Do you dare...

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“No, I won’t do it.”

“Come on Amy!”

“No Sarah! It’s dangerous!” said Amy.

“Just one small dare…” pleaded Sarah.

“Do you think that’s small?” said Amy angrily.



  The girls were in the park, eating french fries from a roadside stall. Sarah had thought of a dare for Amy to do it but Amy refused.

“It wouldn’t be stealing,” said Sarah trying to persuade Amy.

“Oh look, Cassie’s here!” said Amy changing the subject. 

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” asked Cassie jogging up to them.

“Amy wouldn’t do small dare. She’s a real scaredy-cat,” said Sarah glaring at Amy.

I’m not going to steal a gold necklace from the jewellery shop” said Amy.

“Oh wow, don’t you think the dare’s a little extreme? Are you going to do it, Amy? Asked Cassie.


“Oh well,” Cassie shrugged. “Bye, got a dental appointment to get to,” and jogged away.

“See you tomorrow at school,” said Sarah giving Amy a wave.” scaredy-cat,” she added and walked in the opposite direction Cassie had gone.

 Amy sighed and put some fries in her mouth.


  The next day at school, at break, someone had put a plate of cheesy macaroni on the bench and Amy didn’t see it and sat on it.

“Who put this plate here?” she shouted.

“Hey! Keep your voice down. You don’t want people knowing you sat on mac and cheese,”

  It was Sarah. She stifled a laugh.

“You look silly standing there after sitting on mac and cheese,

Sarah pulled out her phone and snapped a picture of Amy.


Any grabbed the phone from Sarah and deleted the picture.

“How sad,” said Sarah although she didn’t look sad. She skipped away with a broad grin on her face.

Amy went to the toilets to clean herself. Her new black jeans were ruined. Yellow smudges were all around the bottom. She couldn’t go out like this. She checked the time on her watch. She still had fifteen minutes until break ended.

 Amy went out of the toilets and saw that the guards guarding the school gate were sleeping. Not wanting to miss the chance, Amy sneaked past the guards and tore home.


   Amy arrived at school just in time to hear the bell ringing. Amy joined the throng of students heading to their lockers. Sarah walked over to Amy, a surprised look on her face.

“You weren’t wearing these jeans before,” she said.

“I changed them,” said Amy opening her locker.

“Oh how?” asked Sarah.

“I went home,” said Amy getting out her Math book.

‘So you sneaked past the guards?” asked Sarah casually.

“Yeah… don’t you have a class to get to?”  said Amy raising her eyebrows.

“Oh yeah...bye!”

Sarah scurried off.

  Amy shook her head and headed for her Math class.


  After school, Amy and Sarah met up in the park again. They bought some fries from the roadside stall. Sarah paid for them and Amy knew that Sarah wanted something.

“So remember the dare?” asked Sarah.

“Oh not this again!” said Amy annoyed.

Sarah took out her phone from her pocket and tapped on it a few times and showed it to Amy. it was a picture of a girl wearing jeans with yellow smudges.

“How?” said Amy in shock. “I deleted that!”

“Well I un-deleted it!” said Sarah with a smile. “And if you don’t do the dare, I will send this picture to the class!”

“Any stared at Sarah in shock.

“You can’t make me,” said Amy furious.

“Suit yourself,” said Sarah and poised her thumb over the ‘Send’ button on the phone.

“Wait! Fine, I’ll do your stupid dare,”

“Great! Now here is what you need to do,” said Sarah. “Get the gold necklace and bring it to me. But it wouldn’t be stealing because after you show it to me, you need to put it back before midnight,”

“What you can’t be serious,” said Amy with open eyes.

“I am serious. Enjoy your fries!” 

Sarah turned and left. Great! Now she needed to get a  gold necklace, show it to Sarah and put it back before midnight. Easy!

  Amy thought if she was going to do this robbery business, she better cover her face so anyone wouldn’t recognise her. Amy found a black mask on the roof and it fitted her though it was a little dusty. Next, she picked her clothes. A long-sleeved black jacket and black and black jeans- not the one which had yellow smudges on it. Amy decided to leave for the jewellery shop in the night. It was much easier to not be seen.

“Okay, one last picture,” said Sarah and took a picture and another. And another.

“Fine you return it then,” said Amy and made to leave.

“Okay, here you go.” Sarah handed Amy the necklace. Amy didn’t notice Sarah taking some pictures of her holding the necklace.

  Mean Sarah sent the picture to her whole class. Sarah thought for a while and also sent the photo of Amy after she sat on macaroni. In a few hours, her class would wake up and see the picture of Amy on their phones.


  Amy ran back to the jewellery shop and hoped the guards will be sleeping. Unfortunately, they weren’t.

“I’m sorry boss, we didn’t notice,” said the guard to a man.

“I let you work here just so you could let people rob my shop?” scolded their boss.

Amy flung the necklace in the air. It fell on the boss’s head.

“Yes!” cheered Amy quietly.

  The boss looked around, a puzzled expression on his face.

“What? Huh?” he spluttered.

  Amy ran back to her house and plopped herself on her pillows.


  Amy got ready for school the next day. She checked her phone for any texts. None. Amy grabbed a coconut candy bar as a treat for school.

  When she got there, she opened her locker to get her books. Her friends didn’t talk to her. Amy wondered why. Even Cassie shot her an unpleasant look.

“What’s the matter?” Amy asked Cassie

“Don’t you know?” said Cassie. “You’re a thief! You’re the one who stole the gold necklace from the jewellery shop.”

“Yeah but Cassie, you knew it was a dare,” said Amy.

“I thought you weren’t really gonna do it,” said Cassie sadly.


“The whole school knows you stole the gold necklace. Even Miss Shallot,” said Cassie.

“But I put it back,” gulped Amy

“Oh really? Sarah didn’t say that bit.”

Sarah told you that?!”

“Um yeah, she sent us a picture of you in full robber-mode, holding it.”

  Amy gasped. “ Sarah told us about how she put the mac and cheese on your seat,” said Cassie smirking. “We all saw the picture. Very funny.”

  Sarah was the one who put the macaroni under me, thought Amy. “That’s how she made me get the necklace!

“AMY JEFFERSON!” boomed Miss Shallot’s voice.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you one thing,” said Cassie. “The cops are here.”

May 21, 2021 16:09

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Malcolm S
15:30 May 28, 2021

Love it.


06:04 May 30, 2021

Thanks :D


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Nirosha P
01:46 May 25, 2021

WOW. I thought Sarah was like your average bully but you brought it to a whole new level!


06:04 May 30, 2021

Thanks so much! :)


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