.


Gregor died of old age and was now in heaven. Daniel was thirty-two years old. He had two kids named Charles and Sally.

"Tell us a story, dad! One with a villain! One with an army! One with a happy ending!" The kids said.

"I will tell you a story. It's true. There is a villain, several armies. But it depends on the person if you're asking for a happy ending." Daniel said.

The kids got comfortable.

"The story takes place in France, 1941."

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The framing device for this for some reason reminded me of the Princess Bride with the grandfather telling the grandson the story.


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