Moments at Fairy Falls

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 Logan’s hand felt warm around Jill’s as they started up the Fairy Falls trail. As they walked, memories flooded back to the beginning of May – four months ago – when she had finally suggested they go for a hike together. They had been talking about it at work throughout the wet and windy winter, all the places they’d hiked separately. Each boasting over something they had found while on one of the trails.

But this one was special because it was the first one they’d done together. Not a particularly strenuous walk, but one of outstanding beauty.

They passed the spot where he had nearly stumbled into poison oak, following a chipmunk.

Then they passed the patch of huckleberries they’d had more recently after they had… Jill’s hand brushed her stomach tenderly.

She led across the narrow old bridge, still secure as always, but covered with slippery moss whenever it was wet, which was frequent in this rainy forest. Habitually, Jill put her free hand on the banister. This was where they’d stopped and kissed for the first time. Until that moment, she hadn’t realized that Logan had been planning to ask her out too, but had been too shy.

Logan’s hand on her elbow pulled her back gently turning her towards him. “Memories,” he said, sealing her lips with his. Evidently, he had been thinking of that first kiss as well, she realized melting against him, her body molding to him.

“Do you have any idea how scared I was the first time I kissed you here?” he asked.

Jill shook her head.

“The fact that you had asked me on the walk gave me courage, but when we stopped on this bridge and it seemed so romantic, I couldn’t help myself, though I was terrified you would hate me for presuming I could just kiss you! But then, you kissed me back and all was right with my world!”

He took her hand again and they resumed walking up the trail.

Jill remembered the many days and evenings that followed. Dinners, movies, more walks along different trails. They talked for hours upon hours, both at work (sometimes getting into trouble for it) and then on the phone later, sometimes not getting off until the wee hours of the morning. She paid the price that first time, being too tired to do work very well the next day. After that, she was more careful to keep an eye on the clock as they talked about all kinds of things.

The approach of another pair of hikers brought her attention back to their walk now. Up the trail to the lower falls. Logan sat on the bench and pulled her onto his lap. He handed her a granola bar which she nibbled gratefully. She was always hungry these days, having to quickly eat before she began to feel nauseous. This spot had been where their kisses had stopped being innocent becoming instead kisses of hunger and desperation. This was where they had celebrated the solstice, with those hungrier kisses that had blazed like fire through her.

“I still love kissing you like that,” his murmur in her ear told her that he’d been thinking about the same thing. “But I want to reach the top again today.”

“Me too,” Jill agreed, glad that they had the same intention. They hiked further, up the steeper part. Jill gratefully took Logan’s arm. This last section was harder than she remembered.

Fourth of July, rather than heading to one of the town barbecues, they returned to Fairy Falls, this time walking further – all the way to the top set of falls, where few hikers reached. Reaching the top, Logan pointed to a cave behind the waterfall. That was where the teens went to make out, he explained. Private but public at the same time. Jill felt ashamed to think it had been her idea to explore it, her hormones were hungry for him, so when he suggested they try it out like the teens did, she didn’t object, but eagerly encouraged what came after.

An hour later, happy, contented but slightly awkward, they came out together, hoping that no one would see them to guess what they had been up to together.

Their office relationship took a new tone that week as well. Their lunches were taken together, often driving to a scenic lookout to further their acquaintance. Sometimes, they were late returning, getting the censure from the manager again.

Reaching the upper falls, they watched a young couple sneak into the cave behind.

“So much for that idea,” Logan said kissing her ear. “I thought that maybe we could have some time together in there – for memories...”

“I will never forget it,” Jill reassured, her hand going back to her stomach.

“You haven’t been feeling too well, recently,” he commented, sitting on a boulder and pulling her onto his lap again.

“I’m fine,” Jill protested.

“You’re starving all the time, sick sometimes, weaker than you used to be and your cheeks are rosier and more beautiful. There’s only two reasons in my mind. Either you have cancer or you’re pregnant,” he said.

Jill felt fear rising within her. She hadn’t said anything to anyone, not even making a doctor’s appointment yet. She would be… what, 10 weeks now?

“Were you planning to tell me?” he asked gently.

She hesitated.

“Isn’t it ours together? It’s our responsibility together, right?”

“Yes,” Jill admitted. “I was scared, Logan!”

“As scared as I was when I kissed you the first time?”

“Maybe… maybe more. I don’t want to entangle you! I’ll be okay.”

“Didn’t you think I might like to be entangled? With you?” he asked, kissing her again. He lifted her as he stood, then placed her back onto the rock, kneeling before her. He took her hand. “Would you marry me? Please?”

Jill felt overwhelmed. “You’re not mad at me for not being more careful?” she asked.

“Mad? I’m so excited about our baby that I could pee myself!” He stood again, still holding her hand. “Marry me, please! I want to raise this child with you – and have more in the future. What do you think?”

Jill’s eyes flooded with tears as she looked up at him, the early autumn sun filtering through the golden leaves, lighting up his questioning face, which brightened with joy as she began to nod her head in affirmation. “Yes,” she replied quietly, almost too quiet for anyone to hear.

But he heard.

The next moment, she was in his arms, being crushed to him, his mouth hard on hers.

“From now on, all our scary moments will be together, okay?” Logan said.

“Yes,” Jill replied, the smile almost hurting her cheeks.

“I think it’s time to go and pick out a ring. What do you think?”

“Yes,” she replied again, her grin somehow even larger than it was before.


July 15, 2020 14:32

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