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A gift is something special you give to the one you love, one that comes from the heart. One that you and your special someone will always cherish.

Jacob and his love Arabella have been together for three years, recently things haven't been the same, just last month Arabella lost her grandmother who she loved very much, and with that lost came another lost.

An Emerald ring in the shape of a heart with a gold band, part of the Hearts collection belonged to Arabella's grandmother has been lost since the day of the funeral.

Arabella has looked everywhere for the ring nonstop for the last month, but everywhere she looked the ring has not been found and Arabella hasn't been the same.

Jacob has seen a change in Arabella. He doesn't like what he sees, so he decides to do something special for her.

It's the beginning of the holiday shopping season, that doesn't stop Jacob from getting up early on Black Friday and heading to the jewelry store to find a lost ring.

Jacob knows it's a long shot, but he wants to do this for Arabella because she is worth it.

Jacob gets into his car and drives to the mall. It's not a long drive, 15 minutes at the most. When he gets on the road leading to the mall, he sees many cars ahead of him.

The traffic doesn't stop Jacob from his mission. He waits in the traffic jam for half an hour then he begins to move.

Jacob finds a spot in the back of the parking lot. He walks to the mall. He enters the mall and looks for the jewelry store. Jacob finds the jewelry store on the 3rd floor.

Jacob walks to the jewelry store and sees a sign saying limited edition rings on sale. He prays they have a similar ring to that of Arabella's grandmother.

He enters the store, one of the workers asks him if he needs assistances. Jacob nods.

Jacob asks the worker if they have an Emerald heart shape ring with a gold band, part of the Heart collection. He then shows a picture of the ring.

The worker looks at the picture, and tells Jacob she will check. Two minutes later the worker comes back out with two rings and shows it too Jacob.

Jacob looks at the rings closely and shakes his head. He tells the worker its not the same, he thanks the worker and leaves the store.

Jacob checks the mall directory to see if there is another jewelry store. He finds one on the lower level.

Jacob takes the elevator to the lower level and walks to the jewelry store.

He sees another sign that says limited edition rings on sale. Jacob walks in. A worker spots him and asks him if he needs assistances. Jacob nods.

Jacob asks the worker if the store has an Emerald heart shape ring with a gold band, part of the Hearts collection. He then shows her a picture of the ring. She looks at the ring then heads to the back.

Two minutes later the worker comes out with three rings. She shows them to Jacob. He looks at the rings and shakes his head. Jacob tells the worker they are not the same.

Jacob asks the worker if there is any place where there is a ring similar to the one in the picture.

The worker tells Jacob "There is a little jewelry store in the next town that should have what you are looking for."

Jacob thanks the worker and leaves. He walks out of the mall, goes to his car, starts his car and leaves. Jacob drives to the town of Pine Hill.

The drive to Pine Hill is an hour, he arrives at the jewelry store. Jacob parks the car. He prays this store has what he's looking for.

Jacob walks to the store. He sees a sign that says limited edition items on sale. Jacob opens the door and walks in.

An elderly lady walks over to Jacob, she asks him if he needs assistances. Jacob nods.

Jacob asks the lady the store sells an Emerald heart shape ring with a gold band, part of the Hearts collection. Jacob shows her the picture of the ring.

The lady looks at the picture and smiles. She tells Jacob "I have the exact same ring, it's the last one." Jacob smiles. She goes to get the ring.

"Here it is."

She shows Jacob the ring. It's the exact same one Arabella's grandmother had.

"It's the exact same one. How much?"

"The ring normally cost 1500 dollars, since today is Black Friday, everything is on sale, and you look like a nice young man. I will give you the ring for 500 dollars."

"I'll take it. Thank you."

Jacob pays for the ring, thanks the lady once again and leaves. He goes to his car, his phone beeps. Jacob looks at his phone and sees messages from Arabella.

Jacob texts Arabella back telling her he's fine and coming home. He sends the message and drives home.

Jacob hopes Arabella loves the ring. He knows it's not the same as her grandmothers, but he hopes this ring can bring her peace.

It takes Jacob less than an hour to get home. He parks the car, takes the package and gets out of his car. Jacob opens the door to his home. He calls for Arabella.

Arabella comes down the stairs. She rushes to Jacob and hugs him.

"You weren't in bed when I woke up."

"There is a good reason for that."

Jacob hands Arabella the bag.

"What is this?"

"Open it."

Arabella opens the bag and takes out the box. She opens the box.

"I know it's not your grandmothers ring, but I hope this can bring us some good memories, just like your grandmothers ring brought her good memories."

"Wow, I don't know what to say."

Arabella smiles.

"Do you like it?"

"Like it. I love it. This is what you've been doing the whole day."

"Yes. I went to three different jewelry stores to find an exact ring that looks like your grandmothers because I love you and I want you to be happy."

"I love you Jacob."

"I love you my Bella."

Jacob takes the ring and puts it on Arabella's finger.

They both kiss.

December 02, 2021 22:24

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11:07 Dec 10, 2021

Sweet love story! I almost expected it to have an O.Henry ending - he buys the ring she'll love, she sells her wedding ring to buy him a set of golf clubs. It's nice to read something positive and uplifting. I look forward to reading more of your stories!


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Flora Posey
21:48 Dec 08, 2021

Hey, I was asked to give some critique on your story. I enjoyed reading it first off. If I had any criticism it would be to show more in your writing and not just tell. I don't need you to state the facts so much as paint me a picture of what Jacob is experiencing as he tries to find a ring for Bella. I want to get in his head and know if he was frustrated or sad when he couldn't initially find one. Adding descriptions and sensations that he experiences will, I think, make your story pop even more. It was great reading your story and I hope ...


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