'Are you coming tonight?' He asked staring at me with his big blue eyes. We were both hiding behind the locker in the corridor. High School Prom was coming up and he actually asked me to accompany him. The guy I had a crush on for years! All throughout high school!

That is a memory that never left me! I often wondered why I said 'no'. I was always the shy introverted type. When the class extrovert Greg asked me on a date, I was truly floored. It was the ultimate ice breaker, I remembered it years later. I said 'no' because I didn't have a nice dress to wear to the prom. I didn't really like attending big social gatherings.

I was only 15 back then; I was one of those kids who felt mature beyond their years. Why it was an 'ice breaker'? I was painfully shy. He was the only guy that looked in my direction. My parents were the disciplinarian sort and I never got my way with them. Even though me and my high school crush never actually got into a relationship, when he asked me out, I felt I had achieved something.

I was in love, I had eyes for no other guy.

Whether it was 'fate' or 'destiny' or any of those other big words, I do not know but I actually managed to get through high school. I got selected to join a reputable college. Strangely, I met those blue eyes again on the campus of my University. Maybe I was smart, I'm not sure, but being an introvert who had issues with socialising and an extremely low self esteem, the pair of blue eyes visited me again. I, as usual was enthralled.

'G-g-g- Greg?' I asked the blue eyes.

'Samantha? is that you?' Greg asked back.

A great conversation followed. We started talking about high school, about him being the captain of the basket ball team, about me being the quiet but the beautiful one. Atleast to him. There was something he saw in me, something that no one else did, especially not the other guys in society. He just saw something in me that no other guy ever saw.

Roaming around the campus together seemed like so much fun. We were holding hands the way I wished he would when we did back in highschool. I dreamed of him all the time and now in University all these dreams were coming to life! I don't know why I didn't think of dating him in school. Maybe it was because I was afraid of my parents. In University, it was up to me.

I visited his dorm room one day. We sat on the bed and spoke for a long time.

'Samantha, you're the sweetest human being I ever came across. When you hold my hand I feel a connection with you that I never felt with anyone else before.' he said.He put his head on my shoulder. Once again I looked into his big blue eyes. I don't know why but I felt my heart pining for him. I think he read my mind. He carried me and put me on the bed. He kissed my neck so profusely. I was in ecstasy. Soon we were doing it. Our clothes were on the floor and we were doing it. Yea man, we were doing it. I lost my virginity to him that day.

University was over and I graduated with honors. Greg also did the same. We parted ways. I was extremely sad. I loved this man. I put so much of my effort in his direction. I felt like the fulfilment of my dreams depended on him. I wished that we didn't have to end our relationship. At least he was my college buddy. College would have been lonely without him.

Years later we met again. I owned a little cafe in a small town. Those blue eyes. We met again. 'Hi' he said. 'Greg?' I said. It was closing time. He asked me if I was still single. I replied to him that after him there had been no other guy. He then told me that there was no other woman in his life either.

We started kissing. I got lost in those blue eyes that day. I was so grateful that he came. His kisses were so sweet and so full of passion. After he kissed me I wasn't satisfied. I wanted more. Being on the shorter side I couldn't get enough of the big tall blue eyed babe that was kissing me. I liked that he was so tall and he managed to over power me and take control of me with just one kiss.

Soon we were doing it. Again after all these years. I couldn't get enough. He could read my mind. The blue eyes, the smoldering eyes. There was nothing better.

We were watching the sun rise together. I asked him 'Greg, back in college what did you see in an introvert like me?' 'I saw everything- the sun, the moon and the stars. I saw you exactly the way you are.'

'Why did you fall for the captain of the basketball team?' he asked.

'I loved you because there has never been another mirror to my soul like you.' Cuddling, watching the sun rise together was an experience like no other.

I know I had these dreams of getting married, but we parted ways again. Greg was the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved him, he loved me right back! No other guy saw what he saw in the Introvert that is me. Life was a breeze as long as I knew Greg, and I swear I live a little larger because of this beautiful human.

He isn't in my life right now. Im 70 years old today. I live alone. I pray that I will go to the next world. But to me, Greg is a man who will always be 'Greg the most beautiful a man can ever be'.

July 27, 2021 20:58

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