The Core's and The Matti's

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Pacey turns on the light in his apartment to see Hannah, sitting in the living room. He drops bags of groceries in fright. 

“Hannah.” he gasps.

“You left your window open, so I let myself in.” she says with a smirk.

“They told me you couldn’t get parole. When did they let you go?”

“An hour ago, for being a good girl.”

“That’s great, I’m so happy you’re out.” he hugs her as she stands from the sofa.

“So, everything’s okay now?” he asks. “Everything is right again?”

“Well, I wanted to tell you in person, Jacob is coming.”

“Jacob? You said…”

“That was right after my arrest.” she interrupts. “Things are a little different now. Everything will be all right once Jacob is here. Just wait a little while for instructions. And try not to use your phone. No footprints this time.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Pacey asks.

“I’m sure. The only people who will get caught this time are The Matti’s. The rest of us will be safe.” Hannah sounds reassuring. 

“If you say so.”

“I have to get going. I’ll come by soon.” she walks to the door to leave. 

“Hannah, do you ever think about retiring from The Core’s? Live a normal life?”

“You can’t retire from a gang, Pacey. My family is The Core’s.” she closes the door behind her.


Spencer walks toward the apartment building. Hannah is parked by the curb. She steps out of the car as Spencer notices her. 

“Hannah?” he runs toward her and hugs her. “You told me you weren’t getting out. What happened?”

“My charges were dropped.”

“You shouldn’t be here.” says Spencer.

“I wanted to see you.”

“You shouldn’t have come here. It’s dangerous.” Spencer seems worried. 

“No one knows I’m out.” reassures Hannah.

“Come inside, we can’t be seen together.”

“No, I have to go.” she answers.


“I’ll explain everything, but not now.” says Hannah.

“What’s wrong?”

“Meet me at the park bench tomorrow, when the sun starts setting.” she says.

“Tell me why.”

“I can’t explain now. Just don’t use your phone and stay away from other members of The Matti’s.”

“What’s happening?” demands Spencer. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” she opens the door to her car and steps inside. Spencer watches her drive away. 


Hannah lies in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Her phone rings, she answers it. 


There is a pause as someone on the other end of the phone is speaking.

“Yes, everything is ready.”

Another pause.

“Tomorrow night.”

She closes the call and continues to stare up at the ceiling. 


Hannah stands by the park bench, waiting. Spencer drives up to where she is parked and steps out of his car. 

“You have a lot of explaining to do.” he says sternly.

“You need to go back home, pack everything you need, and leave town.” she answers.


“The police will be arresting all of the Matti’s tonight.” she seems out of breath. “I’m letting you know so that you can leave.”

“How do you know this?” Spencer is getting mad.

“The police have created an operation called Jacob. It’s a plan to eradicate the Matti gang. You need to leave or they will find you. They know everyone’s name and where the hideout is.”

“This is how you got out.” he stiffens. “They know all this because of you.” 

“If you leave town, you’ll be safe and we can start new.”

“You’re having my people arrested. You think I’m just going to leave?” states Spencer.

“It was the only way I could get out. Did you want me to spend half my life in jail?”

“I can’t leave them like this.”

“I confessed to crimes I did not commit to keep you safe.” spits Hannah. “I agreed to this operation so we could be together. Everything I’ve done was for us.”

“I can’t betray the Matti’s and run like a coward.”

“This was the only way for me to get released, don’t you understand?”

“You will always be a Core. And I will always be a Matti.”

“That doesn’t matter anymore.” says Hannah. “Please, you just need to leave town. I never told police your name. You will be safe, I promise.”

“Call off the operation. It doesn’t have to be like this.”

“They will put me back in jail. Why are you arguing with me? You need to leave.” pleads Hannah.

“You are going to send a whole group of people to jail. People who do the same crimes as you do. This is not just about me and you. This is a victory for the Core’s.” explains Spencer.

“You choose your gang over me? After everything I did for you?”

“I can’t let you do this.” stammers Spencer. “This is hypocrisy.”

“You say you love me and prayed for my release and now you decide it wasn’t real?”

“Don’t say that! You know your arrest broke me! I blamed myself everyday!” he erupts.

“So, now it’s inconvenient?” counters Hannah.

“I can’t cut myself in half! I can’t be both sides.”

“I thought you would leave in a heartbeat.” she replies.

“We can make this work without choosing sides.”

“No, Spencer, we can’t. That’s why we’re in this mess in the first place. We’re rivals who love each other.”

“Call off the operation.” he demands.

“You’re telling me to go back to jail so you won’t feel guilty?”

“I won’t run and leave the Matti’s behind.”

“After this there won’t be anymore gangs! Don’t you get it? This is the end of rivalry.”

“As long as this city stands, there will always be bad blood, Hannah. You could never understand that.”

“I hate myself for thinking you were different. You should have been the one behind bars.” confesses Hannah as she takes her phone out of her pocket.

“What are you doing?”

“Forget I said anything.”

She begins dialing. Spencer slaps the phone out of her hand. 

“What are you doing!” he yells.

“Whether you leave or stay, after tonight, the Matti gang will no longer exist.”

“I’m a Matti.” states Spencer.

“Sometimes, we love the wrong people.”

“I’m sorry.” Spencer’s reply is almost a whisper. 

Hannah cannot tell which side of the argument he is apologizing for. He walks up to her and hugs her. After a moment, a lighting bolt of pain runs through her. She gasps. Blood runs out from in between her lips. She falls to the ground. Spencer is holding a bloodied knife. 

“Everything was for us.” whispers Hannah.

“If you betray me, you betray them all.”

“I thought you loved me more.” her teeth are red with blood.

“You only learn things the hard way.” he takes her phone from the ground. “I’ll call an ambulance and let them know you’re here. I’m sure your new police friends will understand.”

He walks away and steps into his car. Hannah is left on the ground, struggling for breath. 

November 08, 2019 18:54

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