Horror Fiction Suspense

This is the big day. I am finally moving out from my parent’s house. A day that I will not forget. I will be reborn today. The date is July 31st 2031.

I feel ashamed because of my ridiculous bad luck and past actions. Maybe we can call it the evil eye, an omen, a spell, or a curse. Why ashamed? Because I am 31 and I am still living with my parents. I should have moved a while ago. What happened? I was betrayed by a childhood friend while working with him on a business venture. I lost money and I lost a friend. What hurts the most is that he was my best friend since I was five. I lost almost $31,000 if I round it. That delayed me moving out from my parents by at least a good eight years.

It is said that we should not have regrets in life but I do. However, we can learn from these experiences and events. The goal is not to repeat the same mistakes, to learn from them, and to grow from them.

I can say that I not too happy to have stayed this long with my mom and dad, but you know what? I did invest a good chunk of my money in cryptocurrency and I am cashing out to buy a condominium. I won’t be moving into an apartment and pay rent. I will own this place. How much did I make? It was 31x. How much did I invest? Now, that is a too personal to reveal such information. Thirteen year ago, my best friend stabbed me. Metaphorically. When that happened, I did invest a good chuck in something called Cardano before we even started our business. I am ecstatic that I did not mention about this investment to no soul. It was my secret. I could have ruined myself further financially but I was patient and I kept contributing into this crypto on a weekly basis for over a decade. The big chunk of ADA was bought in the first years of its existence. 

I lived all my life in California and my condo that I just purchased is in Rhode Island. I will be driving in my Corolla 2013. My car is my life, my freedom, my love…I don’t know how to explain it. Without her, I am doomed, I am chained, I and enslaved…

I grew up as an Islanders fan. Why? I was a fan of John Tavares but now he is a retired NHL player. I am happy to see that the Islanders have won a Cup last summer. What a run! The team had to wait for 47 years for their next Cup. I will be living a driving distance from their arena. Another reason I chose to buy my property here.

Now, time to pack, get ready for the road trip. I am going from the west coast to the east coast. The drive will be a good 45 hours. I will have to take a couple of pit stops. Maybe a motel too. I can’t wait to live in my new place. A three-story building. I would reside on the third floor. I saw the pre-construction plan of the site. Giving the down payment in the phase one came out to be a great discount. The paper work with the bank and real estate agent is all completed and notarized. The keys to my place were mailed to me. I visited the place in pre-construction phase only once. My agent told me that he would be busy this week and that he would not be able to greet me. I was fine with that. The keys and instructions about the condo management were mailed to me.

It was a long road trip but I did finally reach the final destination. Oh boy! I forgot that I have a private parking outside and indoor, that is the garage. The time I will save during winter to find parking and have someone clear the snow are positive aspects of living here. 

Let’s see. It will be the third floor. Unit 31?! That is what I see on my legal documents. What is this??? How many times did I just heard, seen or read 31 in the past few days? Coincidence or is it something else?

As I unpack all my belongings from my car to carry them to my condo unit, I can say that I was grateful to notice that we do have an elevator. I have seen some condominiums with three floors only, where we had to use stairs only.

The night came. I ate out a few hours ago to a fine Italian restaurant. I am full! Now time to rest. I will need to buy a few furniture and electrical appliances. Make this place feel like my new home.

After a few hours of sleep, I am suddenly woken up by a grandfather clock from the adjacent neighbor. I check the time. Oh, it is 3:31? How is that possible?! Now I can’t sleep. It is hot. The air conditioner is not setup yet. Let me go for a nocturnal walk. As I prepare to leave, I see an envelope that is slid under my door. 

I open the envelope. I read the letter. In summary it says beware. Things are not what they seem. It mentions you are not in unit 31 but 13. Furthermore, it is written:

‘’Don’t you see that this is a trap? How much did this condo cost you? What are all the perks that came with this purchase? Beware! You are in 13 and not 31. Did you notice that California was the 31st state admitted to the union but now you are in the state that entered the union as the 13th state? This is not about the jersey 31 and your so-called love for Carey Price. Even though, he ended his career with the Isles, you had more love for him afterwards when he joined the Isles. This place is trapped with unexplained energy. You must leave this place asap. Maybe you thought this was all about 31 but that is not the case. The number 13 alive in this building.’’

As I run out of the door and reach the elevator, I see on the panel, inside the elevator, that we have now thirteen floors! Geez!!! No way! I entered this building with floor one, two and three. Now we have extra ten floors???

As I select the first floor, I run out to the building, look back, and I see only three floors. How is that possible?! I see also dogs rounding up my car. I am counting, and I see 13 dogs. It is 4:12am. Before I get trapped in this paranormal location, a Bermuda Triangle like area, let me just leave this place. Money or no money, independent or not independent from parents, I want to live and stay sane. I am out of here!

Damn! The closest highway to exit the state is highway 13…

July 23, 2021 14:58

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