Creative Nonfiction

Original Short story by Jujus Pearls

Just like a tsunami slashes and disrupts whatsoever, who sever comes its way; similarly, an insight into our past causes a blast in our present.

A dynamic, enthusiastic, young girl in her mid thirties is the new entrepreneur holding a high position in a multinational company. With head held high, looking up at the sky, she seems to skid on the ground. Lady luck is shining bright and on her side. After all, she worked really hard with grit and determination to be at the position she is in. Despite limited resources, she climbed up the ladder of success, much to astonishment of her colleagues. Soon, she was the new Vice President of the leading law firm.

One day she received a letter from an unknown source dated twenty years ago. Moments of suspense followed as she slowly opened the seal. There was a birth certificate from a government hospital in distant town. Her hands trembled as she slid out the certificate with a covering letter. She recognized her mother’s handwriting instantaneously. Her mother had addressed the letter to her. The letter read as,

Dear daughter,

If you are reading this letter, it means I have left for the heavenly abode. I pray to God that you must have achieved whatever you always wanted to achieve and must be riding the success wave. (Tears started rolling down her cheeks. She knelt down and started crying loudly. This Christmas, she had made plans to reunite with her mother and reconcile. Now this letter was like a direct hard slap on her face. Restoring her courage she continued reading).

Sarah, my daughter! Do you remember, I used to buy toys in twin sets? And you used to ask me the reason. Well darling, the truth is, I gave birth to twins. Yes, Sarah! You have a brother who also happens to be your twin. God had other plans for him. Sam, your twin brother was born with Down’s syndrome and needed special care. Your father was not willing to keep him and we had continuous fights over this issue. One fine day, when I was nursing you, my mere six months old angel, your father snatched you from my arms and stormed out of the house. I did not see him after that. Some common friends used to give me news about you. I was left all alone with Sam. Life had hit a rough patch and unwillingly, I had to give Sam in orphanage for children with special needs. I came to know that you always despised your mother for she left you when you were six months old. Sarah, my love, please remember your mother always thought about you every living second. I thought of explaining all this twenty years ago, when you were in High school. Do you remember my love? Your father once again intervened and you left without looking back. I had given this letter to your father. I know the letter never reached as you never contacted me.

I wrote another letter and kept it safe with my lawyer with instructions that it should reach you when I am no more. So, you see, I never did any wrong to you or your brother. Situation was difficult and this was best I could do as a teenage mother. My lawyer will get in touch with you to hand over my house (my sole possession) and my car keys to you. You will see a twin admirah in my room named Sarah and Sam. All the gifts for the last thirty years are there for both of you. This birth certificate will stand by my truth. You can ask your father too. He will explain the whole truth. Please forgive your mother and your brother Sam. I am writing down address of the Orphanage where Sam lives. Now he is the General Manager of that orphanage.

If you can forgive me in this lifetime, my darling, please arrange a prayer meet in the church after my funeral, so that I may rest in peace. Please bring Sam along, and your father too if he willingly drops his anger towrads me.

Please remember, mom always loves you, remembers you and is always proud of you every single moment.


Mrs. Smith (Your mother).

By now Sarah was unconsolable. She had always thought that her mother her left her for greener pastures. This story was told by her father since childhood and endorsed by her paternal grandparents. When her father was fighting for his life last year when he was diagnosed with brain tumor, he was often seen mumbling, “I am paying for my sins! God please forgive me. “He had stopped recognizing her, used to call her Sam. Gradually, he lost his speech coherence. Her last memory was of her father’s finger pointing towards the sky and seeking forgiveness with folded hands. Thereafter his soul left his body.

This letter was like an electric jolt Sarah. All these years she had hated her mother for leaving her as an infant. Now the truth was clear in front of her eyes. She could visualize the entire life her mother might have had to face, being a single parent and later being single. She wiped her tears, read the birth certificate. A feeling of bliss and happiness ran from head to toe. In this very moment she forgave her mother and father. Both had their own reasons and behavior responses.

She placed the letter and certificate inside the envelope carefully. She cancelled her meeting schedule for the whole next week and booked a flight to the city where the orphanage was. As soon her aircraft landed, her heart started pounding at the mere thought of meeting her won brother. This feeling of “I am not all alone ‘, gave her immense power. The airport taxi was waiting at the pickup counter. She settled and let the wheels of the car take charge. City roads gave way to countryside roads, lush green trees and bushes swayed with gentle wind as if playing. Sun rays played hide and seek. Slowly, the taxi maneuvered through the curvaceous path and she found herself right in front of the orphanage.

Gathering courage, she asked for way to General Manager’s room. The bell boy smiled and said, “We all knew you will come one day. Sorry to know about Mrs. Smith’s loss.” Sarah was taken aback. As she entered the room, the chair rotated and she felt as if she was in front of the mirror. Sam was an identical twin. Sam gave a confused expression. He exclaimed, “Sarah, my little sister, not so little now.”

Sarah felt an ocean of emotions and heaviness in her heart as if her chest would explode. She regained her calmpose and hugged her brother. She felt complete. What life could not do, death had done.

Bidding a farewell to Orphanage, she flew back with Sam. They rested their mother,s coffin near their father’s grave with a message, “Life kept them apart, united by death: Mr. & Mrs. Smith." The prayer meet was attended by family and friends. Sarah felt her mother smiling from the abode of Lord.

Sam went back to the Orphanage and she continued with her work in the city. Both look forward to celebrating Christmas at their mother’s house.

The mere act of opening of one letter from the past changed Sarah’s attitude and life in that present moment forever. 

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