Jack: Hey, Gretta?

Gretta: um... hi Jackson. what's up?

Jack: Ik it's been a while. how ya doin?

Gretta: .........fine. hbu?

Jack: Fine. Um... I need to tell u something. U got a sec?

Gretta: yeah

Jack: I just wanted to say I'm sry for being rude and mean last month. I didn't mean to hurt u like that. That night when u came over... it's still hard to talk abt. Sry, it's probably way harder for u to think abt. Whatever. Um... when u saw me with that other girl, it didn't mean I didn't love u. Cause I do. But... how do I say this...

Gretta: ...........

Jack: I don't wanna put the blame on u, but when I saw u and that other guy in the cafe, it hurt me. So, idk, I guess I wanted to make u mad or whatever. Idk. But it really hurt me. Still, instead of just talking to u abt it, I retaliated. That was wrong and I hurt u. Im sry

Gretta: ......

Gretta: ......

Jack: Gretta?

Gretta: jack, y didn't u tell me this before????

Jack: ... idk i guess i was scated

Jack: scared*

Jack: I didn't know what u would say or do or whatever. I just tried to avoid it, ya know?

Gretta: mhm. im sry jack. i didn't realize i hurt u. i didn't even know u saw all that in the cafe

Jack: If u did would u have told me?

Jack: Gretta?

Jack: Hello? U still there?

Gretta: yeah sry. i was just thinking

Jack: So, would u have?

Gretta: .......................idk....

Jack: If it took that long to answer, that probably means no, right?

Gretta: i guess so :(

Jack: What even happened in the cafe?

Gretta: ok so long story i saw this guy i dated in high school and he asked me to go out with him. i was like ok maybe he just wants to catch up ya know? like talk a little bit. we hadnt seen each other in like 2 yrs.

Jack: Mhm

Gretta: so we went to the cafe and we were just talking like friends when he started asking abt my love life n i told him abt u but he didnt seem to care

Jack: So..... what happened???

Gretta: he was talking abt getting back together n bringing me to meet his family. i kept telling him i was already in a relationship but he was like no


Jack: And???

Gretta: then thats when u saw. he kissed me and i didnt do anything to stop it


Gretta: jack? im rly sry. i... i dont want to hurt u

Jack: U already did

Jack: Why did he kiss u? Did u give him any reason to?

Gretta: NO! i was just smiling and being friendly ya know? not doing anything to make him want to do that. he even said he was dating some girl from Sacramento. so i was like what the heck what r u doing? what if ur girlfriend finds out?

Jack: Then why didn't u try to stop him?

Gretta: idk Jack. i guess it sorta felt good. like back in high school. but as soon as it was over i regretted it. i'm rly sry Jack

Jack: R u sure?

Gretta: yeah definitely

Jack: Don't worry abt it.

Gretta: aaaahhh that makes me feel so much better. r u sure u still forgive me?

Jack: Yeah. Can we just talk abt things like this next time instead of hiding it?

Gretta: there wont be a next time

Jack: Gretta

Gretta: fine i promise

Jack: R u sure?

Gretta: YES!!! IM SURE!

Jack: Ok good

Gretta: so howve u been jack?

Jack: Pretty good. I've missed u

Gretta: aww missed u too

Gretta: ....... so r we getting back together? is that y we had this whole conversation?

Jack: ..........Well, idk. I just wanted to say sry and see how u were doing

Gretta: well thanks for checkin in

Jack: sure

Gretta: ........ so....... r we getting back together???

Jack: Idk I didn't rly think abt it. Do u want to?

Jack: R u even still single?

Gretta: it turns out in LA no guys r rly interested in me

Jack: Well, I am



Gretta: srsly?

Jack: Well yeah. I wouldn't have dated u in the first place if I wasn't interested in u


Gretta: yeah i guess thats true

Gretta: r u still single?

Jack: I mean since we promised to be truthful. There was this girl that I kinda liked and we went out a few times but I couldn't rly get over u

Gretta: how many times is a few times?


Gretta: jack

Jack: Not a lot. Like 15 maybe 20 times

Gretta: JACK!!! THATS A LOT!

Jack: Well, u weren't around so what did u want me to do?

Gretta: did u kiss her?


Gretta: jack

Jack: Yeah

Gretta: how many times? and dont even say not a lot again or ik youll be lying

Jack: Like the last maybe 7 times we went out

Gretta: JACK!

Jack: I'm sry I'm sry

Gretta: its fine. so r u still seing her?

Jack: No. We broke up

Gretta: why

Jack: I started talking abt u too much and I guess she thought I was cheating on her so yeah

Gretta: im sry

Jack: Thx but no ur not

Gretta: yeah ur right but i still feel bad

Gretta: did u love her???

Jack: Yeah but it's over

Gretta: so, what does that mean for us?

Gretta: does that mean we're back together???

Jack: I mean only if u want to. And long distant relationships don't rly work out a lot so probably only for a little while ;)

Gretta: haha good one

Jack: Oh sry to hear abt ur grandpa. How r u doing with that

Gretta: still a little shaken but fine......... miss him a lot

Jack: Yeah I get it

Jack: Btw, me n that girl u saw in my house, we didn't do anything. That was sister's best friend. She was just there waiting for my sister to get home. But I knew u were coming so I asked her to stay so it looked liked we were hanging out. Ik... stupid

Gretta: rly? that makes me feel worse lol

Gretta: I thought all those bad things abt u n u didnt even do anything

Jack: ..................................

Jack: ....................................

Jack: ...................................

Jack: What bad things?

Gretta: ......................um nvm. thanks for apologizing and im so sry abt everything. ttyl

Jack: WAIT!!! Gretta! We need to talk!

Gretta: nope i gtg


Gretta: ..........

Jack: Gretta?

Jack: Hello?

Jack: Rly? Com mon I wasn't done! ....neither were u apparently

March 26, 2020 02:35

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