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No plan. I have no plan for this story. I am not even sure if it will be a story. What defines a story? Perhaps this will be more of a tirade, as my loyal (to whom?) readers are used to me posting as stories. My winges and wines (no, not that kind of wine) on life and my situation.

So, a story without a plan, does that mean I am to write a story without planning it or will there be a point in this story where the B-team shows up and Flannigan mentions to the crazy white guy, the man in love with himself, and the tough Indigenous (I live in Australia, mate) Person that "I love it, when a plan doesn't come together".

And now, cut into the intro, can we hear the da da duh dah, duh da doh hammering away in the background from that awesome man who just churns out cheesy TV tunes for a living (which I loved when I was younger but I look at it now and go, damn, that mind control shit).

So, where were we. Mind control through the television. After all, this story has no plan. We will have to pick up from the last sentence, about mind control, but then again, aren't my loyal readers sick of me talking about the mind control bs that has seeped, saturated and polluted our species? Of course, they are. Even I'm tired of it all.

I have gotten so tired of it that it no longer affects me and I just don't care about informing people about it. I used to think it was neat, when I first realised things. The symbolism was endlessly interesting. Then I got angry when I realised this was aimed at me for the purpose of getting me to do things that were not great (I've spoken of this before) for my soul. Then, of course, I remembered heaps of crap, saw it throughout my life and how it had been used to control me.

Now, your probably thinking I'm mad. Well, look into Neural Linguistic Programming. It can be used for either good or ill. Observe the matrix, you'll figure it out for yourself. Most people really don't realise the level of it in their own lives because they are too busy trying to mess with someone elses head.

Now, I don't give a damn about the mind control bs. Individuals and collectives do it to each other, it is done to society, etc, etc, etc. Does it really matter who is pulling the strings anymore? It exists. That's it. Everyone is influenced to some degree.

I don't care about it because it doesn't bother me any longer. I don't get angry about it. I don't care. And I don't care if you fall victim to it, because there is enough information for anybody to look into it. And in all honesty, as much as I love a good conspiracy theory, stay away from them. Yes, there is truth in conspiracy theories but so many are designed to plant poisonous seeds in your head and make you paranoid and more easily triggerable, because noticing this is not what they want. Instead of conspiracy theories, look up the psychology behind it all, and while your at it, read some Jung and maybe Orwell. In fact, read them both and you will not only see the problem but your will understand the solution.

What is the solution? For starters, you can't take on their mind control agenda alone and most people are too shit scared to be ostracised to join you. Most people prefer chains because when you begin to think and act and choose for yourself, you become accountable. That is frightening.

The mind control enveloping the globe is too big to dismantle. And is it really practical? If people who aren't even aware of the mind control and it is taken away from them and you say to them "Ta Da, your free!" what are they going to do? If they haven't done the inner work and journeyed within, they aren't going to know themselves. You'd have a population of dogs without leashes sitting around, looking at each other, possibly too daft and free to even go to work or feed themselves. Honestly, freedom from mind control for the masses might not be the greatest of ideas.

You don't get given freedom from mind control. You take it. You don't fight with your fists and you don't fight with your mind, eithere. Mind control is like a spiders web and the mind is like the fly. The more you fight the mind control with your mind, the more entangled you will become with it. You will get frustrated and angry and these emotions, along with others, will bind you to the mind control.

So, how do you take freedom?

You seek within yourself, however you see fit, so long as it harm none. You get to know yourself. Ask questions, of yourself and google. The masses under willing mind control know when someone is going to take their freedom, so you won't get honesty out of them, unless you ask clever questions. One thing about me, I get the truth from people and they speak it in various ways without realising it, because I don't conform to other peoples scripts, catch-phrases and programming. I am consistently inconsistent with what I speak about.

You won't get the truth from a lot of places, but you can find fragments of the truth in your searches. Your inner self will give you the rest of what you need. I know it sounds cliche and so many assholes who could have given me the answer told me this. They said it with evil smiles, too, thinking I was too controlled and mentally weak, to get there.

The thing is, do you really want freedom?

I still don't have all the answers and I doubt I ever will. I also know, I don't need all the answers. I don't need people to stop trying to trigger me, because I trust myself and I can feel due to the lack of emotional response that these triggers are trying to evince, that I have no worries about being manipulated into doing things I don't want. My life has been getting busier and busier to the point where I am dealing with a lot of people everyday. The shit they do doesn't bother me (unless they messing with my internet). What other people do to me defines who they are, not myself.

And as for the deal that I wanted at one point, as I was deprogramming, it turns out there is nothing that they could give me to make me want to return to old ways. I mean, nothing at all. My family, for the most part, is manipulative and evil and I get falsely accused often. I don't feel like ever sitting down with my children in the future and dealing with their fathers (one was physically and emotionally abusive, the other was a .......... ) speaking through their mouths. What the hell good is money? I get enough being on the pension. All I need to do is manage it effectively. Fame? No. I'm not a life-sucking parasite who needs external validation. Social inclusion? What, I want to be one of the masses who is mind controlled after years of hard work? No. A job? What kind of a job. I'm busy with studies, writing and volunteer work. A house? I have a roof over my head, and though the circumstance isn't ideal, it isn't terrible either. The cat that isn't mine is awesome and the baby that isn't related talks to me. And for the bullying, stalking, spying, slandering to end? Yes, that would be nice, but I am not willing to sell my soul for that.

The moral of the story: I am complete.


October 29, 2022 05:43

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