Happy Coming of Age

I walk to the mirror combing my hair and then I tie it up in a high bun. And I then I smile.

I walk out–

“Luna! Don’t forget your phone” my mom calls out

Okay. I get my phone and then I walk out the house. I’m moving out this fall, which is like 3 months from now. I’m going to college soon and I couldn’t be more excited, scared and genuinely everything in the book. BUT this I’m going to make the most of this summer so that means doing everything but staying at home doing nothing.

I walk passed a big building with mirrors and I smile, have you ever looked up at a building and felt woozy? Like the building was going to fall on you?

Yeah I have. Its a funny feeling. It reminds me of my first years coming to this city. I remember the unfamiliar weird feeling that everything was too big for me, like an ant in trying to walk between the gigantic human feet.

But that…was a long time ago. Things are better now. I’m better now.

“Hi Ms. Brenda!” I say excitedly as I walk in. Ms. Brenda has the best bread on the block! Seriously. Brenda’s Bread is the best! Brenda has basically become one of my aunties and my moms best friend. Eating her bread has become something comforting and consistent in my life.

“Lunaaa!” Brenda says with her bubbly voice. “Ugh, your getting so big” she says touching both my cheeks, I see myself in her light brown eyes. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used tot he fact that you’ll be leaving for college in a few days.”

“Aw Ms. Brenda, don’t cry, and its months! 3 months!”

“Same difference!” she grumbles. “Anyways, what would you like today, honey?” she asks me softly.

“Give me your best!”

“Are you sure thats all you want sweetie?” Ms. Brenda asks with a little smile.

“And your honey bread, please!” I smile, she knows me so well. She strides off to the with a sweet hum to Mree’s music playing in the music.

I close my eyes feeling the warm air surrounding me. And when I open my eyes I see the beautiful mirrored filled ceiling. I pull out my phone and take a picture of myself and then I place my phone on the table and take another picture. I save both of them, wanting these beautiful feelings to be saved into this phone for as long as I live.

“Here you go.” Ms. Brenda’s son–Louis– says interrupting my photo shoot session. I blush and take the bag.

“Oh wait, I didn’t pay, did I?”

“Its on the house, like always” Louis says with a smile. I blush again. The fact that I am still crushing on Ms. Brenda’s son after all this time is still…somewhat not surprising.

“Wait!” I say quickly before he walks off. He turns. “Um what college did you say you were going to again?”

“Oh right, the one 2 hours from here– Lakewood University.” he says as he places a menu straightly on the table. I gape in surprise.

“L-Lakewood?!” I say loudly. “I’m going there too!”

“Oh really!?” he lights up. “Then I suppose I’ll see you there?”

“Yeah, right! Of course, yup!” I say fumbling over my words. “Can you tell your mom- that I’m going to the same college as you I mean.”

“She went out, she’ll be coming back later today.” he says. “And tell her yourself she would wanna hear it from you.” he smiles briefly and walks off.

I sit there still in awe that I am going to the same college as LOUIS! Louis Cushing! Then I catch my reflection on a mirror and I see myself smiling like an idiot.

Anyways! I have too many plans today, I can’t stay. I guess I’ll just have to see and thank Ms. Brenda later. I grab my small bag of light bread and I step out the door.

“See ya around Luna” Louis says as the door closes. I reopen the door.

“Bye Louis!” I say quickly with my head in the door. Then I step out–

I smell the nice frozen rigid air. And I walk where ever the clouds take me, smiling to myself. If the clouds were made of water like the rivers then why can’t we see ourselves in it?

Is it because they are higher in the sky? Why do they turn…white?

All these questions…that could probably be answered if I payed attention in class. Haha, well all those days are gone, the memories, the adventures. And a good amount of my friends– I’m aware –will not be my friends 2 years from now. Its sad. But regardless I’m excited! Excited for the future, I suppose I am somewhat of an optimist, sometimes that's a good thing and a bad thing. But I’d rather have a positive out look than a negative.

I pass the park I always go to with my friends in the summer and when I sit on it– of course it felt like my butt almost freezes off. But regardless I swing myself on it. Letting the loneliness of my heart to sink in… I am alone this very day and sometimes that is just what you need. What I need.

I stop swinging and use this time to eat my bread while its still warm. Of course, Ms. Brenda’s bread will never lose its beautiful taste.

I sit there looking at the clouds until they disappear to little sparkles and the blue sky turns to navy.

Then, I start to walk home.

To be honest, when I remove the excitement and smiles that I feel for the future. I feel my fear. I am afraid of what's to come. Who will I be? Will I still be the Luna I am now. Or will I become something better…or worse.

I walk home. The future scares me but its natural to fear things you can’t see or know. I suppose this is how I am comforting myself.

I unlock my door and enter into my warm house, I see everything just how I left it. When I leave will I be missed? Will I miss these wonderful small things? Will I forget them?

As I begin to walk forward. I catch my reflection in the mirror…and I see my bun still in the same messy mess. My face is somewhat paler. I touch the mirror…its always been there… I’ve always been there– here.

Who will I be? Will I still be the Luna I am now. Or will I become something better…or worse.

Whatever I’ll be… I know I will always be Luna. Always.

And with that right there– with this reflection, I know my future has never looked brighter.

August 13, 2021 06:22

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Hey Sia! its been awhile!


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Hi guys! I really hope you enjoy this story though I thought it was boring *sigh**( I definitely need to work on a more intriguing plot) Feel free to tell me what you think! Well I hope you are all doing well! Keep being great!


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