Romance High School Drama


“Would you come after me, if I walk away?“ 

This was the last thing she asked me before she disappeared in my life. 

I don't know why I didn't answer.

She was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I made a mistake.

And I let her go.


He just shook his head after hearing my unique break-up line.

I’m thankful for what he did though, in that way he won’t see how pathetic my face when I cry.

I held it in for too long, I can’t hide this pain anymore.

He was my first and probably my last 

I don’t want to make this same mistake again.

I’m walking out of his life.


Ten years have passed and it was the miserable decade of my life.

Though I never thought that this has come to an end.

Walking around the same old town feels like a déjà vu.

Seeing her like the very first time I saw her back then. 

I knew, I still love her.


For the past ten years, I forced myself to forget him.

But I never thought that I would come back here.

To the place where I met him.

I felt the swooning wind brushed through my skin.

Like a faint whisper that says, “Welcome back.”


She, who stole my heart long ago, is right here before my eyes.

I want to run towards her and hug her tightly.

Tell her everything—how much I miss her and that my feelings haven’t changed at all.

But it seems that my feet are glued to where I am standing.

This is gay-ish, and I hate it. 



Countless thoughts have been popping in my mind.

Will I see him? What would I do if I did? If I don’t, should I find him?

Does he have someone else, right now?

Face-palm. I’m pathetic.

I shouldn’t come back here in the first place.



She stood up and was about to leave.

Our eyes met as she turned around where I was standing.

We were both stunned at the moment, feels like the world stopped spinning. 

She’s still gorgeous as ever. I can’t even get my eyes off her.

As I was about to call her name, she breaks our staring contest.

Her back is facing me again.


I’m going home, leaving the thought of seeing him again.

But I never expected that those brown eyes would capture my gaze again.

We were both stunned at the moment, feels like the world stopped spinning. 

He changed his nerdy look, but still, he’s the same guy whom I fell in love with.

My tears were about to fall, I can’t afford him to see me like this.


I let her leave again.

I’m lying on my bed, crying like a foolish ‘Lil boy.

I miss her so much.

I want to see her again, so badly.

This is my last chance.


I went home and cried.

I keep on reminiscing what happened earlier.

I miss him, so bad.

I want to see him again—every day.

This is my last chance.


I jogged around her block, hoping to see her.

And there she is watering their front yard, just like the old times.

I was about to call her name, when…


I miss our garden.

This is the place where Jack waves at me every morning.

But I just wished that I didn’t wait for him.

Seeing him with another girl, makes me want to punch both of them.

I just ignored them and talked to my dear plants.


“How are you, Jack? You look so good!”

I just wish Jill is the one I’m talking to.

I am so pathetic.


Days went by and I just stayed in my room.

I feel so listless.

But when I remember the days when I’m with Jack.

I never felt so alive.

Nothing lasts forever here on earth, though.


I haven’t seen her for days.

Did she leave again?

Maybe she still hates me.

I can’t blame her, though.

It’s my fault anyway.

But I can’t give up.

I don’t want to lose her again.

I need to find her.


I don’t know why my feet dragged me here, but I’m here anyway.

To the school where I learned how painful first love is.

Walking in between these giant old trees feels so light and refreshing.

I suddenly felt a nostalgic feeling when Jack and I first met.

I was in a hurry for my English class that I forgot to close my bag full of things.

Running, running, running, crash

I bumped into someone and dropped my something.

I was so afraid to get scolded that I ignored what happened and went on my way.

Luckily, I was saved by the bell.

I only noticed that my precious potato chips were missing when Clyde poked me.

“Hey Jill, someone wants to see you.” 

I looked at the door and there he was, holding my potato chips with his bright smile.

How could I forget that smile?


I was so nervous about coming to their house.

Feels like the first time when I introduced myself to her parents.

My heart keeps on pumping like crazy.

I remember the time when we had our “first kiss.”

It’s not the lips to lips kind of kiss, since we’re too young back then.

Jill was being so funny, that I found her so beautiful.

I suddenly kissed her on her right cheek.

She punched me after that kiss.

How could I forget that punch?


 I was about to head home when a familiar place caught my attention--Sushi Martin

Entering this place feels like 1999 all over again.

Jack and I always go here for a snack before going home.

We love eating sushi here.

I miss eating here with Jack.


I never expected to be treated that way.

Jill's parents are still kind and nice towards me, especially her mom.

She told me that she knew everything and she understands how immature we were back then.

"You don't have the power to turn back time, but you have the power of love."

Her words flooded my soul like waves crashing my fears and doubts away.

I know what to do now.


"I've never seen you since you went to college, girl."

Martin is still the same old dude who runs this place without a doubt.

"I miss you too, Martin."

He just smiled and gave me another batch of fresh sushi.

"What happened between you and that nerd kid? I heard he's an engineer now. Now that's a big shot." 

Jack has always wanted to become an engineer. Someone who builds homes for others.

"I'm a rising novelist. Now that's darn awesome!" 

Martin chuckled and tousled my hair.

"Well, you both are amazing. Too bad you broke up."

Yup, too bad we broke up.

"But I think, not anymore..."

Martin mumbled something, but I didn't hear it since someone came from the door.


Just looking at her back, I knew it is Jill.

Seeing her sitting in our favourite spot makes me want to run towards her and hug her from behind.

I was back in my senses when Martin caught my attention.

"Hey kid, looking good! Still the usual? Ya' girl here is pretty full."

Martin has always been nice towards his customers, the very reason why his place is famous aside from the delicious sushi.

Jill turned with her mouth full of sushi.

I automatically smiled at her.

I miss my Jill.


"Hey kid, looking good! Still the usual? Ya' girl here is pretty full."

 Without thinking while my mouth is full of scrumptious sushi, I turned around.

Once again, I saw the most beautiful smile here on earth.

Reality hits me: That's your EX dumbo!

I faced the counter while chewing my food.

Keep calm Jillian. You are a strong woman. You can do this! 

Jack and Jill

"Hi, Jill. Nice to see you here." I gathered all my courage just to say those words.

With my nervousness, I wiped my mouth with a tissue before saying anything. "Hey, Jack. It's good to see you too." 

Her almond-shaped eyes still look captivating as ever.

"So, how are you? Did you come home for the reunion this coming Friday?"  Why isn't he saying anything?

No. I came back to see you. I badly want to tell her that. 

I don't know why I keep on talking. "I came home because my mom kept on whining about me being so busy to get my first book published. You know how persistent my mom is."

Jillian loves writing and she's so good at it. Whether it's a poem or an essay, I can see her eyes glistens as she writes something. I love watching her while she's writing.

Stop this nonsense, Jillian! You and Jack are over, remember? "Well, it's nice seeing you again, but I should get going. Hey Martin, catch you up later!"

She stood up and was about to leave when my hand suddenly have a mind of its own. I grabbed her left hand.

I was shocked and felt the electricity running inside my veins as Jack holds my hand.

I am shocked too.

This is now or never.

"Will you come to the reunion with me?"

I don't know why, but I haven't heard him answer this question:

“Would you come after me, if I walk away?“ 

I held both of her hands and said,

"I won't let you go again."

August 12, 2020 08:39

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Charles Harmon
01:15 May 16, 2021

I agree with Laura's comments. I never heard of the gay-ish term. I think you should use some other phrase or say it a different way. I've never seen a story told or written that way, but it is kind of a cool way to tell a story if it is very short. I think the names Jack and Jill might make one think of the “Jack and Jill” children's nursery rhyme. I don't know if that helps or hurts your story. Maybe for an older person like me it might make me want to read it just to see what kind of story it is. I think it mirrors similar events in pro...


Sun Rik
15:06 May 25, 2021

Hi Sir Charles! Thank you for your feedback. Point taken, I will use your advice to better my writing. Ps. I just like how Jack and Jill sound so good together.


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Elle Clark
22:08 Aug 19, 2020

This was an interesting way to tell the story. I really didn’t like ‘this is gay-ish’ as a way to show him having emotions. It both says that men can’t have emotions and that being gay is bad - neither of which are true. Aside from that, though, I thought that it was a cool way to tell a story and a sweet ending. A will-they-won’t-they with a happy ending. Good job!


Sun Rik
09:58 Aug 20, 2020

Thanks for the comment. I will be careful next time, but I just want to clarify that I meant no harm with what I have written.


Elle Clark
10:00 Aug 20, 2020

I never thought you did - so many people use it casually. Just wanted to highlight it.


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