The Locked Door

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Drama Mystery Romance

Where the hell am I? Why can I not see anything? HELP, HELP,HELP!!! Why can no one hear me? That smell, what's that smell? That smell is very familiar but I can not put my finger on it. It's sweet but yet a tangy smell. Lord are you listening? Is this a dream? What is my name? I am so confused, I can not remember anything. Am I dead? That's it, I must be dead. How did I die I wonder. Did I leave behind a family? Flowers? That smell reminds me of flowers. What kind of flowers? Hmm not sure but it is very familiar. Why is everything so dark? Lord I am scared, can you please help me? I am screaming but yet I can not hear myself. I am looking but yet I can not see myself. This has to be a night mare, ya that is it, I will wake up soon in a cold sweat laughing that this was all just a dream. Oh my goodness, I just realized I don't even know if I am a male or female. This has to be death, what else could confuse a person like this? I am a person, aren't I? I must be on some kind of drug. Ya that has to be it, I must have taken some acid, ya and this is just a real bad trip. Tommy? who said that? Is that my name? Am I a male? Oh god I am so confused. I know I heard someone say Tommy, it could not have been a figment of my imagination, or could it? Wait there it is again, I heard it plain as day, someone said Tommy.

"Tommy I love you" , see I heard that, now I know someone is near. Who are they talking to? Wait! That smell, I think I remember now, That's Helen's perfume. Helen, yes Helen my wife. I remember now, Helen is my wife. HELEN! HELEN CAN YOU HEAR ME? Why is she not answering me? Oh Helen please help me I am scared. Helen I remember you now, your my wife. We fell in love back in high school twenty years ago. I remember when I proposed to you on a hot and breezy summers night by the lake side. Your eyes of blue looked in to mine like I was the hero in your life. Your upper pearly white teeth was clenched to your lower lip like you were a kid waiting to open a gift on Christmas morning. I could see the anticipation in your expression as we both gazed at the moon dancing off of the still water. I could never forget the soft breeze that would gently brush your beautiful blond hair across your forehead. Yes I remember now Helen, I remember you so clearly now. What happened? Did I die and leave you? I want to see you so badly, I want to touch you and hold you like I use to when a stormy night would scare you into my arms like I was the only person in the world that could save you. My heart hurts to hear you cry, I am right here Helen, Can't you see me? I can hear you cry, please don't cry I am right here. I will figure this out. Remember that night you made me promise that I would never leave you? That night you lost your mother in that horrible car accident? I held you for hours while your tears soaked my shirt. You held on to me and would not let me go. I did not lie to you Helen, I will never leave you! What? Who's voice was that Helen? What is that man saying? Did I just hear him right? He said it was time for you to let me go. Wait! Let me go? Why in the hell would he say that?

" Sorry Tommy, I love you. You will always be my one and only."

Helen what the hell are you saying that for?

" I am sorry ma'am but its time to unplug the machine"

No! Don't listen to that mans voice Helen, I am right here, I am still here! HELEN, HELEN IAM RIGHT HERE, HELEN I CAN HEAR YOU! I CAN SMELL YOU, PLEASE DON'T LET ME GO!!!

Oh my god, I remember now. I had a gun in my hands. someone was shooting at me. That's right someone was shooting at me while I was running after them. It was a crook. That's it I was a cop, I was working a case of a missing girl. I stumbled on some information about a local tattoo artist that was caught with nude pictures of that little girl that had went missing. I was close to getting him. That's right I promised you I would get that man. That man had our daughter, OH god That was my daughter, I got to get out of here, I have to go get my daughter! That mans getting away and I am the only hope for our little girl. Dear God Help Me please! HELEN, HELEN please don't let them unplug me! I am still here, its like I am behind a locked door! Just give me a little longer I will get out I promise! Please wait, remember we always said we would never say goodbye to each other? Remember we said we would never give up on each other? I need you now more than I have ever needed anything or anyone in my entire life, our daughter needs you.

It's happening. I can feel myself fading, I have to try and hold on. God please help me hold on. The smell of flowers, mmm the smell of flowers oh how sweet the smell of flowers. Lord I am trying to hold on but the smell of sweet flowers are taking me away. Got to hold on, got to make it out of this nightmare. Helen don't let...

January 28, 2022 11:16

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Melissa Woods
03:46 Feb 03, 2022

This is a really interesting concept! It's heart wrenching, interesting, heart wrenching, definitely a spin in the prompt I didn't expect... Did I mention heart wrenching? Emotional reactions aside, though, I like the way you brought the story back to the scent of flowers at the close--that was a nice way to bookend the story. Thanks for sharing it!


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Holland Wells
04:28 Feb 08, 2022

Thank you very much Melissa, and Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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