Christian Inspirational Suspense

Two doors. One black, and one that seemed to glow. I stood alone. Which would I choose? 

The black door was large, and looked like an easy path. The glowing door was smaller. It felt surreal. But which would I choose?

The dark appealed to me. I reached for the tarnished and rusted door handle and turned it. I felt a burst of air that almost blew me away. I stepped back and looked first into the opening. 

It was tempting. Worldly pleasures seeped from the opening. Alluring things like parties, disobedience, my way, drinking, opinions, and darkness - comfortable darkness, something I was used to. All my life had been filled with searching, yet this door was familiar. Now I was suddenly presented with a choice. Would I enter the dark door or open the bright one? 

All of the sudden I heard a voice shoot from the dark opening. 

“Stay away from there.” A deep raspy voice whispered. 

I jumped and spun around searching for the source of the taunting voice. I turning to the dark side of the space. It was a voice from the dark door I had opened. 

“Stay away from the other door.” It whispered again. “Come here. In here is where you belong.”

The voice was beckoning me and it sounded oh, so good. 

“Why should I enter the dark door?” I asked, slightly trembling.

“Because!” The voice yelled. “I can give you everything you want. I can give you freedom, pleasure, and admiration. I will give you things you will never find through the other doorway.”

“Everything I want?” I asked earnestly. 

“Everything you want.” The voice confirmed. “Just come closer.” 

I stepped closer. 

“I will give you money and power. You will always be satisfied. You will be above everyone, and respect will be yours. People will worship you, if you only walk through this doorway.” 

As if in a daze, or a trance, I walked towards the doorway, hungry for the rewards the voice was drawing me in with. I wanted to be known. I wanted something to numb the pain of my past. I wanted power and renown, money and wealth. I knew those things would fill the emptiness in my heart.

I walked closer, and the air from inside the doorway started to suck me in. It pulled and pulled, and I wanted to give in. It became so powerful I almost fell into that dark, endless abyss. But then, something caught my eye.

A glint from the below the bright glowing door caught my attention and I backed away from the dark door that so called me.

I stepped back and decided to pause. Then came a voice. 

“My child.” 

It came from behind the bright door. 

“Do not love the ways of this world. Do not love the darkness. It will not fulfill your desires as it says it will.” 

The voice was calm and powerful. My heart at once quieted and listened in awe. 

“What I can give you is so much more. I will give you life abundant. You are more precious to me than any other creation. Give your burdens to me and I will give you rest.” 

The voice drew me closer. The door was still closed. 

My heart wanted to turn back to the dark and tempting door and hide in its darkness. I wanted to go back to where I was comfortable, where I felt safe. Where I had been all this time. But something about this door made me stop. 

“If you open the door to your heart and let me in, everything changes. I am your Creator, your Sustainer. I am the Living Water. What I have to give you is more than what is in this life. I also give you eternal life. I died so you could live.” 

My eyes widened. Eternal life? The dark door had never offered that to me. And the voice behind the bright door said that I was precious to him. Which would I choose? 

I took a step towards the bright door. And another. What was this offer? It was too gracious. Too selfless. No one had ever offered me anything like this. Then I heard the voice again. 

“I do ask something of you. Give me your heart. I died for you because I love you. I ask that you live your life for me, and promise to bring glory to me all of your days. Give me your whole heart. I want you as you are.” 

I nodded. There was a purity about the voice and the light that drew me closer. I felt a presence I had never felt before, and it was coming from behind the door. 

“I am willing.” My heart spoke, rather than my head. 

My heart longed for the fulfillment the voice behind the bright door had to offer. Maybe that would fill my heart more than what the dark door had for me. 

I reached out towards the sculpted golden handle. My fingers were inches from touching it when the dark door hissed, 

“I HAVE MORE. Don’t go in there! You will be a slave! Don’t you want to be the king? I will make you known among many. I will give you things beyond your wildest dreams. You will win. You will be envied and coveted. YOU WILL BE WORSHIPPED.”

Then there was silence. 

I closed my eyes, quieted my mind, and let my heart decide. 

There the dark door was. Open. Inviting. Enticing. 

And there was the bright door. The one that inside, harbored eternal life and a commitment that was prepared for me. Something that the voice died for. 

Which would I choose? 

All of the sudden a voice came from the dark doorway.

“The darkness is your home.” 

Then the voice from behind the bright door spoke. 

“I defeated death and darkness.” 

My eyes flickered open. 

And I knew my choice. 

I took hold of the golden handle and turned it. And stepped into life. 

May 28, 2021 03:06

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Jolissa R. Moise
17:09 Nov 28, 2022

A choice between "Heaven" and "Hell." "Purity" and the "Dark side." Choose between your familiar darkness that promises you the world, and the unknown light that says you are special and that it will give you what the darkness has not offered, eternal life. You cannot go back, you cannot peak, you must choose. Which one lies? UGH, beautiful.


✰ Jessica ✰
18:15 Nov 28, 2022

Thank you for this wonderful comment!! The amazing this is that it is Jesus that offered eternal life. Thank you for your encouragement & time, Jolissa 🤍


Jolissa R. Moise
12:38 Nov 29, 2022

Of course!


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Akshara P
07:50 Oct 26, 2021

This was interesting to read, and the ending was wonderful. ❤️


✰ Jessica ✰
18:27 Oct 26, 2021

Thank you so much!! ♥️🌼


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