Drama Mystery Thriller

As I sit quietly in the attic of the house I rent, I have my security cameras running on various screens on tables in a semi-circle in the center of the room. Out the front window, I have a video recorder filming the house and the street diagonal from me. I am looking through social media and making notes on hobbies and friends and relatives, really any information I can find about him. I have millions of pictures of him from infancy to the man he is today.

He had been dating Tiffany, But he found flirtatious messages on her phone that made him aware of the affair she was having. Of course, she cried and denied it But the proof was there on her phone for him to see. I know because I put it there. He was so hurt and mad when he ended their 3-year relationship, He had even proposed to her. But now she was old news.

He met me by accident, I was at the mailbox and had my arms full of packages I had ordered, I knew his schedule and I knew that at 3:10 p.m. after a long day at work he would pull in his driveway and walk down to the mailbox and grab his mail. I was there fumbling with the packages and trying not to drop the " Fragile" packages I had in my arms. Being a Gentleman he offered to help me to my door. He grabbed a few of the "Fragile" packages and left me with just one package to carry. I invited him into my home and asked him to sit them on the dining room table. I introduced myself. I thanked him and introduced myself as Meredith Grim, giving him my shy innocent smile. He said he was glad he could help and introduced himself as Anton Mission, This I already knew Anton Leonie Mission, Born April 1. To a single Mom Lisbon Mission. I knew she had worked two jobs to pay the bills and had been a good mother. They had not been rich, but he never did without. I had a smooth Jazz CD playing softly and he mentioned that it was one of his favorite artists. I invited him to stay for dinner as the homemade lasagna was just getting ready to come out of the oven, I had already made Garlic Bread and was popping it into the oven as I pulled the Lasagna out of the oven, The fresh salad and a nice bottle of wine were chilling in the fridge. He accepted my invitation for dinner I knew Lasagna was one of his favorites. I quickly set the small table for two and grabbed two wine glasses from the rack. I asked him to open the wine and pour it for us while I got the salad from the fridge and scooped us some into our bowls. The Lasagna smelled delicious, I grabbed the garlic bread out of the oven and put It in a breadbasket. I sat the lasagna on the table with the bread and our bowls of salads. We sat to enjoy our dinner and I softly asked if it would offend him if I said Grace before our meal, Of course, I knew this would please him. We quietly talked while eating our dinner. He talked about growing up with only his mom and I talked about growing up all alone in foster care. After dinner, I cleared the table and we quickly rinsed the dishes and loaded them into my dishwasher and he Thanked me for dinner, He said it was the best night he had had in a very long time. He excused himself and said that he had a ton of paperwork to finish before he went to bed tonight. I gave him my cell phone number in case he needed anything and He promised to have me over for dinner soon to return the favor. I made sure to finish my work early each day and made sure I was at the mailbox each day just as he was checking his mail. It had been a week since we "met" and I had not heard from him except a quick " Hello" at the mailbox. I invited him over for dinner again on Friday, I told him I was not wanting to celebrate my birthday alone. He agreed to come over at about 6 p.m. Friday night. I got up early Friday, Went to the store to buy some nice steaks, fresh vegetables, and real potatoes. I was going to grill up the steaks and baked potatoes and fresh grilled vegetables. I even bought a Boston Cream Cake from a bakery, Put it in a cake holder so He could see My Homemade Birthday cake. I bought a nice bottle of wine and put it to chill. I got my hair and nails done and even bought a new dress that would accentuate My assets. He wrang the bell at exactly 6 p.m. and I showed him in and showed him out the sliding door onto my patio. I had a small table already set up, had the wine in an ice bucket, and was just pulling the vegetables off the grill. I put the steak and baked potatoes and some veggies on his plate and then I fixed my own. He made a comment on how delicious it smelled and how amazing the cake on the divider in the kitchen looked. We visited quietly while eating and he told me he had been really busy at work the previous week and was glad I had invited him to dinner tonight, He said he had finished a huge project today before the deadline on Monday so he was happy to celebrate my birthday with me. I told him I had also been busy writing some reviews and things, really boring things and I was happy for the weekend. We finished our dinner and headed inside to clean up the dishes and I was going to cut my homemade Boston Cream Cake. I told him to make himself comfortable in the living room and I would bring our cake if he could carry our glasses and the bottle of wine in there. Once I settled on the small sofa beside him, We ate our cake and drank our wine while listening to yet another favorite artist of his playing softly on the stereo. He wished me a Happy Birthday and gave me a small box wrapped in silver paper with a bow. I gently unwrapped the bracelet he gave me and he helped me put it on. We talked for hours about our hobbies and he was amazed we had so many in common. When my Grandfather clock struck midnight he joking said he had better go home before his Cinderella turned into a Pumpkin or something. I gave him a hug and a small kiss on the cheek and thanked him for the bracelet and for coming to dinner and for making my birthday a happy one.

We got into the habit of sharing dinner a few times a week and we learned all about each other. When He wasn't with me I was watching him. I followed him and I had put a tracer on his phone while he was in the bathroom and so I knew where he was every minute of the day. Sometimes of a night I would let myself into his house and watch him sleep, He looked like an Angel when he slept, So perfect. He confided in me about three months into our relationship that he enjoyed my company and he felt like he could talk to me about anything. He said it was like having a sister he could share things with.

He never tried to kiss me, even though I prayed he would and I tried several times but he would redirect his face at the last minute so I kissed his cheek a lot. He told me he was going to be gone on vacation for a week with his college guy friends and asked me to keep an eye on his house If he only knew. I slept in his bed every night he was gone, wore his clothes, used his shampoo and body wash, and brushed my teeth with his toothbrush every night.

I was in Heaven. I hacked his computer, went through all his personal stuff and I blocked emails and phone numbers on his home telephone. When Sunday came and he got home at about 9 p.m. I had him a plate in the oven keeping warm and had written him a note saying I hope he had a good vacation and that I would see him at about 6 p.m. the following night for pizza and movie night. I told him I hope he enjoyed the dinner I had left him, that I didn't know if he would stop on his way home to eat or be hungry, I told him if he wasn't hungry he could refrigerate it for later. He called the next day and said he couldn't make dinner that night he had to work late to finish a project and of course I knew it was a lie. I followed him to a popular pub and sat in the back and watched him meet his "blind date" they ate and drank and danced and at the end of the night he kissed her goodnight as he put in an Uber to take her home. He also took an Uber home since he had been drinking. He came into his house, showered, and went to bed. He fell asleep almost instantly and I sat there listening to him breathe and I hated him. The next few days passed by slowly. He worked or stayed out late and it was almost two weeks before I finally caught him at the mailbox. He explained that work was crazy and he had met someone, You would really like her he told me and suggested we all arrange to have dinner sometime soon. I was getting angrier and angrier as the days passed and the more he posted her on his social media the more I snooped on hers. She was perfect for him and she didn't even have to change to be perfect for him. He continued to share cute stories with me about them and their dates, She moved in with him after only two months and we were all fast friends. I spent a lot of time with them and I was there when he proposed to her after only three months. I was the Maid Of Honor at their wedding and was there when they announced their newest arrival would be coming in the fall. I watched, I listened and I waited. I had been in his life for over ten years, Of course, he only Knew me for two of those years, But I was loyal. Now I am sitting in a cell behind bars. A burglar broke into my home while I was at the grocery store and found my room, an anonymous call and some photos to the police and they searched my house. Anton filed charges on me and I was arrested for Stalking, Cybercrime, Breaking into his home. But in court, he wore the Blue pinstriped suit that brings out his eye's and she was dressed to kill. Baby Meredith named after her GodMother was dressed in an adorable strawberry print dress and bonnet. I may not have him, But every time he calls his daughter's name he will remember me. Meredith Grim.

October 02, 2020 19:33

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