WWAE : Weird Wonderful And Extraordinary

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Bedtime Drama Friendship

The clouds above Lillith floated along peacefully some clouds forming pictures for her to see . Ocassionally a bird or two would come along but other than that the sky was absolutely devoid of anything living . She could just barely hear her parents screaming and arguing but right now that didn't matter

Monday Morning 8:00 am ; the hallway

The chatters of other students filled the hallway . It was annoying to say the least Lillith was a introvert but that wasn't her only reason for hating noises and people talking in general . Lillith was mute and she honestly envied the people who could talk a little . It was the world's cruelest joke. Despite being an introvert Lillith wanted to share her ideas and express herself a little but no way was that possible . Yes Lillith was aware mute people could do a lot too but it was the bullying that made her thing being mute meant being stupid honestly Lillith was the smartest girl alive yet people wouldn't trust her because she was mute . Her parents were honestly dissapointed they'd told her they wanted a daughter who could fill this house with noises and sounds not silence . Ever since then Lillith had become spiteful to the talkative. I don't need to talk anyways Lillith thought spitefully they chatter and chatter like birds in a cage she thought .

Monday 11 am ; Cafeteria

Lillith quietly shuffled into the school cafeteria with her peanuts and sandwiches choosing a quiet spot to sit in she began snacking just then someone from the sea of students called out :"HEY LOOK IT'S MUTE LILY " immediately all head turned that said sneers came in large numbers but that wasn't enough apparently because Barbie the prettiest girl in their school stepped forward . Picking the bag of peanuts she said "Oh my these are so cheap and from the store ! Do you're parents not love you enough to make some homemade food or give you some money ? Oh wait they dont!! " saying so she dropped the bag and stepped on it as a satisfying crunch filled the air she smiled smugly before dropping the sandwithches and walking off . Lillith started angry and hot tears filling her eyes soon the other students followed in pursuit throwing stuff at her and calling her names . Crying she ran out bumping into a girl with black curly hair . The girl looked at her with kind eyes "Hi I'm Abby I heard people calling you mute I'd it true ? " the girl asked Lillith just nodded "great ! Follow me " Lillith was confused wondering if this was a prank or bullying scheme but decided to risk it . The girl lead her down to the school basement it had a table light a few board and card games and two boys playing . Lillith stood dumbfounded.

Monday 11:12 am ; Basement

"Alright everyone meet Lillith , Lillith meet Alex and Matt " Abby said clapping her hands to get their "Hi !" Both boys said waving their hand Lillith just smiled and waved her hand "she's mute " Abby said quickly to the boys "Lillith welcome to WWAE: Weird Wonderful And Extraordinary we call ourselves that cause we are special see I have AHD , Alex is deaf and uses hearing aids , Matt has 6 fingers instead of 5 and you're our new addition!By the way we only come down here during g breaks so don't bother coming here in the middle of a period searching for us !" Abby exclaimed Lillith nodded happily taking a seat next to Alex who said "Hey my hearings bad and you're mute ! We're the perfect match ! " that small yet sweet scentence made Lillith feel much more better than she had in the past 11 years .

Tuesday 9:30 am ; Lillith's house :

The WWAE was gathered together at Lillith's house in a effort to get to know her better . Currently school was closed due to the fact that the school had been flooded by the heavy rain yesterday . To say her parents had been surprised to see Lillith had friends was an understatement they'd been shocked out of body . Her dad had even dropped his beer bottle in utter and absolute shock. Never had they expected their poor-excuse-for-a-daughter to be friends with anyone even aliens! . "So Lillith you're parents sure do fight alot don't they ? " Matthew asked as sounds were coming from downstairs all the others glared at him for the poor attempt to start a conversation. Lillith on the other hand grabbed her book and wrote : Yeah , most of the times it's about money or beer or something else. They were dissatisfied with me being mute so I guess they decide to fill the house with noise themselves . She said and the others smiled and began to laugh and talk .

Wednesday 8:12 ; English class

Turns out Alex was in Lillith's class . Lillith had just never noticed him before . But today when the teacher announced a project requiring partners nobody volunteered to be Lillith's partner however Alex did to which someone muttered " A broken piece for another broken piece " which both of them heard . Alex had called out angrily saying " Well we can fix each other and be durable you all on the other hand are born perfect and if not cooed and pampered in in every way would break !!!" Lillith on the other hand well she looked like a tomato at the way Alex defended her and himself .

Thursday 3:02 ; Park

Matthew and Abby were at a ice cream truck ordering 4 ice creams while Lillith and Alex were looking at the clouds "Hey that cloud looks like a heart ! " He exclaimed earning a blush from Lillith . "Hey what you guys looking at ? " Matthew asked while Abby handed out the ice creams . ' Nothing just the clouds ' Lillith signed. She hadn't thought of sign language before because her parents said it was useless "it won't make any sound and almost no one will understand " her father had said when she'd written her request to learn . However her friends had encouraged her and she'd become a pro at it . "Really " Abby laughed joining them 'Yeah they're beautiful' Lillith signed "Can't argue with that " Abby laughed looking up . Lillith smiled at her friends , her group , her kind . She looked up and felt Alex squeeze her hand . Her smile caught a blush as she looked at him and then looked up . The clouds were drifting slowly almost like guardian Angel's were up there taking their time to observe and help the Living beings of Earth .

The Clouds , Me and ... my friends she thought happily. Right here right now everything was ok she was ok her friends were ok the world was ... perfect .

April 28, 2022 14:36

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Yenuli Y.
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Hi !! I hoped all readers enjoyed this. This is my first story on reedsy so if you have any feedback you'd like to give don't hesitate . Enjoy ! Thank You !


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