There was a once upon a time that was a mission named Gromble. Gromble would groom the morning each and every day. That is to say, each and every day, the morning would groom Gromble. The morning conductor always unnerved Gromble. The colorful cobbler would say,”There are no flies here today.” It’s way was a typical Gromble morning.

   Gromble caught the cross bus cart to the crust cove to meet Habbob with her merry thimble. 

   “Another hardy to you,” said Gromble when he did meet Habbob and the merry thimble.

   She did greet him with her head crumble, “Muzzel-toe to you.” She smiled by the light of the faithful waggle, Doggletale of Woetown Abby.

   “Habbob with your merry thimble, have you seen I’ve a Wagglewolf? It is time for her bone to come home,” said Gromble.

   “I’ve a Wagglewolf, you say? Nay, she’s not here. Not here today. Go away and ask at the door mouse door, that other store door,” Habbob mumble crumbled.

   Gromble left Habbob and her merry thimble all a thumble to find that other store and it’s other store’s other door by the clock watchtower.  

   Now the door mouse door was a very small door, but it was very big in store and everybody came there to slop shop, everyone being as a sloppy shopper as they could be. That’s the kind of store it was and it was a very kind store, they didn’t charge very much for anything at all. It was only the nothings at all that were expensive. It was there baby bumble got left at the no charge get lost aisle. 

   Sammy the sad robot rolled towards Gromble as Gromble way wandered to that other store store door (the very small one). There was no reason for Sammy to be sad, he was dry-well controlled by his mad wife Madeline. Sammy the sad robot, was sad because it was way wet the way he was rolling. “It is my regret,” said Sammy, as he rolled-strolled by a Pleaseman all arrest from his rest.

   “Say, hey there. What a day here,” Gromble said as Sammy rolled near-bye through a blossoming blizzard, “Don’t roll away there, stay here for a while. Do you know the way here to that other store door near hear?”

   “I’ve been thirty year a jungle, now I roll away from a rumble. Roll-go over there if it’s anywhere. But I don’t care!” That’s all he did say as Sammy the sad robot did roll away.

   The Pleaseman did attest to Sammy the sad robot’s arrest. Sammy rolled away to bail-jail. Gromble paid and set him free. That other store door was just next door to the Pleaseman jailery and it was a quiet, empty pad. Inside abandoned, there had been a quite unusual riot. Everybody had ran from the mad man’s plan to explode his lode of farce in the face of foiled fools. I’ve a Wagglewolf was there sniffing for the snuffle left off the farce. There was no right way to do it. Left was the only way that was left to do it.

   “I’ve a Wagglewolf, what is your care here. I’ve been looking this way for you all day for you,” Gromble said, “I’ve a ware for you. Beware the wolftone. It will dare scare you.”

   Baby bumble got left inside. Baby bumble did babel and cry. Baby bumble did not want to die. Gromble heard it was so. “To the door I must go!” said Gromble as he hurried off and onward next door the the other store store door. The door mouse had run away.

   Gromble had to wiggle way his way into the store, had to tuck his stuck ways just to do it and even then it was a tight squiggle squeeze through the door mouse door. Immediately before him he saw himself in the mirage mirror, shook his head as if it weren’t there. No one self was in the store except Gromble and baby bumble left bundled on the forlorn floor. Who’s baby is this, he began to tear fear. 

   “Oh dear, oh dear! The shadow of The One Who Broke The World is here!” Gromble said and trouble tremble he did, “Shadow scare how do you dare you do this to the I must kiss this baby bumble left upon the fearful floor. I had to squiggle-wiggle my no way in just to get here. Baby bumble are you here? Are you today ok? All of Woetown woes for she thee. I have to see she thee is ok and take you away home.”

Shadow scare did not care. “Now just so you will no know, let me tell you about the one who broke the world,” shadow scare said:

”One day, amid the pillared grey stones of the rock woods, the one who broke the world stood, lost, not knowing which way to go, or indeed, where to go. It was a curious situation the one who broke the world found himself in, so the one who broke the world called to the colonnade of rocks.

“Hey, ho there you prosperous pebbles, what is the definitive of my location?”

The gravel voice of the stones groaned and moaned the mouths of caves.

“Wither here or wither there, it is not our care. Stones do not roam from home. It is here. It is near, where we are, we are never alone. That is the only location known.”

“Nonsense,” said the curious owl with the grey-wise crest from its’ in stone nest.

“You are near here,” hooted the owl with profoundly puffed feathers,”but far from there, that is your location.”

Lizard lurched his head from its’ rocky bed, inspected the inspected by owl conversation.

Lizard hissed with a lispy lisp,”Oh how can it be that you never see where you are? It is easy to see. Come to my rocky bed and see it with me.”

The curious owl looked with an intensive smile, swooped down upon the lurching lizard, and caught in its’ beak owl did seek a higher place to feed on it.

The one who broke the world stood amazed at all he saw amid boney stones, considered it and said, “I, alone, must look for home.”

So, the one who broke the world took a first step. The world did shake and the world did quake so hard, it did break. Stones tumbled, rumbled, stumbled about the one who broke the world. A crack appeared, steered its’ way through the rumble-tumble-stumble stones, a chasm vast and endlessly deep. Into it seeped broken stones. The grey crested owl flew away, had one last word to say,”Hope.” The word faded away.

The one who broke the world took a second step and said,”If I stand alone, I shall never be home.” The second step was worse than the first. The world began to split in two. Off flew the mountains and fountain springs. Water shot everywhere into the air. Split the night with fright of the breaking world. Stars cried when they spied the scene for the night had broken into the day. Everything ran away.

Wind-watcher awoke, disturbed in its’ gaze, amazed at what it saw, all was shattered and scattered. The wind was all aflutter. The disturbed reverberated spasms in the ever deep chasm. Even time stopped and took notice, became ticked-off. Times’ hands spun in confusion. “What did you do? I was once new. Now I am old before my time! It is a crime most grievous! Let it be said, I shall soon be dead,” morned the wounded time, “Go away, you can’t stay here,” time said with fear and tear.

“Enough of this, I insist, it can’t be this way,” the one who broke the world said, “Its’ not me don’t you see,” the one who broke the world tried to deny it, “In order to know somewhere to go, I just have to do it.”

Trees fell with the breeze. All flowers folded, then floated away disappearing into deserted deserts where chaos cast cubes of chance. A covey of clouds caught in the worried wind headed towards the one who broke the world (takes a breath, breath breathes the clouds in).”

  “Stop your sorry story,” said Gromble,”I have no tale time for this, baby bumble is in needed. Indeed she needed was. So Gromble smiled the light of the faithful waggle, Doggletale of Woetown Abby and destroyed the shadow of The One Who Broke The World and saw baby bumble clear upon the fearful floor, bent down in tender care and help held the child to dry cry her tears. For a while held her in silence. Then he soft spoke. All Gromble had to yea say to baby bumble bundle was, “Don’t grow up to be a silly Sally sadness, you are better than that bad that. Dare to be different each and every to do day in each and every good and beautiful to do way.”

July 31, 2020 17:11

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