'He will rise from the east' agent Azad said.

Police inspector Harun was a little bit tensed. His entire team was gossiping about a strange prophecy.

A man shouted from inside the jail and said ' Time has come, our time is over, now he will come and destroy everything'.

Agent Azad told the prisoners to keep their mouth shut.

A prophecy, from the holy book was making everyone's life miserable. People were afraid, some also denied the prophecy. A huge political unrest was making a miserable situation.

Agent Azad was an atheist, but he believed the prophecy. He told Harun that something was going on and they should make a move.

'Why you believe the prophecy' asked Harun. Azad replied ' because my heart says so'. Azad was Harun's special agent and Harun wanted him to find out the mystery.

Azad decided to head for the east and find the mysterious man who was mentioned in the prophecy. All the signs of doomsday was completed. The world war III was about to happen.

Azad never told anybody that he could do black magic, he used to caught spirits and capture them and later he used them for his own purposes. He asked one spirit about the situation of the world. The spirit replied ' time has come, now it is his time'. Azad was confused. 'Is really the world is about to end?' he thought.

According to the prophecy the mysterious man is Antichrist. He will be the fake god, but for non-believers he will be the true god. He will drag the non-believers straight to hell at the end, but before that he will be acting as god.

Agent Azad headed for the east, he noticed people are gathering, like an army. He followed the crowd, he saw a man with long curly hair, he was standing in a rock. He was very tall and big, his one eye was blind and the other eye was like a floating apple. He was talking about faith and believe. Azad noticed something was written on his forehead but Azad couldn't able to read, because some words were missing, he could barely notice. People were acting like he was their god.

Azad asked someone why they were following him, one of them replied him that his name was 'Dazan', he is their god, he could do miracle, he could bring back people from dead. 'This is nonsense' Azad replied. Azan decided to leave, but 'Dazan' called him from behind and said 'come here, Azan'. 'How did you know my name?' Azan asked. Dazan replied ' i know everything, i am the god and i am here to gather my believers and take them with me to heaven. Azad was sure that something was fishy about that guy.

Azad was afraid about the prophecy, this guy could be the demon who will drag the evil souls to hell or he is the god, which is very strange.

Azad suddenly remembered, according to the prophecy the devil or Antichrist will have a writing on his forehead, an arabic word qafir, it means disbeliever. Azad couldn't read arabic but the theory was right. There was something written on Dazan's forehead.

Azan got a phone call, he recieved and heard his friend Alan screaming, he said ' help me Azad, two strange animal's are eating people and nobody is able to caught them, it is so strong, it's like some kind of monster. I dont know if the end is near or far, i dont wanna die like this'. The phone got disconnected. Azad knew everything was happening according to the prophecy, he realized end is near.

Dazan was making army, monsters were eating people and world war was about to happen. But Azad was thinking how he could saw the word, he was a non-believer, how can he saw the word. The qafir word was supposed to be seen by good people. He can't solve this mystery alone, he needed someone to guide him.

Azad had a dream last night, he saw some kind of energetic light was talking with him. He asked ' how i can see the word written on devils forehead?'. The light replied ' you are a believer, you never said but you did believe in god, you believed in his prophecy, you did good deed all your life'. You are going to beat the antichrist Dazan and prove yourself, if you can't then hell is waiting for you. It is your last chance'

Azad woke up and saw he was in the police station with Harun and it was before any of the major signs of doomsday was happend. Azan realized he was in the past and if he is not he just had a bad dream.

Azad decided to became an atheist from that day and he stopped doing black magic and any other bad deed.

January 14, 2020 12:51

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Bruno Lowagie
08:16 Jan 23, 2020

Hello, I'm new on Reedsy. I received the "Critique Circle" mail inviting me to read your story and comment it. Please be aware that English is not my mother tongue. My comments about language could be wrong. First of all, I noticed that your story was very short. When I checked the word count, it didn't meet the criteria that says that every story should at least have a minimum of 1,000 words. I also had difficulties following your story because of its structure. There's a lot of repetition regarding "the end" and "World War III", but I m...


Jannatul Purnia
14:36 Jan 23, 2020

Thank you very much for correcting my mistakes, i did really messed up some sentences. Now i will be more careful next time.


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Helena Dobrev
03:38 Jan 25, 2020

Very creative, but make sure your grammar is okay.


Jannatul Purnia
14:52 Jan 26, 2020

okay i will check.


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Jannatul Munia
03:35 Jan 25, 2020

loved the story.


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Towhid Arpon
03:34 Jan 25, 2020

Good concept.


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