The Dark Room

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Fiction Horror Mystery

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

What's that noise? What is that? The buzzing, inconsistent buzzing. It sounds like a flickering light, where is that coming from? I can't see anything, its pitch black, darker than the large pupils of my eyes from not being able to see. Its nothingness, absolute blank. Where am I? How did I get here? I don't understand any of this. Why is this happening to me? Ok, if I am going to attempt to do anything I guess I will follow that sound and hope it leads me somewhere I want to be.

Reach out, I don't feel anything, there has to be a wall or something, right? Ok, still nothing, my head is killing me, what is this place? Fuck, I just rammed my shin into something that felt like an edge of a wooden crate. Great, I am bleeding from my shin now. I can feel the warmth of the crimson liquid as it flows down my leg soaking into my pant leg and saturating my sock all the way into my shoe. How was a crate so sharp? I was moving so slowly. Wait, where did the crate go? It's gone, like it grew legs and moved away on its own without making a peep. 

Focus, try to follow the noise. Be slow, hold your hands out, glide your feet so you don't get injured again. This shit hurts, I'm pretty sure I am leaving a trail of blood now. What was that? It sounded like there was something moving in the distance. What do I do? Do I ask if someones there? What if they are the ones who moved the crate? Fuck, what the fuck do I do? Ok, let's ask and hope someone is there. "Hello? is there anyone there? I hurt myself and can't find my way out of here. Where ever here even is." No answer. What do I do? Just keep going I guess. The noise is getting louder so I assume I am getting closer I hope.

What was that? Scratching on the floor of what seems to be 20 feet behind me. Shit, that sounds sharp whatever that is. I don't want to find out what that is. Shuffle faster, move quicker. Why does it seem like I am moving but going nowhere. I don't understand anything that is going on. The flickering is getting louder finally. Ok, what is this? I think I just found a wall. Great, its a wall, there's no door here. What do I do? Feel the wall, see if there is a door somewhere. The flickering is on the other side of the wall in front of me. Where would a door be? Maybe to the left, ok, follow with your hands and move to the left.

Wham, something big just slammed against the wall next to me. What the fuck was that? It sounded heavy and solid, that's not good. Wham, that time it hit to the left side of me clipping my fingers I can't scream I know my pinky and ring finger are broken. Don't show your hurt, focus on the wall. There, I feel a door frame, yes! Find the door knob, there it is, twist and pull. Shit, I need to push the door open, twist the knob again and now to push...smack, a crate smashes into my back knocking me through the door into the room with the flickering light.

I can't breathe, can I walk? Can I get up? What threw that? Slowly I roll onto my back as I am in agony, breathless, but cognitive enough to know that what threw that had ill intentions and will probably be following up on its target soon. I don't like that the target was me so I need to try to move.Sitting up I look past the doorway into a room that looks like it has been abandoned off of the earth and only exists in the realm of nothingness. There is no light in there, not even when it flickers in this room. Pull my feet through and slam it shut, hurry, before the beast gets through. 

Ok, feet through, need to close the door now. What's that noise? it's the scratching, oh shit, fuck, now it's screeching like some sort of demonic bat cry searching for blood. I think it's moving towards me, fuck, it's moving fast. Slam the door, fast, hurry, stand up. Ok doors closed, whack, I think it threw another big crate, I am glad I closed the door this time. Im fucked up. Everything hurts. Ok, focus, where is the light. It's across the room, in a corner next to a door. Let's move there, hopefully that thing can't open that door. What was it anyway? Ok, I can't walk, I am going to attempt to crawl there, let's move. 

Boom, something bigger hit the door behind me. Oh no, whatever that is has hit the door. I guess it doesn't know how to turn a knob. Boom, again, this time harder, the door doesn't seem like its going to last so I better hurry. Crawling closer to the light I hear a voice, faintly, I can't make out what it is saying though. I yell out to it "HELP ME something is trying to kill me!" No answer, even after shouting many times. It's up to you to get there yourself and get through that door. Wait, the door, what is it doing? It seems to be opening and closing with the slightest crack. Just a small ray of light peers in when it does. Oddly enough, every time I hear the voice the crack follows shortly after. Wait, in-between the voice and the door cracking the light is flickering and making the noise.

Bam, one last time and the door flies open. I feel my heart sink into my stomach as I know I can't move fast and that thing has bad intentions with me. Look back, fuck what is that? It's huge, full of muscle, blank face, big black eyes, pale skin, long fingers, sharp claws, oh no, huge sharp teeth. It's screeching again. It's not looking at me, what is it doing? Keep crawling, silently, please don't notice me. It's sniffing the air, oh no, it looks right at me. It opens its mouth, what's it doing? Grabbing a tooth and pulling it out? Why? Throws the tooth, stabs me in my leg, not the one that was bleeding already, now both bleeding and in serious pain. What am I doing here? What did I do to deserve this? Ok, focus, where are you going? To the door next to the flickering light, keep moving. I hear the sound again, it gets louder as I get closer. 

The beast starts walking slowly to me. I better hurry. It's pulling another tooth, fuck. It lands in my my left hand, impaling it to the ground and pinning me there. I pull my hand out over the top all the way through. Ok, move, fast. I get closer to the noise, it sounds like someone saying "clear." That's odd, what does it mean? I look back and it's hunting me, watching me as I go. It's catching up, fuck. Ok, fuck it, stand up, run, who cares how much this hurts, that thing wants to suck the life out of you. I am running, oh no it is running, its fast. How big is this room? Are we even moving? Ok, almost there. The voice is saying clear, then the loud light now is buzzing and there is the door light cracking. Ok I'm at the door, its locked, fuck, what do I do? Look back, there it is, closing in, 10 feet, 5 feet, 3 feet... Clear, buzzing noise, door cracked, pushed open and through to the light...

I open my eyes, I am on a table. I look around at the bright lights, there are people. What just happened? Where am I? what was that thing? Wait they are talking, wait, they are doctors. My shirt is cut open. What is this? The doctor says "sir, say something, can you hear me? How do you feel?" I look at him and say, "where am I?" He replies "you are at the ER. You had a heart attack and were flatlined for 2 minutes. You are lucky that the defibrillator was able to bring you back to life."

June 07, 2022 08:50

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