Christian Science Fiction Fantasy

A woman, solitary, quiet, sat 2 rows ahead of the man, who had been voracious and boisterous throughout the whole film. The man, a gang stalker, more commonly known as a perpetrator and nothing more intelligent or glamourous than a hired thug, had talked throughout the entire film. Every word he had spoken was supposed to be a trigger word that would force the woman to either morph into a willing sex slave, or force her into self-harm, or worse.

The rest of the audience, also part of the stalkers, so, once again, nothing more special than people without morals or conscience, had contributed to the harassment of this woman. Each person had carefully picked out particular clothes to wear, that would get the message across to the woman what she was expected to do. She wasn’t expected to do this because there was a contract, agreement, pact or deal, or because they were going to reward her in some way, shape or form. She was expected to do this because every single one of her perpetrators were  narcissists suffering delusions of grandeur that they believed gave them some sort of right over her life.

Now, one would think that this woman had done something wrong to deserve all these verbal and psychological attacks. How often would her attackers sling the word karma at her, knowing full well if karma worked the way her attackers tried to con her into believing, they would be in the line of fire.

This innocent woman had done nothing but be born into a family without integrity, who had sold her into an occult pedophile ring as a littler girl. This pedophile ring had used military equipment and taxpayer dollars to break her mind as a child. Then they had orchestrated failure after failure in her life, stealing what little she had, without ever rewarding her.

The woman mused, on occasion, what was taking karma so long to balance the situation out. She wondered why she had never received compensation of sorts from the group that had mercilessly destroyed her life. Often, she would glance at other people who had said they were victims of the same thing. She noticed that the evil those people had wrought in their lives, that they then rewarded them, restoring them to their families and their lives.

The woman endured in silence, throughout the entire film. This game had been played with her since she was born. She was much more powerful in mind and soul than a million of the predators stalking her. Because of their lack of connection to a soul, the predators failed to see their own weakness, which would be their downfall for eternity.

The woman reflected, listening to the timed noises in the cinema as she waited on the lights to come back on. The people against her would never win. This she knew whether they wanted to acknowledge it or not. God had warned the heads of the people who had organized the campaign against her, very much like Job in the Bible. Do what you will, but she will say no.

God had told her that he had banned, blocked, and placed sanctions on the Elite occult group who was doing this to her from manifesting the energy that they wanted into her life. Why did God put bans and blocks on them? Because they had done it to her.

You see, karma does exist, but not in the timing we believe, or in the manner we think. You can do something cruel to someone, for a long time, and reap your financial rewards, but you could find it might be your child or grandchild that pays the price you want the woman to pay. It could be your best friend that pays the price.

The man spurred the audience behind the woman’s back into a further cacophony of noise, smiling at his cruelty the entire time. What fantastic fun it was to be cruel to her. He thought of the awesome reward he would get if she pulled the pin on her life tonight or went to a bar to take off her clothes, just like the audience was ordering her to. Surely, the man thought to himself, she can not resist my words, my energy. All the others were weak and could not get her to obey, but I can. After all, the Elite asked me to bring this thing back under control. They can see I have authority and can make anyone do what I want.

 The lights in the cinema flickered on one by one. One would alight strong, another would blink on for a moment, disappear, and come back on. A stalker noticed this and made a comment to their friend about how this must be part of their control over her, synchronizing lighting in order to force the woman to comply.

The woman overheard this. She had exceptional hearing. A wide grin bloomed across the woman’s face. Getting up, she turned around, and met the eyes of the stalker behind her. ‘What did you think I should do with myself again? Please, demonstrate physically. Don’t forget to give me the evil eye, which you think should mean something to me,’ the woman sent into his mind.

The mans eyes opened in shock. He did not know how to respond, except to perform the command she had inserted into his mind. At the moment he touched his eye, a sizzle and pop above him drew the attention of everyone in the cinema, except for the woman. She remained staring at the man, as he glanced up, finger touching the corner of his eye.

A small flame erupted from within the bulb. It blinded them man. Glass shattered. A piece fell into the eye of the stalker. “Gawd!” the man yelled. “It burns. It’s in my eye!” Another, larger piece of glass fell into the open mouth of the man. He clutched at his throat.

“I believe that is an excellent idea, for you, maybe, but not for me. God and myself have other plans for my life,” the woman stated with a clear voice.

The man clawed at his chest, tongue protruding from mouth, gasping for breath. Everybody watched her. A person rushed towards him.

“Are you sure that is wise? Look up,” the woman said in a low tone.

Sparks were still leaping from the shattered globe. The stalker stopped.

The man fell over, body thrashing on the floor a few times, before becoming still.

With calmness, the woman dialed the ambulance on her phone. “Hi. Yes. I’m at the cinema and some poor man, God bless his soul, has just keeled over. A bulb broke and pieces of glass fell into him.” Hanging up, she smiled a beautiful, calm, bright smile. “Have a marvelous evening, everyone. Let us do this again in the future. It is time for me to go home. A soul needs praying for.”

The woman exited the cinema.

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