"The parrot strike by the lightning bolt"

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In the month of May. The annual rainy season had started.

All the trees and plants usually song hurray! with joy and happiness for the rainwater to feed their roots in the deep soil.

While most humans are lock-in their house; wishing on an imaginary star for the rain to disappear.

It's quite strange and funny, how one man treasure is another man trash.

Most humans hate the rain while all plants and trees love it.

I was filled with sorrow. The thief and my enemy had stolen my most valuable possession, no judge nor police could stop or find this criminal called death, that stole my husband.

I had recently buried my husband in the dirt to smell the daisies.

While I was looking through my window filled with hate for the enemy named dead and dressed in my thick white feather winter coat.

As the cold breeze greeted the glass of my window with little drops of water falling on it.

The sound bang! and bang! as the rain poured on my floor top, it seemed like an elephant was walking and crashing through my floor top.

The lightning bolt had light up the sky like firecrackers on new years night.

while the angry thunder threatens the dogs with fear causing all my neighbours dogs to bark angrily.

Suddenly, my blue eyes showed.

As I starred the lightning bolt pitched across the sky and strikes a bird.

The flightless bird came crashing down the sky. I pictured him like an aeroplane without wings falling from the fly.

Without another minute wasting. I placed my cup of coffee on the table then I rushed outside in the rain through my small backyard into my wet and beautiful garden.

As the rain-soaked my hair and feather winter coat, the bird was laying there on the muddy garden ground in my tomatoes.

The bird was a male parrot breed, with green and yellow feathers and he has the ability to talk like all parrots.

I picked him up, then ran carried him into my house. I place the parrot on my couch.

I saw blood coming from his left-wing than I slowly and gently moved his wing examining the wing.

The parrot wing was slightly injured from the striking lightning bolt. I went to my bedroom and collect my first kit then I rubbed alcohol on his wing and placed a bandage on his injured wing.

I said and asked, "My name is Becky and What is your name?".

He said, "My name is Dummy".

I asked, "Where are your family".

Dummy said, "My owner died from cancer since his death, I have been on my own fighting to survive".

Wow, Dummy and I shared the same experience in life. I am a widow and lonely woman that lost my husband name Charles from cancer as well.

Ever since my husband died I have been lonely and unhappy. I was a prison of unhappiness and lonely trapped in my house, mentally and emotionally fighting

I said, "Well you have company here, ever since my husband died, I have not been outside but only today to save your life and I never thought my feet would touch the outside again."

Dummy said, "Thank you, Becky".

I said," You're very a lucky bird to live and tell the story of being strike by lightning, no humans have never lived to tell the story of being strike by a lightning bolt."

Dummy said, "Well the Irish horseshoe on your door likes me, cause it is belief horseshoes are a sign of being lucky".

I laughed and I said, "Yes my deceased husband was Irish and he believed in horseshoe, he placed it on our door".

Dummy said, "I am hungry, I love biscuits or cookies".

I went into my kitchen and in the cupboard. I collected cookies for Dummy then fed Dummy with sweet chocolate cookies.

He loved them, as he smiled while picking the cookies with his short beak.

I went to my sewing machine with some old yellow cloths and I sewed a little suit for him.

Dummy looks adorable in his little suit and he loved the suit.

I said, Let's play chess and play the piano while the rain falls.

Firstly, We played a game of chess, Dummy was an excellent and talented bird, he could play chess and he is good at it.

With his crawls, he moved the chess pieces across the chessboard and defeating me in the 3 three rounds of the game.

My husband and I enjoyed playing chess together while playing with dummy it brought joyful memories of my husband and me.

Secondly, We played the piano together. Dummy sang the song my husband sang at our wedding. It made tears of joy and happiness come from my eyes. I was feeling a mixture of happy and sad.

I asked, "How does it feel to fly?"

Dummy said, "It amazing and special when the breeze passes through your feathers, you feel unstoppable and unbreakable".

I said, "I wish I can fly away from all my problems."

Dummy said, "In order to fly, you must learn to fly first, just like in life we all have to learn and don't be scared to learn Becky, losing your husband was just life design to learn and teach you that our loves ones will not be here all the days and when they are not here, we should be remember them by being happy that they were once in our lives."

I asked, "Do you ever believe you will fly again."

Dummy said, "Yes I believe that anything is possible if you believe in yourself, When my owner died I was lost and alone but then after being on my own, I learned to cope with being lonely by believing in myself not trying to kill myself or wishing I would die, Becky believes that you can get over your husband."

With tears of joy in my heart.

Dummy, a little flightless bird had mended the broken stitches in a widow woman heart and life.

After years of isolation in my house, heart and soul. I was finally free and ready to live a happy and normal life again.

I learned a valuable lesson that life makes us stronger and better with experiences and lesson.

March 26, 2020 21:25

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B. W.
20:05 Sep 25, 2020

I'm just kind of stumbling around and finding random writers on other stories and deciding to check them out. This was a decent story and i guessed i sorta liked it. I dunno what i would really rate it though tbh, do you maybe know Greek Myths? i've kinda made a lil series type thing on here with my own things and i thought you'd maybe like to check it out and leave some feedback?


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