Fast friendship is a trend but will it becomes a true one?

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Adventure Mystery Drama

The charming morning, charming view and charming people. Hi,readers this is Eliza and you're currently binging on my crazy blogs. So that's our bold female lead (who's just bold online), she's charming in her blogs but the opposite in reality a naive adult, she's again having a session with her psychiatrist miss Rosie.

Eliza is widely famous online through her blogs but for her near view,one must look upto her and may find that she's totally strange as she lives alone in a dark room like a prisoner. She's meeting miss Rosie for a while now.

But one second where's our male lead oh oh.. where's he? There he the shy looking man, with that cute smile. His name is Johnathan. He's been visiting psychiatrist cum therapist mr. Bob for a while now. He's living in anxiety and depression for last six months as he broke up with his high school girlfriend Jessica.

When a patient with emotional shock tried attempting suicide,all give a try to influence him. Johnathan tried to ask him politely what's his problem? There'll be a way for sure to solve his problem. Meanwhile Eliza brings the sheriff to control the patient,but that patient acknowledges that and turn himself near to the guardrails, from which he can see through the the seven floor following the floor he's at.

Johnathan curse Eliza for worsening the situation, but she said she just wanted to help. The patient cried i don't want to live,the company gave me a resignation due to contraction.

Eliza rectify her mistake by pursuing him not to commit suicide as life's precious.

Johnathan also helps her and tells him many ways to earn his livelihood. Both give it a shot and finally the patient calms down.

Johnathan and Eliza give each other a high five as they finally able to save someone's life. They both wait for their turn for the appointment and anyone can find them busy having conversations with each other and exchanging numbers. They both having a good time together, talking about each other interests and telling each other about their health problems.

The very next day, Eliza having a conversation with her online friends where she got to knew about that the new research says that people claiming that they're having Alzheimer. Eliza finds it amusing that people now forget things easily.

She meets Johnathan again at the waiting area. She passes a smile and waives her hand to which Johnathan didn't respond. She went towards him and asked if he's blind or what? Can't he see that she's waving her hand in the air. Johnathan asked do I know you? She's like what? What happened to you dude this is me Eliza remember? We're friends for one week now. Don't you remember we saved the patient.

Johnathan didn't seem to remember at all. He just ignore her and went for his therapy. Eliza finds it rude and strange. She's sure that Johnathan didn't tell her about any Alzheimer record of his.

She did research on the internet whether a depression can lead to Alzheimer? and there's no record that saying depression leads to Alzheimer.

She then remembered her conversation with her online friends and research about people complaining about Alzheimer.

She collides with Johnathan after her session. Johnathan give her a smile and asked where had she been? No messages,no calls. He really missed her.

She asked whether he's having Alzheimer that he even didn't know about. He said Are you a freak? Why would I be having Alzheimer.

She didn't say a word and went back home. She observe Johnathan after that meeting and finds out that the whole week he remembers her. So she becomes positive that she may be thinking wrong about Johnathan having Alzheimer.

She's now facing her fears and she's bold in her reality world as well. The fear of being bullying and assaults now disappeared from her life and she's happy to hear that Johnathan too curing well.They planned to go for treat in their next session.

She saw Johnathan and walk over to him and tried to shake hands but she got no response and cried is he having fun? Playing on her. Johnathan asked politely is something the matter miss?

She just remained freeze as if Johnathan didn't recognizes her at all. She followed Johnathan to what he's upto and why is he behaving like that?

She noticed that during his session, he's not stable and the process of his therapy is same as hers except that injection. She never heard of psychiatrist using injection during their session. She now got everything clear why he's behaving like that.

But she wants to confirm it so she sneaks in and without any noise, robbed that injection from their back. She immediately search online about that injection and put that back. She gets to know that this is the main element present in Alzheimer patient so she told everything to her psychiatrist miss Rosie but she didn't believe her at all as Mr. Bob is the renowned personality so Eliza asked if she proved this all act then will she help her in getting back at Johnathan.

She met Johnathan at the next session, but Johnathan seemed to not know her so it became a difficult job for her but she finds a way. She collides with Johnathan and her whole drink spill all over him. She asks for forgiveness and said she's having a extra shirt as she's a saleswoman who just here to deliver some. He didn't seem to believe her so she explained him that there's no dress code in their company that's why she's wearing this and also she's the troublemaker so she would like to remend it. As he didn't have any other choice so he accept her offer.

She's jumps overwhelming as her plan going to work out. She went to miss Rosie and they both saw the live session of Johnathan because she placed a camera in the shirt buttons.

Miss Rosie now believe in her and expose mr. Bob in front of superiors. Superior found mr. Bob criminal as he became a psycho in search of Alzheimer medicine for which he prey Johnathan, he even used steroids which are prohibited for psychiatrist and used him to testify his experiments illegally.

Soon Johnathan became healthy with the help of miss Rosie and Eliza.

He really thankful to that patient due to whom he's able to have a good friend like Eliza and hopes that he's doing well off now.

August 28, 2020 12:50

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