Thriller Funny Happy

I had been told by Artemis that she thought she might've seen something she shouldn't have in a large, abandoned warehouse. Since I was the only person she knew that had a job dealing with illegal things, she asked me to look into it. It was really snowing on the roads now (Snow in April? Even the weather's against me) and I was worried about my little car but I needed to do my job and I figured it wouldn't take too long anyway. The culprit was probably not there anymore so I shouldn't run into anything too dangerous. Nothing but structural issues. 

I had parked the car and headed into the dark building. It was already late afternoon and the place was so dark that I had to pull out a flashlight to see. The warehouse seemed empty. I couldn't hear a single sound. I walked further down the long corridor and passed many open doors. There seemed to be nothing but junk in the rooms.  

I had been looking around for a while and, although I didn't check EVERY room, I figured that I'd better get home and check out more tomorrow so I headed towards the entrance. When I reached the entrance I found that I couldn't open the door. I walked into the closest room to myself and looked out a window. I could just barely see the door. Not only was there now a large white van parked next to my car but I could see that the door was locked now. It hadn't been locked when I came in. It wasn't a lock that could accidentally fall or something. Someone had to have locked it. I checked the time on my watch and it had only been 45 minutes to an hour. 

I stepped out of the room and looked back down the corridor. Still completely silent. Not a single movement. I started to walk down the corridor carefully, checking every room I passed. I turned a corner into another long hallway and stopped because I thought I heard a sound this time. 

Heavy breathing. Heavy, LABORED, breathing. It sounded like someone was hurt. I started briskly walking down the hallway. I stopped for a moment when I saw a light in the room ahead was already on. I don't think it'd been on before, not that I had been down this way, I had gone left originally but I had glanced to the right and there were no lights. 

I started to quietly step toward the brightly lit room with my gun loaded and pointed towards the floor. When I reached the room I took a breath and then moved quickly forward and pointed my gun straight into the room. 

There seemed to be nothing there at first glance. I stepped in and found that there was a wall to my left but the room opened to the right. I turned and it only took me a second to drop my gun. There, on the floor, I saw a bleeding body. Not just anybody though, it was a body I knew all too well. It was my wife. 

I bent to pick my gun up and then ran to my wife, kneeling at her side. She had the strangest smile on her face and blood was coming out of her mouth. She looked like she was in pain and I could see that she had so much blood in her mouth that she swallowed some but would only cough out more. 

It took me a second more to smile and quickly lean down and stick my tongue in her mouth to taste the "blood." She groaned as she pushed me and sat up. 

"Yoonki! Really!??" May whined as she licked the candy off her lips.

"You shouldn't have played a prank on me like that! It wasn't funny! Where's June?"

"I don't know." May shrugged and I gave her "the look" as she likes to call it. 

"Don't give me that look!"

"Then tell me where my baby is." She shook her head and laughed before pointing behind herself. I turned my eyes to a table where my sweet girl was sitting quietly in Taehyun's arms. "Were you there the entire time?" I asked. Taehyun nodded. "What are you guys even doing here? And who owns the white van?"

"White van?" May asked. "We didn't come here in a white van. I had April drop us off here." 

I turned my eyes to Taehyun who looked just as confused as May. I got up with my gun in my hands and headed towards the door. When I reached the door I turned and faced Taehyun. 

"Watch my wife and daughter. Don't let anything happen to them." I stepped out of the room and back into the dark hall. I started to walk further down the hall. I made a turn or two before hearing faint footsteps behind me and a giggle made me turn around. Nothing. I faced forward and continued down the hallway. 

I stopped when I saw a light flicker on in a room next to me. I turned to the room and slowly, quietly stepped in. As soon as I stepped a foot in, the light turned off and I was shoved into the room. I heard little giggles coming from every corner of the room and the door slammed shut somewhere behind me. It was silent besides the giggles and laughs that I could hear. 

I sat there for a minute with my gun in my hand and then, to my surprise I was disarmed. Someone had come up behind me and grabbed my upper arms. They had squeezed on a very exact pressure point that forced me to open both my hands and the same person grabbed the gun and moved away quickly to somewhere else in the dark room. 

"What the hell is going on?" I asked. I recognized that disarming tactic. I'd seen William, my partner, use this tactic to disarm a criminal. "William?" The lights in the room turned on and party poppers and things started to go off. It was a party. Everyone was there. Jun, Namjun, Doseok, Jaemin, Artemis, Taehyun, Jungguk, and another girl that I didn't recognize. Doseok was wearing a party hat and the girl I didn't recognize was standing near Namjun. A girlfriend maybe but, she seemed a little annoyed with him. "What's going on?" I asked again. 

"It's Doseoks birthday!! Remember?!" Jaemin said.

"So?" I said as I finally stood up.

"We figured you wouldn't come to the party if you asked so we found another way!" Taehyun said. I just shook my head. You guys are all idiots." I felt May come up behind me and put a party hat on my head before handing June to me.

"Just have fun, honey!! Don't spoil it!! We just couldn't have the party without you!"

"Fine." Everyone cheered.

A little later, I decided to ask what made them do something so elaborate. Usually, they'd just push me into going but they full-on tricked me this time.

"May! Let's talk." I pulled her to the side of the room and eyed Artemis who was holding June before starting to talk to May. "What was with this whole stupid prank?"

"It's April fools day! It's not even actually Doseok's birthday! We just figured that we'd have a nice party on a good day and fool someone! Who better to fool than you? You have the cutest reactions!"

"That makes a lot more sense. I knew his birthday was in February and not April. You guys really confuse me!"

"Just have fun baby!" May yelled as she joined their friends on the dance floor. Yoonki sighed before slightly smiling and joining May on the floor as well. "I suppose I'm a fool!" Yoonki mumbled with a light smile on his face.

March 30, 2021 19:52

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