The world got changed

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I got home same as yesterday's , clothes were hanging from body and face with anger but helpless I lived in cottage with a room partner.I rushed and freshed myself and sat working at elbow which covered in blood.Those foolish boys alaways tends to threaten weak ones .I do not like how this world works or how god is helpless or rather I am.I wish it could be changed at some time later a distrubed noise woked me up the whole room got light up some thousand bulb like it came to sudden I had drifted to some other place a distant voice broke,Make a wish my dear boy.Who are you I spoked with fear in every word .Not to be afraid of anything make a wish I would fulfill for you.But why you would fulfill it?And why me do you ask for a wish?There are so many children who are in more need?I had watched you do not you think yourself as weak?Yes with some bravery came out instantly .But do you wonder why?Ok I will clear for you.You are just to kind for others no matter what and you have gained this opportunity by yourself you deserved it . But do you not thought there many people are kind?It's one of the factor you have The blessing that you got from your grandmother and you have proofed it.I expect more from you.I did not got one word he spoke . Then why cannot you show me yourself ?Why are you hiding yourself ?Because I am just a light I see you and you see me but you do not recognize me .And about the wish you said is this true? Yes of course this is truth, it was written in book about the wish but remember only one . I thought for few minutes I wanted to test him do you know my name? Athrva I know more about you than any mouth felt open This was my ture name which one I was hiding from everyone and as far I remember I did not shared this piece of information to anyone.nobody had been my true friend. Now if your testing is over make a wish I did not have much time left.I thought for 1 minute hundreds of idea where entering about every millisecond .I wish the earth rotation got changed .Ok is this your wish think of it .Yes this is my only wish .Ok then your wish is granted and I got woked up and I thought it all happened in my dream until I discovered that sun and rose from west which means my wish was fulfilled but still I had many question to ask .I got dressed and got out house with my phone checking nothing was special nor phone neither outside.I made way to my favourite spot on top of mountain as I passed every single person was horred stucked on every television people got confused some worried some enjoying this moment it would be noted in the history.but something was odd I got to by some food it seemed to me they cannot see me. It was like I wanted but got confused when asked for wish it happens often .I was happy then ever in my life I could do many things which I would be not able to on ordinary day . I watched a football game on big screen enjoying myself no bully friends this time.I could go and have fun in game parlour without worrying about cash .I ate lot on lunch first time in my life and slept almost afternoon I went to see movie for firat time in my life it was beautiful.I went to beach to watch the sunset and enjoyed eating food though enjoying all day.As I passed by a street there I located a house by which heart beat became faster and I know it might house of kritika a friend of mine from school.she is great supporter of mine gives helping hand but sometimes I just do not ask it looks odd when one of your friend helps every time but you could not return it once .I walked way to home which was old and dirty but I was cheerful and happy to final see it and got instantly fast asleep same light spoked me as I got from my sleep.Enjoyed your day spoked? a distant voice. Alot with higher tone and happy smile by me .You must be thinking Why it happen to only you?I nodded silently .It was love of your parents which gave you chance they were from different world and you have there blessing .It's written in old texts .And at last what do you understand from this atharv?

You should enjoy your own company no matter what has happen.Right said the voice .A last question sir can I have your name ?My name laughed the voice it would take you ages to learn this many names .Sir a last one please I could not held curiosity is everything going to be back in normal form?Ha! a good question I suppose yes it is going back to normal from and ask me the real question?I got red as he caught me out of sudden how would I contact you?There is no need of that because not only you but everyone could see me but fail recognize me.Always remember one thing no matter how tuff might be situation always fight for the better of ours . And at sudden it appeared dark a soft voice spoke as you would get fine sleep and at last my burning anger was set in the east

I woked up next morning found krishna at another bed he was fast asleep I looked upon the window the sun did not rose from west but it appeared from east as usual.I got up and looked into the mirror some two people were looking at me with smiling face they might my parents but after rubbing my eyes they disappeared .I could explain this to anyone what had happpen to me because nobody would believe me

April 29, 2020 10:19

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Pranathi G
14:22 May 03, 2020

Nice story! Can you read my story and give me feedback? It's called "THE TIME HAS COME." It's for the same contest. Thank you!


17:41 May 03, 2020

Ok I would read


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