Dead Days

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Drama Mystery Thriller

A few weeks ago, my life was blissfully normal.

The Nevada city I lived in was teeming with life.

I didn't have any concerns or worries.

But that seems like an eternity ago. Hard to believe it's only been three weeks. God knows what state the rest of the world is in. They blocked off Spring Valley a few days after all hell broke loose. They shut off the city's power, water, and communication. As if shutting us down and pretending Spring Valley never existed could stop this problem from going global.

Dang government.

I remember when city officials installed the warning sirens. They said it was "precautionary" but I wonder how many people believed it. I wonder if the infection had already begun, and the sirens were confirming this city's demise.

I was at work as a bank teller when the sirens went off. It started as a low howl, but within minutes it had grown to a bone-chilling wail. We all knew what it meant – get out of the city. NOW.

I grabbed whatever money I could, stuffed it in my pockets and joined the crowd of panicking civilians. My plan was simple: get my car and drive as fast as I could to Texas. Get my sister and her husband and their baby girl and head as far east as possible.

I didn't make it past step one. I got to my car only to find all four tires slashed. I stood in the parking lot of the bank, in the middle of pure chaos. Blood spilled on the sidewalks. Screams of terror were heard before bodies dropped in the street.

I could only stare in horror at the savagery before me. It was utter mayhem. I was going to do the smartest thing I could think of: run.

My train of thought was broken when a teenage girl with blond hair, wearing a ripped and bloody dress, spotted me. Her right eye had been ripped out of her face, and she was bleeding profusely. When she emitted a loud shriek and came at me, my brain gave a jolt of energy to my legs, and I ran.

I could hear her footsteps close behind me. Then another pair of running feet. And another. Soon I had a crowd of them chasing me, shrieking, groaning, and screeching at me. There could've been only a few of them, or a dozen. I didn't dare stop or slow down to look.

I saw a small group of uninfected people quickly ushering in more survivors while fighting off the infected. I ran to that house and up the steps on the porch. While I leaned over to catch my breath, one man said, "They see us. Get inside!" We stumbled and tripped over each other to get in the door.

Once we were all in the house, the man shut the door and quickly nailed thick boards over the door and windows. A girl walked over to me with a rifle. "Any bites?" she asked. I shook my head no. She held out the gun. "Know how to use one of these?" Again I shook my head. "Gonna have to learn if you wanna stay alive." She showed me how to load it, aim properly, and cock it. "When you fire, make sure you're aiming for the head. That's the only way to kill ‘em. Got it?" I nodded.

We stayed huddled together in that dark room for weeks. As each day passed, the screams grew quieter and fewer. There was the occasional beating on the door, begging for help, but the pleading words soon turned into screams. Then silence.

It's day twenty as I write this. They've been clawing at the door for days. The cheap wood won't hold much longer.

I've given up all hope of being rescued.

My watch stopped last week. I have no idea what time it is.

I can tell by the slits of light coming in from the boarded-up windows that it's sunset.

Nevada sunsets were always so beautiful.

Too bad I'll never get to see them again.

The way the door is splintering from the constant abuse, I can pretty much guarantee they'll have broken it down by nightfall. A few minutes after that, we'll all be dead.

It's currently night, I can tell by the sudden darkness. Either that or an omen. I can only hope I survive a few more hours.

Looks like I survived in one piece. Strangely enough I wish I hadn't. The atmosphere feels chilly. We lost Billy today, to bad....

Today we found Billy, good news right? Wrong. We found PARTS of him. Unfortunately he met an untimely end. Poor Billy, may you rest in pieces. Oh right, not the right time for puns.

I write this at night, still unsure of the day. Has it been a week? A month? Probably not a year. I must write this next part quickly, there isn't much time. I write these few words with what little ink I have, S.O.S

It's been a hectic week, I am currently on my break, if you could call trying to calmly write my thoughts despite the constant screams, and frightening abrupt silences. Today I am being taught how to kill a zombie in hand to hand combat, although I am unsure of how training against a trainer is any better.

This is the end for me. I am now the only surviving member of the group. We were suddenly ambushed and totally cornered. I feel bad for the kids who died, so young... they deserved a longer time. It might just be luck that I survived. How I survived his beyond comprehension. To put it I was somehow transported outside of harms way.

It seems I had developed supernatural powers. It would've been shocking and traumatizing if it hadn't saved my life and this whole zombie thing didn't happen. Now I'm well adapted to my powers. I plan to find a library after this entry.

I write this in a closet as I bleed to death. I had carelessly entered a nearby library unaware of the infected that resided in it's corridors. I was corned before I could even take in the huge walls full of books. I was bitten on the leg but somewhat luckily escaped into this closet. Tell everyone you meet.... to read my story.... and smile.

I'm writing this for the military. If you're reading this, you're too late.

September 25, 2020 03:48

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22:09 Sep 30, 2020

What an excellent and haute tension way of framing a zombie story! Thank you for keeping the pace up and I loved the format of quick entries. It was jarring and disorienting in the best ways. I wondered if they would have thought about those Nevada sunsets in their last moments, too. Thank you again!


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