Jason Do. Min. Go!

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Wiggling his butt cheeks against the open breeze flowing from his ceiling fan. Jason slaps the left cheek all while making Vogue faces in his pristine white briefs. Feeling particularly sexy he purses his lips together. Got to make the duck work. Ducks are ugly creatures. But the right type of duck face just might get him lucky one of these days. With a spicy sigh. Jason drops the sexy pretenses and accepts real life.

Who is he kidding? It's been years since the last time Jason brought someone home. Let alone someone who was actually interested. Too many times, the night ends at the door. Half the guys don't even realize they've gone on a date until he tries to bring them inside.

"Well not anymore!" Jason says flamboyantly to himself in the mirror.

Slapping himself in the face a few times to get pumped up. Jason smiles into the mirror pointing at himself saying. "You're going to find a man, Jason. I know you will. It's not a question. It's just a matter of time. Ooh boy. You know someones looking for all of this. After all. Who are you?"

Switching to his good side. Jason quietly replies. I'm Jason."

"Louder. Who are you?"

Giving himself a fierce gaze. Jason raises his voice a little saying. "I.. I'm Jason!"

Shouting at himself. Jason slams one hand down on his sink saying. "Come on now. I know you've got more in you then that weak shit."

Leaning forward. Jason jumps up and down a little breathing hard. Shaking his hands out. He replies. "I'm Jason Domingo."

Turning around with almost a completely different demeanor from before. He runs his hands through his hair and angrily screams. "I'm sorry. Who are you?"

Planting both hands on the sides of sink. Jason leans backwards like a stripper and shouts. "I. Am. Jason Domingo!"

Stopping himself short. A loud bang echoes out from overhead as a muffled voice violently screams from the apartment above his. "Shut it! Do. Min. Go! Get the hell out of here. You asshole."

Shut down. Jason shrugs his shoulders quietly and goes back into his bedroom to get dressed. Ignoring his clothes. Jason plops down onto his bed in nothing more then his underwear. It's the tenth day of his quarantine. Can you blame him for getting a little stir crazy?

He started by binge watching the latest to come out on Netflix. But that only lasted the first two days. He was never much to watch a ton of t.v. in the first place. Yet quietly here he goes. Putting on the fourth season of Hell's kitchen again for only god knows how many times. Jason could always find solace in watching Gordon Ramsey rip apart people's dreams. He could relate since his parents kicked him out for being gay. He picked himself up just like these poor chefs do and made a new life elsewhere. This is just the first time Jason has had to deal with the loneliness that comes with isolation.

Laying on his bed. It's easy to think about all the people Jason misses in his life. Of course it's easy to think about anything when you are actively staring at the ceiling. Drifting in and out of his mind. Jason finds himself daydreaming. Of course a day nap is just another thing on his list of nothing for the day. For four more days really. Straining his eyes against the stipple ceiling. Jason kicks his arms and legs up into the air and against the bed, lifting himself up in a burst of anger. Huffing and hoping that maybe his angry upstairs neighbor might come down for a quick quarantine romp.

Slapping himself lightly against the face. Jason runs his fingers along his eyebrows and down across his lips mumbling to himself. “God. Am I really so desperate to seek out that abhorrent beast? What are you doing with yourself?”

Chuckling for a second, Jason lets out a huffy sigh and hops out of bed with a some vigor and excitedly says. “I guess, I'll sneak out on the porch for a minute. That can't hurt.”

With the grace of a cat, Jason grabs a pair of sweats and a hoodie. Mumbling to himself every step of getting dressed. Jason slips on his sandals and with a big smile spread across his face. He spreads the curtains to his porch. Smile turned scowl. Jason stares out of the large glass doors at the violent storm that's been brewing outside for days now.

Shoulders dropping back, Jason lets his head drop with them and sighs angrily. Pacing around for a few seconds. Jason turns the light on in his kitchen to get a good light on his good side. Then looks into his living room mirror and asks. “Hey. It's still raining. You said it would've stopped by now.”

Turning his face slightly to the darker side of the room. He scoffs and replies. “First I never said that. Second. You're going stir crazy. So. Go on, get out there.”

Back to his good side. Jason rolls his eyes saying. “What are you crazy? I am not going out there. Look at that wind. It's a miracle we have power. I could literally be blown away.”

Twisting to the dark for a second. He says. “You.”

“What?” Jason asks confused.

“You. A miracle you have power...I'm not here. I'm you. You know that right?”

Laughing to himself. Jason nervously says. “Yeah..I mean. Yeah, of course I knew that.”

“Look you didn't know and it's fine. Now go outside. You'll feel better.”

Back on his good side. Jason shrugs while rubbing his neck with one hand and says. “I don't know. It doesn't seem like a good idea.”

“Jason. I'm you. Would I steer you wrong?” He says with an malicious grin.

“When you put it like that. No I suppose I wouldn't steer me wrong.” Jason replies with a chuckle.

Opening the door to go outside. Jason is immediately met by a flurry of razor wind, cutting ice, and heavy rain. Covering his face with both arms, he strides out one step at a time to the edge of his apartment. Pausing for a second. Jason turns around to check his reflection in the mirror. With welcoming smile, some nods and a giant thumbs up. Jason takes the step out onto his porch. Slipping on the icy wood. Jason slides with the wind against the railing and flips over it. Catching a large breeze mid flip. Jason flies up into the storm thinking. “Never trust your reflection when it speaks.”

March 24, 2020 17:17

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Pamela Saunders
12:15 Apr 03, 2020

This is nicely different, which I like :)


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