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Legend has it that, thousands of years ago, far away in the northern kingdom, there was only ice and no living creatures were able to endure such freezing and harsh condition that the place itself had become a dead kingdom. 

I, Jack, The Frost King, must say thank you to the legend. It was because of the legend that no human dare to approach the kingdom for fear of death. I and my species were able to stay away from humans for thousands of years, getting out of all the fightings and conflicts.

I like the way humans described me in  as a big, giant man with frozen blade that ready to cut anything into pieces in their legend though it was not true at all. Indeed, I looked just like a normal, young boy whose height was not even over 1 metre and 70 centimetres with a glittering grey hair and a wood wand. However, my legendary description was a threat to all humans and it all started from a war that happened a long, long time ago.

My northern kingdom was once a tropical jungle where the tall, giant, green trees covered the blue sky. There are thousands of species living underneath those huge, brown branches covered with glittering, green leaves. On the surface of the grass bed, stood the flowers with clear, delicate body and smooth, white petals. Those beautiful flowers grew from the creatures who had fallen down and passed away. The flowers absorbed the dead bodies that had turned into dust. Under the green light emitted from the big leaves during the day, it formed a red pearl in the buds and shot it out. The pearls quickly transformed into various species: fairies, pixies, birds, butterflies. Under the river, the long, blue weeds grew out to wrap the dead bodies. They then formed the cocoons. During the night, leaves transformed moonlight into rays of sparkling, bright, white light that pierced through the water, making the cocoons opened. They free the little, yellow stars inside that would later transform themselves into water creatures. And that was how life began and fade in my kingdom, except for me. I was the king and I was immortal and invincible.

It was not until humans arrived at my kingdom that everything began to change. I still remembered the first day that they reached my kingdom. There were about 30 people only and they all arrived in a big ship with a white sail flowing rigidly in the strong wind. All of them were wearing something that look like animals’ fur to keep them warm. As they put their steps onto our land, they can not endure the humid weather here that they had to put the animals’ fur off them. I decided to use camouflage and stay in the dark to observe the things that they would do in my land. At first sight, humans seem harmless at all. They were happy and hospital just like my species. As they went through the jungle, the pixies and the fairies came out to greet them with the little, sparkling, purple and pink dust from their wings as they fly above the outsiders’ heads. The creatures living underwater, the blue fish with their tails in the shape of spears, others with the circle-shaped tails or fins that looked like a bell,... all jumped out of the surface and splashed water at the crew showing signs of hospitality and welcoming. The mermaids appeared out of the water and waved at the people. Later that night, all the creatures in my kingdom sing the song composed of the melodious sounds of the mermaids and the underwater creatures as a greeting to humans. To take part in the joy, the people took out something which they called lyras and flutes and made the sounds of the wind squeezing through the leaves. All of a sudden, while dancing, a man in the crew bang her head into a big tree and bleed a lot. However, as she felt, her forehead touch the flowers that formed from our pass-aways and healed quickly. Suddenly, the outsiders’ eyes, the way they looked at those flowers, made me suspicious.

After a night of music and joy, the crew stood up and left. As they were leaving, they waved and smiled at the creatures but somehow there were so much anxiety aroused in me.

About two weeks later, just after the sun had rose from afar and its light pierce through the small spaces created by the leaves, a boat appeared again at the shore of the island. This time, they brought more people; there were about 100 people in total. Each of them brought along a bag. This time, the came into the island, but in a rush and did not greet at all. As they stepped on the soil, they started to pick up all the flowers. The flowers meant a lot to the life in my kingdom. Losing too much of the will break the balance of the circle of life. Outraged by humans’ action and their greed, I used my power to gathered the air into the space around me, froze them into spears and pushed all the spears towards those picking-flowers people. The spears pierced through their hearts; blood are everywhere. All of them ran in panic, but I kept chasing them. Not until they reached the shore of the island, went aboard and left did I stop. 

I had thought those people were scared. However, it turned out that they did not. About a month later, when snow started to fall on my island, on one afternoon, when i were sitting on the branch of a tall tree; my sight reached far from the island and saw a lot of big ships whose sails are black with a picture of giant eagles on them. 

As they reached the shore, they started to fire big stones towards the island and the troops start to attack the kingdom, bringing with sharp weapons and bags to gather the flowers. Those humans kill everything that trying to stop them. Blood were everywhere on our soil.

For a while, I closed my eyes, concentrate my power, created a snowstorm, gradually freezing everything on its way. Then, I made a giant of ice with a furious face and a big blade and ordered him to slash every humans on its way. The ice swords pierce through the their bodies.

It were a bloody war, costing lots of life of both humans and our creatures. Few managed to survive in the battle, fled the battle and lived to tell the tale.

As for me, after the war ended, i created an enormous frozen region surrounding my kingdom and hide it from humans. Thousands of years went on, my kingdom became a legend and no human had once again discovered it. 

July 03, 2020 02:41

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