It was already 9:00.a.m and there was no update of the M154 flight, departed in the mid night from San Francisco and was scheduled to arrive here at Los Angeles at 6:00.a.m. Passengers have been waiting for it since early morning. The same flight would go to San Diego after a halt for two hours at Los Angeles. Its departing time for San Diego was 8:00.a.m. but since 7:30 the receptions are announcing that the flight will arrive soon and that they are very sorry for the inconvenience of the passengers. Well, among the 150 passengers there is one sitting on the first bench of the third row. John Rowell, a 54 years old man and a retired bank accountant peeking into his vintage pocket watch kept inside the inner pocket of his overcoat. And he heard a voice from behind - "May I please join with the seat on your left, if you don't mind." He turned and replied - "Yes please, in fact I was waiting for someone to accompany me during my long-term wait." 

Thank You sir, Well I am Ryan, Ryan Josephed - the man said, sitting beside the quinquagenarian man.

Oh hello, I am John Rowell, Are you also going to San Diego? - John asked.

Yes in fact I've been waiting for the flight for almost three hours. - replied Ryan

John - Yeah, there haven't been any recent updates about the delayed flight. Anyways, we'll be notified soon. So tell me something about yourself, about your life, profession and family of course.

Ya sure, so, I'm a software engineer bonded in a 5 years deal with the NYGlobals. I believe in working with whole concentration for anything and if there's a lack of attention, one can never achieve the goals for which he is working for. And if you're asking about my family, I'm a bachelor and my family lives in San Jose but I live here due to my work and job. I frequently go to meet them, once in every two months and sometimes on alternate weekends. - Ryan

John - Very well young lad, I'm impressed with the principles of your life. You know nowadays we don't actually see people much concerned about their family and their ways of living. And I think we will make good company to each other during our wait for the flight.

Ryan - Yeah of course, even I think that, but maybe I shall also know something about you…….Don't you think?

John - Oh Yes of course you must, well I'm a retired bank accountant, actually I left my job.

Ryan - Oh, and why is that so? I mean there must be a good reason. Because as per my knowledge, it's hard to get a job in a bank and leave the benefits provided by the government is folly.Well, that is my thought, but I am sure that your decision must have had a backbone for it.

John - Smart, but I must tell you, you'll get great success one day in your life.

Ryan - Thanks for the wishes sir, but I really want to know the reason behind your step of leaving your job.

John - So you'll not not leave this topic. It's fine alright, I got a better opportunity than my job. And since I left it.

Ryan looked at John with squeezed eyes for a couple of seconds and then said smiling: You seem to be a very interesting person. So have you ever planned for your lifestyle before you left the job?

John - If I'd be honest, I didn't actually and that really doesn't matter for me about how, when and where I am going to live or my life would lead me to. Instead I just focus on my present and the plans that how I would achieve my goals not on its impact, In fact I don't even concentrate on the consequences of all my deeds, I just do them.

Ryan - Wow, you are so cool and I've never ever seen anyone with this kind of attitude in my whole life. Actually no one can exist with this inner characteristic, I think. No, Ryan there are some……… John, especially robbers fresher or experienced whatever,but only who are not afraid of being caught up and those who know how to escape, in short being fearless for the situations that would be faced in the future depends on the self- confidence of the person or the wanted robber.

Ryan - Sounds interesting, you know Mr. Rowell, I'm a very simple man, just leading my own life, working, preparing, and planning for my future. I never explored the world neither the people nor the characters, attitude, way of living and thinking. And I totally accept the truth that my life isn't very adventurous and it only contains the overall same and  repeating activities and daily chores.

John - It's absolutely fine Ryan, even my life wasn't much interesting until I discovered myself- desires and how far I can really go to test my abilities, smartness, and confidence.

And as John finished his words, his phone rang and he took it out from his overcoat, saw the screen and said to Ryan - " Excuse me, young man I need to take this call" and he walked towards the canteen, stood there watched around him and swiped the green button. The man on the phone was his partner and he started saying- John, did you meet the police- man who has dealt with the FBI to catch the most wanted robber of the city. According to me he must have reached there to put 'you' in the prison. Relax, Ray, there aren't any policemen here and I've been watching the entry gates while I sat and talked with a young man. And I damn sure, the swats would never be able to catch me…….. 

John replied- I don't know and whatever you think I don't really know and whatever you think I don't really care but I just want you to be safe anyhow.

Ray John - My Ray what do you think?  The police can get 'me' all over so that they can catch the most dangerous wanted and the smartest robber of the country who robbed the greatest bank of the country in which I was supposed to be an honest and hardworking accountant. Bultshit I garuntee you they could never. 

Ok,  John I appreciate your plan, the confidence and the braveness you have but you know this is our lifetime achievement and I just want you to board the flight to South Africa, I've done your tickets and you don't have to come here to San Diego. I'll be fine and I will be coming to South Africa next week. I'll then be careful and text me after your landing at St Africa. 

Ok Ray as you say there's a 50% share of yours too in the robbed amount as without the help of the watchman of the bank and a world class hacker, this couldn't be possible. Ok Ray, I think the flight is going to take off, see you after a week. Don't let the police doubt you and chase you.

Ray- Oh of course not, they could never come to know who were behind the robbery until we ourselves go and tell them. Ok then John, Bye, have a great flight.

As John hung up the phone he went to Ryan who was also talking on his phone and an update regarding the M154 flight was announced at the very moment informing that the flight has been cancelled due to some mechanical obstacles.  Ryan heard the announcement,hung up his phone and turned to John and said- The flight cancelled, so what's your further plan?

Nothing much Ryan - John replied, I'm just boarding to another flight to reach my destination.  

Ryan- And what is that?

John laughed and whispered Paradise. 

Ryan- That's really funny. You know what Mr. Rowell, I liked the way you talk and the way you live. I'm greatly inspired. 

John- Is that so?

Ryan- Yes

John- So we can be friends, 

Ryan- Yes of course 

They shook hands and exchanged their numbers. 

Ryan- Now that we have been friends, I want to tell you something.  I'm an undercover Cop and I was here to find and catch the most wanted robber and as per my information he was supposed to board the flight M154. That's why I came here and pretended as if I was a normal common man.

John- This is strange, so this whole time I was talking and joking with an undercover Copenhagen.  I can't believe this. Well anyways keep in touch with the most wanted robber. Bye.

And John left. Ryan watched him smiling as he went to take his flight. And suddenly John's last sentence occurred in his mind- "Keep in touch with the most wanted robber". Why did he say that, he was supposed to say to keep in touch with John Rowell. And he appearance of the robber that his fellow officer described on phone some minutes ago was- a 40-50 years old man, dressed in an overcoat, tall and fair. Ryan was just realising when his phone rang, it was John he picked up the phone and heard John's voice- Hi Ray, what's up. I know you're doubting me we're friends and even if you don't want to hide anything from you. You must rethink all the world that I spoke to you. About why I left my job in the bank and what was the purpose behind that. It's clear Ryan, I found a better opportunity that is to rob the bank,it's far better isn't it.

Ryan filled with anger and he ran towards the check-in centre, showed his ID and searched for John while talking with him. He asked the guards about him but didn't find any clue. One of them said that he threw something in the dustbin. Ryan immediately went with him and searched into the dustbin. He found his mobile, in call with him only. He searched the call logs but all the call logs were deleted.  And he heard John saying- What happened Ryan, do you give up? 

Ryan ran to the control room and asked the chief to immediately stop all the flights that John Rowell boarded. The chief checked and said there's no passenger of his name.  John spoke again- What do you think Ryan I can rob a whole bank, escape from you then would I use only no. of names for myself or just a kind of identity. 

Ryan asked to stop all the flights right now. The  hierarchical replied- "it's not possible sir, 47 flights did their takeoffs together already and it is against our rules to knowingly unbalance the schedule, I'm sorry I cannot help you".

Ray looked at John's phone and through his phone is with me then how is he speaking and John replied - Come on Ryan there's something called Bluetooth in this world. But I must tell you one thing: never try to chase someone who's not of your level and follow the principles you told me whether fake or real whatever but anyways you are a kid now. Have a great chase dear. 

July 09, 2020 16:53

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Frances Reine
16:00 Jan 31, 2021

Hm, this was an interesting format. Something I would suggest is to cut up the longer paragraphs. This is strange but I could picture this entire story recorded on a security camera. It's an interesting feeling.


Pika Okoye
10:49 Feb 02, 2021

Oh Thanks for the suggestion Frances, I'll definitely take it up for my next piece. And I'm glad, you found it interesting😁. Thanks for reading ya!!


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Felicity Anne
16:51 Feb 26, 2021

Hey Prakriti!! Sorry it took so long to getting around to reading one of your stories! I really really really loved this! I think that the relationship between Ryan and John is sweet and interesting! I also love your original formatting for this piece, it adds a lot of character. Thank you so much for sharing! - Felicity


Pika Okoye
17:20 Feb 28, 2021

Oh no problem Felicity and thank you so much...............I'm so happy to know that you liked it, I really appreciate it, thanks a lot :D:D Please keep in touch.......... :):)


Felicity Anne
22:41 Feb 28, 2021

No problem!! Will do! :)


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18:27 Feb 18, 2021

Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "I am old, yet I look at wise men and see that I am very young." John beat Ryan at his own game. Very good! I like the psychological game between Ryan and John.


Pika Okoye
10:05 Feb 19, 2021

Glad to know that you liked it in a way😁


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