Floral Eyes

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Crime Teens & Young Adult LGBTQ+

“The flowers are really pretty,” a customer commented while walking by the counter. Loir nodded as she bundled up the last of her orders with a bright pink ribbon. February was always the busiest time for the shop, but that just meant more time that she could work. She sucked in a breath as she pricked her finger on one of the thorns that the white rose had. She wiped her bleeding finger on her pants as she set the bouquet down. Stretching, she grabbed her phone from her pocket, turning on the display. No new messages. Not unusual. She sighed, placing it back in her pocket.

“Welcome to Flora’s Flower shop!” she said automatically after hearing the bell above the door jingle. She looked up to see a beautiful girl standing in the doorway with bright red hair. She smiled at Loir, walking up to the counter. 

“Do you happen to know where I can find some blue Chrysanthemums?” She asked, Loir, looking around at the flower displays. Loir nodded, turning away from the girl to walk around the counter. 

“You getting them for a lover?” Loir asked, trying to make a simple conversation as she led the girl to where they held their mums. 

The girl shook her head. “No, it’s actually for a friend’s death anniversary,” 

Loir looked down at the floor. “I’m so sorry,” She gestured to the mums that were handing on the wall. “Here you go,” The girl chuckled a little bit making Lori lookup. 

“Everyone always gets really quiet when I say that.” She looked at Loir, “You don’t have to worry about it, it happened quite a few years ago, I just bring her grave flowers every year. Do you happen to have any in this shade?” The girl handed Royse a photo of a girl with teal eyes. “The color of her eyes I mean. Loir nodded, still a bit flustered. Loir looked at the display, grabbing one, that matched the girl in the photo’s eyes perfectly.

“Here you go,” Loir said, handing the flower to the girl who walked to the counter and set the mum on the counter as Loir went back around the counter. Loir punched some numbers into the register, as the girl handed her 2 dollars. Loir shook her head. “On the house, sorry for that stupid comment earlier.” The girl smiled sweetly, putting the money back into her pocket.

“Don’t worry about it, please.” She paused, before introducing herself, “My name’s Royse,” She said, holding out her hand for a handshake. 

Loir shook it, “My name’s Loir,” Royse nodded, pulling out her phone.

“You mind if I get your number. So I know how to take care of the flower?” Loir blushed before nodding. 

Loir sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She picked up the phone that lay next to her bed, clicking the on button. She dropped the phone on her face, hitting her nose. She groaned, picking it back up. 1 new message. She tapped it, an unknown number had texted

“Hey! This is Royse! I was in your shop today.” Loir’s face flushed red as she read the message, It had been sent an hour ago, so Loir didn't bother waiting. 

“Hey! Did something happen to the flower?” She sent a response, and her phone chimed almost immediately afterward.

“No, I already dropped off the flower. I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow, after your work of course.” Royse responded, “What time does your shift end?”

“Sure! My shift doesn't end till 6, but I'm free after work.”

“Awesome! I can pick you up after your shift, and we can go hang out. Is that okay?”

“I don’t see any reason why it wouldn't be.” Loir responded, smiling, “See you then!” Royse sent a heart back in response, making Loir blush once more. 

“You mind if we swing by my place quickly before I drop you off at your house?” Royse asked as Loir climbed in with the leftovers from the restaurant.

“Go ahead!” Loir agreed as Royse pulled out of the parking lot.

Royse smiled, glancing over at Loir quickly. “I don’t think I ever told you, but I really like your eye color.”

“Thank you! I always thought they were a bit plain.” Loir said smiling.

“They’re such a pretty gray though! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with that shade.” Royse responded, pulling onto a street.

“You probably just didn't notice,” Loir responded, and Royse nodded knowingly. The rest of the drive was quiet. A peaceful quiet. Pulling into a driveway, Royse turned off the car, opening her door and getting out. “Do you want me to take the leftovers in?” Royse shook her head. 

“You can have them.” Loir nodded, setting them on the seat so she could grab them when she came back. She followed Royse into the house, and Royse paused in the living room. “It’s in my room, you can make yourself at home out here quickly.” Loir smiled as Royse jogged to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Loir looked around and saw the picture of the girl that Royse had shown her the day before. She picked it up, looking at the young girl. “I wonder how she died,” Loir mumbled to herself, flipping it over in her hand. It was dated two weeks ago. “That doesn't make sense.” Loir carried the picture down the hall to where Royse and disappeared, “Hey Royse?” Loir knocked on the door and proceed to open it and step inside when no one had answered. The door closed swiftly behind her, and she flipped around to see Royse standing by the door. 

“Sorry,” Royse chuckled slightly, “I didn’t mean to close the door.” She made no move to open it back up. Loir looked around the room quickly, her eyes catching on the collection of at least 10 flowers that hung above the bed, dangling from the ceiling. “Do you like them?” Royse asked, looking up at them as well. “Those two are for my parents.” She pointed to a green and brown one situated on the far end. “And that one’s for my friend Lindy, the one in that picture!” She said, pointing to the blue flower Loir had given her the day before, before pointing to the picture clutched in Loir’s hands. 

“Wait, but didn’t you say she died a few-” Loir was cut off, a sharp pain jolting throughout her body. She gasped, collapsing to the floor, a knife dug into her back. 

“Thank you for the flower by the way,” Royse said, as she yanked the knife back out, and Loir's breathing going quiet. “Dang. I forgot to get a picture.” Royse said, pulling out a small notebook from her back pocket, and scribbling down the words, “gainsboro mum”. She glanced up at the flowers hanging from the ceiling smiling to herself. “The flowers are really pretty.”

March 19, 2021 18:11

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Stormi Gales
23:11 Mar 27, 2021

Omg that was chilling! That was so so good. I'm loving reading the works of others and seeing how they did with the prompts. That was seriously amazing. Good luck!


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