"Where 'ave you got me roped into now?" Asked Rudey Whitmore. A former private investigator.

There was a long line of folk. None of which he recognized leading up to these pearly gates. Beside him was this knockout of a dame with wings of all things glued to her back. Or at least he thought so.

"Hey miss how can you fly with those things, you look like you weigh at least a ton." Rudey Whitmore didn't mean to insult her or anything.

"I can fly perfectly fine," Replied the beautiful Angel. She pumped her wings and glided above him then landed lightly on the clouds opposite.

"Now Rudey, I've been watching over you for many years now. You have done many things for people that benefited their lives and you also have done things of note that may scar your record."

"Now see here, I've lived a spotless life. Spotless I tell you. Why I, I outta see your record. Whose in charge 'ere. I'd like to give 'em a piece of my mind."

"Oh they're quite busy, and I'm sure they'd come to the same conclusion."

"CONCLUSION!" He yelled out startling some of the people in the line. He adjusted his tie and whispered. "Look I know you're an angel and all, but can you cut a guy a bit of slack. Just for ol' times sake you know. Like I don't believe there has to be any conclusions made without all the facts in order."

The angel laughed. Her voice like ringing bells or beautiful chimes that echoed into the air.

"If you are not satisfied, here let me show you." She touched his head with her thumb pressed against his forehead.

Suddenly, it was like he was in a dream. He was watching himself selling cars to two men. While his buddy, Arty was stripping theirs for parts. He done that several years ago when he was tight on cash. He grimaced as he hoodwinked both these young fellows into buying a trash can bucket of a car. They died in an accident shortly thereafter. Poor fellows.

And again, he was now in the kitchen chatting with his Ma. His brother had just brought some money over for Papa. It was supposed to be used to buy them food for their bomb shelter. He thought the whole idea was foolish and stole the cash.

It pained him greatly now, as he realized it caused a great rift between him and his parents. He didn't ever attend their funerals or even apologized.

And lastly was the worst one. The one that got him killed.

A beautiful lady in a red dress requested he investigate her husband for infidelity. He tracked him down and followed him for a month. And the only thing he was doing wrong was working too damn hard for her.

When he told her this. Well things got a bit hot and heavy. You see she was interested in someone else. Someone a bit more available. And that someone also ended up getting shot up on the John by a high executive to a renowned oil company. Ruining not only his life but two others as well.

"Well, that wasn't so bad," Rudey said as he came too again. Facing that wonderfully gorgeous angel.

"You think so, hmm. Perhaps you would like to meet a friend of mine. Grimm, this is Rudey."

From beneath the clouds a dark mist formed and a hooded angel rose wielding a large scythe. His bony hands pointed to Rudy and asked him one simple question.

"Do you want to play a game?"

Rudy looked around confused.

"Do I have a choice?"

"Of course. Any game you want and I will challenge you for you're life."

He thought for a moment. He wasn't a very smart man, nor active, nor very skilled at anything, so he settled on one he knew he could win.

"Truth or Dare then."

"Wonderful Choice, and since you are our guest. You may choose first."


The sky darkened around them and cackling lightening began to shoot in all directions. A dark fog swept in falling over the queue and his guardian angel who reached out to Rudey. She disappeared as well. Till it was only the dark angel and himself.

"My poor, poor Rudey. Do you know why you are here?"


Thanatos laughed a deep and cackling chuckle. Almost akin to a flock of ravens or a murder of crows.

"Well then it seems I have won."

"Wait, what, how, please." He raised up his hands defensively.

The scythe came down swiftly. And all that was left of his soul was stardust.

"So that was easy enough." proclaimed his guardian. Fully relieved to get that load of her chest. "Where are you off to next."

"I believe there's a genocide I have to attend to. Care to join."

"If I must."

"He had to have been a pain to keep alive for as long as you did."

"Rudey, no he wasn't so bad."

The Ravens laughter rang out again.

"Don't fool yourself Meridel, their are far more worthy men to watch over than he."

"And you would know this through first hand experience. Am I right?"

"Fine, you have me there, I've not stepped foot in their shoes long enough to know who they are. But I judge many and he possessed many... Hmmm how shall we say this. Shortcomings?"

"And this, Grimm, is why no one wants to be around you."

The two were flying over Europe now descending to the War that was in full throttle upon the beaches of Normandy.

"What do you mean?"

The two land upon the beach as the Allies stormed the walls. Machine gun fire whizzed by them and through them downing the rushing men. Calls of anguish and pain are heard. Sniper fire shot down a man nearby. The bullet pierced through his helmet. A medic came to check on him.

"Do you not see hope, courage and innocence here."

"I see desolation, malice and pain. Meridel. You'll be a fool not to hear it in the air, taste the blood or see the carnage these creatures wrought. Yet my duty is to bring them peace. They resent me still."

Flying from Normandy, they head to the devastation happening at Birkneau.

"This is evil. Meridel. Misguided trust and corruption of power. Do you see this!"

"I see those struggling against all odds, I see spirit and I see faith. Do you not see it."

The two of them continued arguing as Grimm harvested souls while Meridel did her best to ease the pain of the suffering.

"I have a question, Grimm."


"What do you look like beneath your hood?"

Meridel asked as she has always been curious.

The Crows laughter rang out this time.

"You'll just have to wait an see, my dear."

For everything has it's time.

August 16, 2020 08:29

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