When my parents told me we were going to have to move a few months ago, I was furious. I didn't want to leave my friends. But so far, everything has gone pretty well. And it was supposed to snow tonight. This would be the first time I had ever seen snow. I was very excited.

One of my new friends, Nick, promised to take me to the sledding hills where there would be plenty of room to run around and enjoy the beautiful, white, fluffy, stuff.

6 o'clock rolled around. My parents and I were cleaning up dinner. I kept looking out the window. Still no snow. "What time is Nick coming?" Mom asked. "7. It still hasn't snowed though. Maybe the weather was wrong." "Oh sweetie, I'm sure it will. Just wait for it to get colder." ******

7 o'clock came. "Kalley! Nick's here!" Mom called up the stairs. I grabbed my coat and ran down. "Any snow yet?" I asked Nick. He chuckled, "Not yet. But I think it will by the time we get there." "Okay." I grumbled. I gave Mom and Dad a hug and left with Nicky. We climbed in his truck and left. "What if it doesn't snow?" I asked. "You're really excited about this aren't you?" "Well duh! I've never seen snow before!" We made the short drive there. Still nothing.

"C'mon." Nick pulled me out of the truck. We hiked up to the top of the hill. The trees were strung with lights. It was pretty. But not as pretty as it would be with snow. We sat on the hill for almost an hour. I finally gave up. I was tired and annoyed. "Come on Nick. It's not gonna snow." I stood to go back, but something cold landed on my nose.

I looked up. A few more fell and landed around us. I looked at Nick. He just smiled. It quickly got heavier and faster and colder. One landed on my glove. I stared at it's beautiful designs until it melted away. "What do you think?" Nick asked. "....It's so cold." He laughed. ******

Kalley stood there and watched the snow fall until it was thick on the ground. She finally ran down the hill and started throwing the snow in the air. Nick just watched her. She was so beautiful. Running through the snow, almost like a child. She threw a snowball at him, startling him. "You wanna fight?" he asked. "Bring it on!" Nick ran after her. They threw snowballs and attempted to tackle each other. They both finally collapsed in the snow.

Nick looked at her. She smiled up at the sky, letting the snow fall on her face. She looked at him. "Thank you Nicky." He blushed and looked back up at the sky. "Yea...of course." She pecked his cheek. He whipped his head toward her. She giggled, "Don't look so embarrassed." He nudged her foot with his. "Oh shut it."

January 03, 2020 23:12

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