Science Fiction

“It’s a fine machine. Named it yet?”

“I call HIM the artificial biomechanical learning entity. A.B.L.E for short”

“What does ABLE do?” Slater asked.

“Whatever I want,” Able responded, in Kane’s voice.

Kane buried the remote in his pocket.

"That’s a nifty trick. You gave it your voice.”

"I had to do something."

“Come on Slate, it’s me we’re talking about here,” Kane said.

“Well, when you’re done goofing around with your little pet projects, the board of directors is paying you for a little something else.”

“Have I ever let you down?”

“It’s Monday in about three days.”

“What are you

“What is a

“We haven’t tested it fully yet,” Able said. "but a malfunction—"

“Could save millions!”

Able’s eyes narrowed.

“Or d“It

Through the

"Please don't do it."

July 16, 2022 05:13

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