What is a Year?

A sheaf of corn –

That grows in


What is New?

The birth from

A seed –

Where was the seed?

I do not know,

I grew into the tree –

Standing tall and dense,

Luxurious and dark.

Impenetrable to my

Root or my seed

So where is my seed?

The soil is rich –

I need to plant myself,

But where can I find the seed?

Bumi (Earth) was looking around all over the farm for Mira (Peace). When she could not find her there, she thought to look inside the wandering forest. Really, the forest that moved around. The people who lived around this forest called it VenturA – the forest of fortune. It behaved just like those strange group of stars that moved across the skies. The stars called themselves the “Plough”. Well one could say that VenturA reflected the behaviour of Plough, but not exactly. The Plough moved when they had to as per an unseen code. VenturA however gallivanted off almost at its own whim and fancy.

Mira often tripped off into VenturA, sometimes for a couple of days. The very first time she had done that Bumi was shaken with trepidation and all of them had looked high and low for her. But then she appeared out of VenturA not being able to comprehend the concerned looks of the people waiting for her. Gradually she had come to understand that they were anxious when they could not find her. From then on Mira often told Bumi when she took off to go into VenturA.

Bumi was not sure if Mira was going in as she had not mentioned anything that day. That is the reason why Bumi was wondering if she must go to VenturA. The forest itself was beautiful. There were these huge trees that formed protective alcoves to trees that bore fruits plenty. But when Bumi went in she never wanted to return. There was so much tranquility and serenity.   

And the most beautiful scene inside of VenturA was “Ayr” (water-course). Ayr shimmered her way through VenturA as though she had a dance-floor to herself. She was glowing always. Bumi would often go to quench her thirsty throat. She felt enlivened and nurtured the very moment a drop from Ayr touched her lips.

She finally decided to enter VenturA to look for Mira. The girl was in deep thought. Bumi had noticed that look on her face that morning.

There was a reason that Bumi was looking for Mira so fervently. There had been a Quandrantid meteor shower a few days earlier. It had lasted for a fortnight. Actually Mira had been the one to sense the showers. In fact even this time she was the one who first got wind of it. And then shared that with Bumi. Each and every time it showered, Mira would run in the middle of the clearing in front of the house and bring back a unique small golden brown seed. She would find only one of this type each time there was a shower because these happened every fortnight. Only their names were different.

Mira mentioned that this time they were huge in number almost more than hundred every hour that fortnight. Bumi had seen Mira’s eyes sparkling every night she returned home after looking out in the clearing. This time though she had been lost in thought, literally moping around the area.

She had frowning brows, a lost look and monosyllables for answers. This was how she was nearly for all of the days in that fortnight. So one night Bumi had decided to accompany her to the clearing, to cheer her up. She had prepared a sort of spread for a picnic under the sky. They had done it multiple times. Mira had briefly cheered up and then she was back to that look. Bumi had sighed but assumed that she would bounce back to the bright, cheery and vibrant girl. She usually did.

So they had gone out that night and set up their picnic blanket. They could feel the shower all along the way the clearing. And one could tell it was falling fast. Mira rushed Bumi to hasten as she wanted to pick this year’s golden brown seed maybe a number of those. However, it had not gone according to plan. Though the shower was huge and more than the previous ones, Mira could not find that unique one. She was so intent and focused on locating only the golden brown one.

What Bumi had done with the previous ones Mira had fetched was to build VenturA. Yes, VenturA – the forest of fortune was created out of each of those seeds planted into it. Ayr had helped with looking after the seed from the time it was sown into the ground. She would nourish it with her water and Mira and Bumi would tend to those. It was their purpose to build a haven of trees for all.

The Plough would come in to prepare VenturA’s stubborn ground. They had worked hard together to make it the forest it was today. VenturA liked its freedom and so by way of rebellion started the wandering process. So that none could locate it easily.

On that night, Mira and Bumi returned empty-handed with no seed. And that was the last day of the Quandrantid shower. It would be longer for the next one.  Bumi could tell that Mira was sad and nothing could cheer her up.  

They had gone about the usual business since that day. Mira was less cheerful and that day she had wandered off. Bumi wondered why they could not find the seed this time. She was puzzled. If the Plough had an idea then that would be implemented every time. This time the situation seemed different. Suddenly it came to Bumi in a flash. She wanted to share this with Mira and so had been looking for her since morning. Then Bumi decided to enter VenturA for a final look. As she started walking to it, she did not realise one interesting bit. VenturA was not wandering anymore. It had rooted itself at one spot.

Bumi went deeper and the she could see Mira standing by Ayr with that out of the world expression. She could only tell that Mira was awestruck by something that she had uncovered. Bumi could guess by now why Mira was overjoyed. Bumi had come to realise the very same thing that Mira had sensed. VenturA had settled. There would be no more showers from now on.

Bumi led Mira out of VenturA for this time they had unearthed a New Year !!

January 05, 2023 21:44

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