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You remember the old saying. "why are they always fighting like cats and dogs". Used to explain two people quarrelling or opposing each other over an issue.

But really. Why are these animals ( dogs and cats) used in such statement to represent a negative situation. Or is it the case that Cats and Dogs truly see themselves as enemies and loved to fight each other all the time??.

Let's get to know.

Dogs and Cats obviously have nothing much relating to eachother, but only a few physical features ( four legs, a tail, whiskers etc). Their instincts are quite different. Another major difference, is that dogs are Canines, while cats are Felines, which makes it difficult for them to relate easily. While dogs are regarded as man's best friend for their recorded bravery of laying down their lives to secure their owners, Cats are not very much regarded as protectors. Rather, they are known to be useful in keeping out small rodents from its owners property, which also makes them internal guards to mans property.

One question is. Can a Dog and a cat, both of different species come to understand each other and form a tight bond?. The answer is "Yes". With the experience I had in my home. I say it's possible.

Feb, 15th.

Kitty the Cat and Rufus the Dog were adopted on the same day. I remember going to an animal shelter

to ask for a pet that I will take home. I initially had wanted a dog alone, but was persuaded by the veterinarian to take a sickly looking cat too.

Mrs. Dorathy (veterinarian) brought in small Rufus and little kitty to me. I was too attracted to them and just couldn't resist the sight. So I concluded in adopting them.

"Mrs. Dorathy. I will have them both".- I said.

She gave me some documents to fill and sign, before receiving the adoption fees.

"Thanks ma'am"- she said.

A year went past since I adopted this two pets. Sadly, all this while, katty and Rufus weren't getting along too much. Most times they fight over food. Or over the toys I got them to keep them busy from distracting me. Everyday, the house felt so unfit for both of them. Until I was forced to put them apart. During feeding hours, I will put some cereals and milk into kitty's bowl and take her into a room to feed. Then, I will serve Rufus in a separate room just to keep them away from seeing each other. Sometimes, I had to separate them from playing close to one another in order to prevent them from clashing again. I did this for eight months, and got exhausted. Then I resolved to calling in an animal behaviourist to help out.

Sir. william Hamilton an animal behaviourist extraordinaire, visited to examine this two. He had been in the practice for over thirty years and had recorded over a thousand successful animal behavioural change in this past years ( this he had in record and was also well known for it). He requested that I brought the two to him and I did as he said. He took a practice by asking that I bring their foods and place the bowls before him. I did as he said.

Kitty was first to move to her bowl, and then, when I placed Rufus's bowl close to hers she gave out a growl. Rufus came up to his bowl and barked angrily at kitty. The two almost went in for a wrestling match when I and Mr. William's was quick to drag and separated them again.

Mr. William's came over for days to help train them. He revealed to me that their hostile attitude was a fault on my part in training them as the same animals from infancy. He said.

" Maam. I think giving them a separate meal at their small stage could have made them grow to see each other as different, though they were of different species but still can still see themselves as one"- he said.

Minutes past and Mr. William's asked that I bring them in again. I brought them in and served their meals, but this time, I put it in a single bowl as instructed by Mr. William's. It was their favorite (cereal and milk) food.

At first, Kitty went to have a taste of the food as usual then followed by Rufus. But then, she began to growl again and Mr. William's was quick to calm her down. Rufus approached the bowl, as I tried to calm him too. He got to it and started feasting. Kitty as well was feasting. Without fighting, the two ate in perfect silence. I was astonished to see that this two could finally come to stand close to each other while feeding. But, the practice hasn't ended yet. I still have to get them to play with each other especially with the toys I had gotten.

On his seventh visit. Mr. William had asked that I place the toys on the floor and bring them out. I did as he said. Kitty had gone in first to get a bone toy that Rufus normally chewed on. Immediately Rufus was released, he went straight for the toy, barking aggressively at Kitty while attempting to bite her from her tail. I and Mr. Hamilton jumped in to separate the two, holding Kitty and Rufus by the leash. After, some minutes of handover to Mr. Hamilton. He successfully got them to both feel relateable and not as threats to each other. He let them free again. This time, they both settled down quietly and played as one.

Two weeks past, since Mr.Hamilton successfully finished his work in my house. Rufus and Kitty were getting along well now, all because of Mr. Hamilton's training. I was really gladened with such transformation of this two.

Now, I could walk them out freely together, without being bothered of them creating an embarrassing scene at the parks or the playgrounds or even before my friends.

Sometimes, they cooperated in catching the little thieves and vandals ( rats) of properties in the house, leaving their lifeless remains on the floor for me to clean up.

"Good dog, Good cat"- I said. Rubbing them on the head before giving them a cookie reward.

Nov, 5th.

John and I haven't gotten along since he cheated on me with my best friend( Tracy). We had only started dating three months ago and all of a sudden, I caught him in bed with my best friend.

I couldn't explain how I felt that day. Maybe I had wanted to drown myself into some pool or felt like drowning John instead. I wasn't too sure, but I concluded never to pick his calls or Tracy's ( my best friend) anymore, or speak to them again. We didn't talk for almost a year.

Until this very day. I happily stared at Rufus and Kitty eating together and playing together, forgetting their differences. I could only admire the beauty of nature in this two distinct animals living in peace and harmony. Just quickly had I remembered John and Tracy. And thought to myself.

" If a dog and a cat of different families and with no reasoning can finally live in peace and harmony. Why can't I, a human, with reasoning just accept John's and Tracy's apology and free myself of this burden."- I thought wisely.

Immediately, I took my phone to call John and Tracy over for dinner. They responded happily and showed up for dinner. They both apologized again before we ate and I was happy to forgive this time around. After dinner we chatted and laughed for a few minutes like we used to in the past. All, I could see in all of this are the lessons nature teaches us about ourselves. How to understand one another and deal with certain differences. Also, we all should learn from it and practice its teachings in our every day lives to make a better world.

April 25, 2022 17:47

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