The (Virtuous) Princess and the Frog 

In the state of Glumkrock, a new, impermanent, laws has been passed, enabling the honourable princes and princesses to contribute to the administration as well. The Gallant King himself carried out most of the significant government, however, the ones of less importance were handed down to the four honourable princes and princesses, who were ranked in positions according to their administrative intellect. 

Princess Khyha was regarded as the most virtuous, studious and rational one of them all and therefore unravelled inconveniences which were almost as critical as the ones The Noble King solved. 

And that’s about the last of the ‘extravagant’ narrative voice I can puff out, gotta congratulate the greats for narrating like that and not getting their tongue tied. Anyway, why should be fairytales narrated as if you have just swallowed a high notch thesaurus? Gah!, just read on if you can stand my ‘imprudent’ blabbering. 

Princess Khyha was sitting on her three-legged stool, in the library, with wide thoughtful eyes, listening to a man pattering about a problem in the head-village square in a fast voice that should’ve belonged to a zombie. He stood so straight that he was arching backwards. The princess pointed out a solution and the zombie-voiced man scribbled it down on the scroll he was holding.

“What’s next?” pondered the princess, closing her eyes tightly and then opening them.

“Frogs.” answered the zombie-voiced man.

“Frogs?, I don’t quite understand, Mr. Kinser” 

“The ecosystems are collapsing, new diseases are spreading, and restaurants are screaming for frog legs.” 

The princess jerked back, wide eyed, from the gush of information.

“Er..., let me ask you why?, Mr. Kinser,” The princess Warbled.

“Frogs are dying off; the sorcerer-entists had informed that, because of the sudden increase in the magic usage, a new fungus has been created. This particular fungus grows on frogs. Any fungus-infected frog would lose the power of its lungs and struggle to survive on land. Later on, the fungus digests the entire frog and eradicates it. This is really sinister, as this is disturbing our forests, affecting the magic circulation and citizens are complaining more and more about bugs.” Mr. Kinser droned.

“So, have these sorcerer-entists found any solutions for the, em, frog fungus?”

“They have found that if they can find a frog that is not yet infected by the fungus, they could do elemental enchanted cloning and provide a protective armour to the next generation of frogs. Therefore, they have found a solution however...”


“There is no frog, which is not infected, in the kingdom. Subsequently, the entire species is going to be extinct. This will increase crop savaging insects and pulverize the chance of stepping outside without being assaulted by bugs.”

“What?”, snarled the princess, “Why wasn’t this problem mentioned before?, didn’t you realize that this could introduce famines, droughts and worse.”

“Indeed, it was mentioned to the honourable princess Imehil and also to the honourable princes. Nevertheless, they neglected it saying that they couldn’t do anything about it but would think about it anyway.”

“And then?” 

“They never gave any response. They deserted the matter soon after.”

The princess caught her forehead in her hands,

“Oh!, Botheration!, why are my sister and brothers like this?!”

Mr. Kinser, stood there loftily, trying to figure out if he should answer that question or not.

The princess swallowed a yawn.

“What about the frogs in the neighbouring kingdom?”

“I am sorry to state that we are in no state to ask the neighbouring kingdoms about frogs, they are all irritated by the recent wars betwe—”

The princess’s eyelids dropped

“Yes, yes, we may discuss this matter later, now, are there any more problems?” 

“No, however, I would be obliged to report that the law which gives you administrative powers has been made permanent.”

“Marvellous!” uttered the princess, swallowing another yawn.

“Now, the time has come for me to present matters in the court, dear princess, however, I hope that the matter of the frog-fungus may not be forgotten.”

“It will not be forgotten, Mr. Kinser, you can trust me.” The princess nodded. As if she would do anything, even stand on her head, tap dance in the air, pull her ears, stick out her tongue, and blink her eyes out to the tune of the song “Scarcely know ways to slap someone splendidly without them disgusting you” while sipping a stupefying sunflower smoothie, to find a cracking-ly genius solution for the fungus. 

But, she just slipped two novels from the library and sauntered to her room, how pathetic. Just like a typical princess, or even a typical person, princess Khyha was not interested much in the food chain or the ecosystem or the frog leg soups.

Khyha sat on her reading chair and opened up her book, and then she closed it without even looking at the title.

She was in a reflective mood today, she needed to think. (Hey!, but not about frog-fungus!)

She thought about the law. Khyha remembered how the people had protested at first. She remembered how she hung on to her decision, how she never left sight of optimism, grit and dark chocolate fudge cake. But now, even if the law was made permanent, there was hopelessness in the very hidden and uneven horizon. 

Khyha’s oldest brother was turning twenty and that was not a good sign. Her mother and father both agreed on the fact that princess Khyha would be a much better administrator than Prince Krismeh. But what to do, rules were rules, and rules were meant to be snapped and crushed and smashed but nobody got the idea when Khyha stated it.

Khyha just wished to lead her nation and her people to a future filled with happiness, peace and better quality shoes. But, alas, rules were rules.

The melancholy hung in the air. The sun started setting slowly. The fragrance of—


Hey, I was narrating a sad scene, who ruined it?!

A frog sprang to Khyha’s desk gracefully and Khyha fell out her chair quite un-gracefully. 

“For what in the seven horrendous worlds did you do that for!, you beast!, you devil!, you frog?”

“oh, my dear beautiful princess! I need your help.”

“What kinda help, you nasty —”

“I need a kiss!, and a tooth brush, my mouth stinks from eating all thos—, nothing.”

“Your mouth stinks and you want me to kiss you?”

“Er, yes.”

“Ya got any manners?”

“You know, I am the prince of—”

“Blah blah blah, who just crashed the enchanted tea party of the wizard of the blah blah blah and because of that he turned the poor you into a frog, ya, I know that story.”

“You listen now, lady, I am the only heir of my kingdom and my kingdom is pretty big and rich, I was invited to dinner by some old wizard and, of course, I messed up! Turn me into something without gills and then I will marry you, you will end up free doing whatever you want. End of the story. Deal?”

“Hey, but why did you choose ME?”

“Then what was I supposed to do?, stalk a princess ten miles away? Do you know how hard it was to even get here with these legs?”

“Oh, sorry!”

“And when will y—”

“Lemee think about it!”

“Ya, ya, take your time, but better be fast!”

Some words flashed in Khyha’s mind.

Administration, lead, lungs, freedom, prove, glass jar, victory, the best leader, riches.............(The dots means “and on and on and on and on and on.................................................and on”)

(Exactly 5.39756 days later)

I must admit there are some people who are better, who are different. Khyha was hailed as one of the best problem solver. She got her chance at her dream. And the prince of blah blah blah couldn’t agree more, er, because 

He lived crock-ily ever after in a glass jar.

TA, DA, tA, dA, Ta, Da, THE ENNNNNND!!!!!!! Te teRE teTe TetE TaAaAaAaaaa! (Thank you and have a splendid day ahead!!!)

February 13, 2021 02:03

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Daniel R. Hayes
17:57 Feb 14, 2021

I thought you did a great job writing this, I thought it was funny and shows your unique style. I enjoyed reading it, and hope you write more humorous stories like this. Great Job.


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03:39 Feb 13, 2021

Hey! It's my first time trying to write a story fully devoted to humor tho I have written humorous mini essays (like "a scientific study, do things really spot legs and walk away?) So, do you mind me squeaking "please, please, pleeeeease give me feedback!"


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18:02 Mar 17, 2021

Lol that ending. You're still so quirky and different. Everything is so like... bizarre and crazy. Like wonderland... (lol u should write something wonderland themed so we can be WONDERLAND TWINSIES) just a thought.


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14:38 Feb 14, 2021

Arhhhhhhh! Casualty!, casualty! Oh..., ya'r back... XD Tho, was it actually funny?, I am really bad with humor......




16:14 Feb 15, 2021

Ha, but I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo baffled with this week’s prompts, I-AM-THE-WORST-ROMANCE-WRITER-EVER! AAAAAaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrh! (wha abou ya?)


I FRICKING HATE LOOOOOOOOOVE but i am writing a story XD


16:27 Feb 16, 2021

MEEEEEEE ToOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo! XD how are we suddenly so alike?, muffin bud! XD


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