Counting the stars that are not in the sky

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Romance Fiction

My family made me promise, I promised to my family that I would never love anything other than the blood in my veins. There is a problem, however, what happens if you're bound by blood and bone? 

There is the kind only known to generations of years ago that has never seemed to exist, but you can feel when someone is bonded to you beyond a normal connection. 

Every day I've felt it, the consciousness that is not my own. It's very interesting to think with more than one mind accompanying you. 

you would think they would've known that their bond to me was present, but it seemed to be the complete opposite. They were internally panicking and becoming slowly more insane with my inner voice being trapped in their brain like their own in mine.

I could try and help them, but I risk the chance of them snapping at any moment. I was going to risk it to save them, it's the least I can do.

I entered with a calm voice telling them to stop the paranoia for a split second and look at me, their brain shut down as I could sense their eyes closing. Their eyes opened as I felt the calm wave of sunlight wash over my face as I saw through their pupils. 

It was like a spell, a trance that put me at the mercy of the other. They were walking through a tall field of golden tall grass near a tree with a ladder built onto the side of it, It was a treehouse with fairy lights and beanbags facing towards the sunset. 

The coffee table placed in the middle had a flower in a lone vase soaking up the sun and the water into its leaves and stem.

I knew that place, where the trails all lead to the same tree and the same field other than the one exit through a miles walk to the parking lot. It was worth the walk though, You can see the clear horizon from the top of the tree giving the warmth that even the glimmer of your bedroom window couldn't surpass.

It was as if a spirit was guiding me to see my soulmate's face for the first time, It's like de ja vu thinking about the same stranger every day but as new experiences happen the feeling of adapting to it remains. I wondered why they made a treehouse anyway after all these years, it would be thought of as childish to most people but it's certainly the nicest view I've seen in a while.

I get in my car and the door clicks shut, I place my foot on the gas as the car sputters to life. I observe the scenery around me, the clouds are red faded into orange and yellow, the clouds looked a rich black color other than the reflecting light on the edges. 

I take my first step as I hear the crunching of leaves follow, the tree's twisted branches formed around the entrance of the treehouse leaving an astounding sight of the wilderness.  

I shed a tear looking at the place I used to know, the place I forgot was a place, the location that was like a second home.

I'm freezing, I can see my breath as I slip the sleeves of my cloak over my shoulders. 

After searching in the fields of golden stalks, I see a figure. A woman, short and fragile looking as her short undercut parted hair was swaying in the breeze with its green pastel pigment. Her earrings had small hearts in them and hung down to the middle of her neckline, although her appearance looked intimidating at first with her hair cut and sharp eyeliner when her gaze landed on me my body relaxed being captivated by her vibrant blue eyes. 

I ruffled my pink hair and pushed my glasses up my nose bridge, I let out a nervous chuckle as I closed my eyes. I heard the rustling of the wind and the field as I tried communicating with my soulmate again to see if the woman was who I thought she was. 

' E-excuse me, sorry I don't mean to bother but might that be you atop the treehouse with the most beautiful and vibrant blue eyes staring into the sunset?' 

The woman sitting at the edge of the treehouse shifted to look at me again as my honey brown eyes stared directly at her. I smiled as she blushed and quickly looked away shyly, who would've known that I would find them so easily. 

Climbing the nailed ladder, I lay down next to the woman that was still staring into the distance. In silence, she pointed to the sky as it faded from red to indigo as the stars showed themselves in my glasses. I swear for a split second I could see the small hearts in her eyes as I paid attention to everything she did, I couldn't avert my eyes with how everything I saw about her entranced and allured me.

I could sense the walls that she built around herself shattering every time I comforted her and brought her to a conclusion that we could both reason with together. 

It's amazing how miracles bring themselves to the surface when you're at your worst. People get mercy, people get hope, but I got SOMEONE that I can help the way that a prayer can be answered. 

I'm not a god, and I never admitted to being something even close but If I can do something for this person that life threw my way I will find any way to make sure that whatever their appetite is whether it be hunger or craving, is satisfied.

Under this moonlit sky meeting them for the first time, laughing, and living has been the best encounter and request answered by the man up above. It's like whatever I prayed and wished for my entire life has been given to me in the form of love, and it's the best feeling. 

I know I said that I would never care for another human that wasn't combined with my own DNA, but I'm going to have to break that rule just once.

Because when I count the stars that are not in the sky, She is the only one that shines as bright as me. 

And she is my only exception.

October 23, 2021 02:50

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