The sky

What about the sky? It is weirdly beautiful today. Maybe it is because it is Friday after work. The first time I have ever been out before dusk.

The orange sun is slowly setting below the horizon and it is such a wonderful sight. Takes me back to the days of Jordan. 


Jordan Haste

My Jor...

Used to be.

I can't let these thoughts consume my day too. The nightmares of his face, haunting me with the broken look I told him I loved him. But we couldn't get married. The proposal was thoughtful. But the situation at the time was...

"Miss" I was interrupted by the security guard


"You are not supposed to be at the roof top at this hour."

"I'll leave now so you can lock up" I say as I head for the stairs. I liked to think it was my way of doing exercises every day. It was Jor's idea that the elevator made you lazy. 




Will he ever get out of my head? He pretty much left my life...life in general on that fateful day.


24th June. It has been ten years since we last saw each other.

I realize it is dark outside as I head out of the building. I feel exhausted so I hail a cab to drive me home. As I enter I look across the street. And

There he is

My Jor... Or at least a version of Jordan across the street.

Hands in his shorts, a black neck pull shirt smiling at me.

This can't be happening.

My hallucinations are taking a toll on me. And it is not good.

How does my brain even make up an older version of him. He looked great though. Maybe a little taller than the last time I saw him. 

I'm totally eating take out,I think as I walk into my apartment. I head for the shower as I wait for my order to arrive. I decide on wearing my usual, a red buggy long sleeved shirt and my black shorts. I tie my hair with a head wrap. I head to my kitchen for my wine and popcorn just like Olivia Pope to binge watch Scandal. I watch the first episode and pause it to get my order. After which I resume my watching

All I can say is that I was looking forward to a morning work out session, grabbing some groceries and sleep. 

Extra sleep considering I stayed up all night.


 It is 8:00am and I step out of my building in my work out attire with my ear phones with music. I pretty much did everything else with music.

The moments seemed movie like and work was done quickly. The air was fresh. The sun was just warm enough. 

It is going to be a good day. I thought to myself

A very eventful Saturday.

Today I'll let go of things...people...Jordan maybe. I needed closure just this once in order to move on.

I didn't notice I had reached the corner to my best diner in town.

The Weekend.

I sat on my usual seat over looking the other side of the street. As I looked outside. There he was again. 

10 year older version of Jordan.

Same attire as yesterday.

He is looking at me. And smiling. 

This can't be happening 

He lifts his arm and waves at me. I keep staring back waiting for him to disappear. He looks to his right and left before crossing the road

Typical Jordan.

Panic hits me as I realize that he's walking this way headed for the diner I am in. The bell rings at the entrance of the diner signalling entry from outside.

Jordan...or is it a floating image of Jordan, is inside now. He walks to the other side of the table and sits down looking at me with a smile tugging at his lips.

"Hey Tiptoe" he says. "Its been a while, Hasn't it?" 

I'm going to be sick. 

This is the worst way of the universe giving me closure.

"Aren't you going to say anything to me? A hey Shortie maybe" I still can't find the right words to say

"You should at least close your mouth. A disgusting fly could enter" he chuckles.

I close my mouth and stare at him. What questions do you ask when you want to have closure? I know I should have paid attention to my sister's heart break stories. 

My thoughts are interrupted by the waitress to take our orders. "What can I get for the both of you?"

"You can see him?" I say

"Yeah" she looks at me with a furrowed eyebrow. "So what can I get you"

"Chocolate milk shake and a banana cake. "

"I'll have tea and a cookie. Thank you " he says

"How are you still alive? Your plane crashed. It was all over the news" I manage to blurt out

"I never got on that plane. I was too heartbroken after our last meeting. I needed to stay at my apartment to break down efficiently in peace" 

There he goes guilt tripping me

"Where's your ring. I thought you got married to the man you left me for"he says as he glances at my ring finger.

"We got divorced five years ago. He wasn't the angel I thought he was or would be" I say as I remember the day I found out he was cheating on me.

"Men are heartless" I mutter almost to myself. 

"Women are as heartless too. At least one woman was heartless to me. I remember her saying

 I can't marry you because;

1. You are not rich and won't be 

2. You are not handsome. Our kids would look hideous

3. I need a creative man which you aren't. 

4. You are a mediocre in most things.

5. You are shorter than me. I'd be the one comforting you.

"Please stop there Jordan" I still remember what I said that day. The look you gave me still haunts me day and night. 

The conversation has been intense. I hadn't realized that we were both done with our orders. Funny how your stomach can not fail to succumb to food. It is now a half past mid day and our conversation is not even close to complete.

"So Tiptoe, what's your excuse for breaking my heart like that. I'm pretty sure we loved each other a whole lot."

"Jordan I was 22,young actually very very young. You were my first love and I didn't know how to act. I was overwhelmed and nervous and a wreck. My thinking was just... I don't know messed up maybe" 

Could you ever forgive me? Why are you even back" I add on 

"Maybe. And I came back for you."

"Why today"

"I'm one for making memorable memories" he smiles.

My sweet short Jordan

I offer to pay for the meal and we head out to buy groceries. Jordan offered to escort me. We head to my apartment and I am ashamed of the mess. My now empty bowl of popcorn and wine glass are still at the living room table. I excuse myself to clean up and change into better clothes. 

I opt for my black sweater dress. And I find Jordan settled comfortably on the couch watching Disney.

 He still had a child's spirit in him. I bring fresh wine glasses to enjoy I guess. 

"You look more beautiful by the way" he says

"Thanks. When I thought you were dead I felt I needed closure to make up for our last encounter. I wanted things to change. For me to able to move on from you. And here you are."

"Now that I am the perfect man. Your perfect rich, older, wiser more handsome and taller man. Would you want us together again?" he asks

"Yes I would. Why didn't you date or marry anyone else?"

" I wanted to prove you wrong. In the end I realized you made me the great man I am today. I had to work my ass off hard everyday."

My alarm rings signalling it is midnight.


 I had set it to wake me up for a new series to binge watch. I didn't know any events of today would happen.

"I better get going." "Yeah it is late." He heads for the door and before he closes it I call out

"Hey Jordan. Can I touch you. To make sure you are real I mean"

"How about a hug?" He offers. I head over and hug him. He hugs me tightly like I remember for a long time. Jordan is now taller than me. I can't believe I am standing on my tiptoes. Just perfect. He let's me go and says bye. 

"Oh and I'm pretty sure you are now my Shortie and I am your Tiptoe"

I feel heat rise in my cheeks

"Have a lovely night. Sweet dreams and I'll see you in the morning" he says as he heads for the stairs not the elevator. 

Typical Jordan.

I hear his footsteps till they die down, I know that I feel at peace.

Wait a second. 

1.Why on earth was he in the same clothes as yesterday?

2. Did he just spend a day without taking a shower?

3. Why didn't we exchange numbers

4. Why am I still standing at the door way? I move back in knowing I'll have to wait for morning.

July 31, 2020 11:27

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Aman Fatima
05:04 Apr 14, 2021

Its an amazing story. Loved the nickname, they are sweet and adorable.


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17:41 Aug 08, 2020

Thank you so much I'll check it out surely


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Rida Arif
22:13 Aug 07, 2020

I really enjoyed reading this, it was right up my alley! Apart from a few grammatical errors, it was super engaging and I'm excited to see what you come up with next. I'd appreciate it immensely if you could tell me what you think about my story as well xx


17:42 Aug 08, 2020

Thanks I'll check out your story I promise


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Deborah Angevin
10:38 Aug 07, 2020

The nickname (Shortie & Tiptoe) were unique and cute! I loved this story! Would you mind reading my recent story out, "(Pink)y Promise"? Thank you :D


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Katrina Lee
01:26 Aug 06, 2020

This feels so much like a rom-com I really want to find out what happens next! And I really like the way you portray the protagonist, and the changes they went through from shallow to mature. Also, the shortie/tiptoe nicknames are just too cute and fuzzy! Just some reminders: perhaps too much internal mini-monologue where you showcase the thoughts of the protagonist in italics, perhaps you could minimize them and show it with the character's facial expression changes, their speech and actions. The other thing is that sometimes I find there'...


11:46 Aug 06, 2020

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm going to check it out


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Shivani Manocha
18:25 Jul 31, 2020

Hey Annie! This is a very nice story. Just a few things: You might wan to revise your story for grammatical mistakes. You can also use a grammar checker app like grammarly. "I'm totally eating take out I think as I walk into my apartment." This sentence is missing commas before and after I think. Without commas, it becomes difficult for the reader to understand. "All I can say is that I was looking forward to a morning work out session ,grabbing some groceries and sleep." You seem to have added a space before a comma in this, it...


14:59 Aug 01, 2020

Thank you for your feedback! I always appreciate it😊


Shivani Manocha
16:02 Aug 01, 2020



19:54 Aug 01, 2020

I edited the grammar. Still looking for the perfect image I could use for a ghost. I don't mind help


Shivani Manocha
16:22 Aug 02, 2020

Hey Annie! Have you edited that line out of he story? I dont know of a perfect image either. But you could use something like "Jordan . . . the Jordan I can feel, I can see, but never touch or embrace". OR "who comes but never stays" Maybe, I will have to get into the mood of the story to think of something better.


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