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Holiday Friendship Sad

Amanda wasn't scared of the graveyard. There was nothing there that could hurt her. In fact it was rather calming. It was quiet and peaceful with the small breeze and lovely line of trees around the fence line. The moon was super bright tonight, it was the type of night that made Amanda miss seeing her friend, Georgina. It was nights like these that they would spend on the back porch, drinking cheap wine and complaining about their husbands or lazily swinging in their over used hammock together. She missed Georgina badly. So bad that her heart would burn deep down and feel like it was trying to escape up her throat. She was lucky though. Tonight was Halloween, so she knew just where to find her beloved friend at exactly midnight. She could see Georgina ahead. She was resting against a grave, casually, dressed in her favourite cardigan and dress with her pearl necklace. "Georgina!" Amanda smiled. "Amanda! I was worried you wouldn't come!" Georgina replied, a huge smile over her face.

"Of course I'd come!"

"I thought you'd forgotten, we talk about this sooo long ago," Georgina laughed.

Amanda looked at her, a sudden sadness coming over her, "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too...." Georgina said, a sad smile on her face. A tear rolled down Amandas cheek and Amanda didn't stop it. "I cant believe how much time has gone since I've seen you.... I should have visited you more before-"

"Don't worry about it!" Georgina half heartedly laughed. "I've got so much to tell you. So much has happened and I don't think I have time to tell you it all," Amanda admitted guilt washing over her. She wanted to tell her about her own life, what Georgina had missed and how much Amanda needed her again. "Well, you know where you can find me now," Georgina replied, trying her hardest to brighten up her friend, she couldn't leave her like this. Amanda looked over her shoulder and only now noticed a couple other people had followed her into the graveyard and were mingling amongst the graves, carrying flowers and photos, and crying or laughing or talking. She wondered how many people they were seeing tonight. Amanda had been too caught up on trying to figure out what she would say to her friend than to take notice of anyone else.

"Feels....wrong, seeing you here," Amanda admitted. "I know," Georginas face fell, "but, there isn't many other places...I mean since-"

"I know," Amanda replied, she didn't want her to finish that sentence. She was just happy to see her friend. "You look-," Amanda was struggling to find the words, "younger? Happier? Just.... So much more like you than any other time I've seen you."

"It's odd, isn't it? But, I feel...I dunno? Like, weightless. Ya know, like things that worried me before doesn't now. Like I can just relax."

Amanda thought of all the hurt in Georginas life. Her husband's affairs. The loss of her brand new car and home when her husband left her for some woman he met at a cafe. And all the times she fell into a deep depression after her fertility issues. But Georgina wasn't worried about anything any more. She felt free and happy and that was all the Amanda cared about now. Amanda pushed her hair from her face and shivered but Georgina didn't seem to feel cold, or maybe she was too transfixed on the bright moon overhead.

"You look well," Georgina blurted out seeing Amanada's tears stained cheeks and wobbly chin. "I'm trying," Amanda laughed and cried at the same time. She had been holding back her tears since the second Amanda left and the uncertainty of how Georgina was or when she would see her set in. "Amanda! It's ok," Georgina said, worried. "I miss you! I miss you!" She bellowed, "Why did you have to-"

"I know. But... I'm with you, you're my best friend of 20 years, do you really think I'm just gonna leave you?" Amanda wiped her tears on the cuff of her sleeve and tried to think of all the things she had wanted to say when she seen Georgina again but now it didn't seem to matter because although there had been a long time when she couldn't not see her, now she was able to hang out with her any time just in a different way. It would be like the old days, Amanda wanted to think. "I wish we could have one more night on the porch," Amanda said. She thought it would be easier to talk to her that way. "Maybe you could bring the wine for now on?" Georgina asked. Amanda smiled, remembering Georgina and the thousands of times she would let herself into her home with a bottle of cheap red wine, some cheap chocolates that were half eaten and the world on her shoulders. "I guess it is my turn," she giggled.

"Ya know, I don't know why I was so... stressed, it all seems pointless now," Georgina admitted. Amanda was happy to hear her say that, it gave her a good feeling, a peace about their situation, like maybe wherever Gerogina had to go she would be happy there without her. "Where will you be going?" Amanda wondered. Georgina shook her head, "I don't know, but I've got a good feeling about it." Amanda thought back to the millions of times she had said that, right before Amanda went to sit her high school exams, before Amandas first ever date with her husband, before Amanda went for her first job and before either of them made any life altering decision. It made Amanda happy because Gerogina was never wrong about these things when she said that.

Both women suddenly looked to the sky as the brightness of the moon was stolen behind a cloud. Dread filled Amanda. "It's time," Georgina whispered, un-needingly, Amanda looked at her friend again, wanting to remember her for exactly how she is now. The smoothness of her skin, the brightness in her eyes and her even smile. "You're happy?" Amanda asked again. "I swear it!" Georgina smiled, "you'll be ok?"

".... I swear it," Amandas chin wobbled, "I'll miss you..."

"Don't. I'm here," Georgina smiled. They both looked toward the moon as the bright light returned. It some how shun brighter. Amanda sighed, her breath traveling to the heavens in a mist, taking apart of her with it. Amanda looked back to Georgina but she wasn't there. Suddenly tears bursted from her eyes and loud sob came from her chest as she fell against the grave Georgina had been resting against. It was strangely warm against her skin. Amanda looked up, begging to see her again, but she wasn't there and she would never be again, instead she was met with the large letters on the graves headstone 'Georgina Goldsworthy'.

October 27, 2020 12:57

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Barbara Burgess
14:14 Nov 05, 2020

Hi, I enjoyed your story and the theme. A good take on the prompt. There are a few grammatical errors. Have you ever tried Grammarley? There is a free version. Also Pro Writing Aid - you can get a free version. These apps will help point out the grammar mistakes. Altogether a good piece of work with a good story line. Well done and do keep it up. Sad too!


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