High School Drama Romance

Hugh, hugh, kyaai, eihkkk". Darryl's voice sounded loud, not angry or sad, but the concentration of what he was doing. Filippino Martial Arts, where he practiced, was more like practicing himself in his rented flat. It is not uncommon to go to the beach area to enjoy the sunrise and sunset, sunbathe while meditating with his teeth. Just like Jean Claude Van Damme when he practiced karate in nature. Indeed, one of his favorite films is Blood Sport. However, his maturity very quickly made him not want to imitate anyone. Proud to be who he is, realizing the power within him that is greater than his presuppositions. He got this philosophy from his practice so far. It seems that a well-trained physique also influences the pattern of thinking and acting, not rash and wise. Unlike Tommy or teenage boys in general, who do self-improvement solely for a woman, so it can't be said to be self-improved mentally, just physically. Actually not entirely wrong, one day it will be realized by itself. Not infrequently also realize it as a middle aged man. Too late or not who knows. Like Colonel Sanders who is 90 years old and above, the fried chicken concoction that was received for the first time was an experiment thousands of times. That's not even with what he enjoyed after that. This life is really complex. It could be that people who are obsessed with getting into the college they want, are forced to sacrifice their high school years with their teenagers. In fact, if you think about it further, it can actually be considered and tricked so as not to regret it fatally. It is feared that it will happen to Vidal as well. Anyway, what he did didn't seem to have harmed him. Not really antisocial, have a few friends but not really close yet. Ali Mills, popular girl who have crush on him after his palm kicks kissed Johnny's right cheeks. For five weeks the soles of Vidal's feet were imprinted on his face. No one dared to rebuke him, except for Mr Harrison, a Geography teacher with gray hair in the middle around his “ring of fire”, saying it looked like Johnny had entered the Bermuda Triangle, or circled in the Ocean of Atlantis around a passing mirage. infinite. The matured habits he has done since 12 years, even middle aged man can be younger than him in wisdom. Nothing can distract his mind, especially what is commonly experienced by people with passionate "raging hormones", withering if their crush looks at them, like a shy stupid boy hilarious funny childish. Not with Darryl, his face is really well groomed, thick black hair combed rpi with hair oil back, cute but cool at the same time. Rarely do they realize that it is actually their own thoughts that make this ridiculous bashful behavior happen. While Darryl not at all. When he looked at Ali, right in his eyes, maybe even in the center of the blue eyes of the blonde girl, who had gained about 5 pounds after the summer vacation. They both got closer. Cobra Kai Gang is at their dojo. "Mr Lawrence". "Yes sensei." “You look very unfocused today. Looks like 60 knuckle pushups can help, give it to me, "Yes sensei." Former champion and Ali's ex is still very dangerous and tough. His strength was reduced a little. Sensei Kreese realized that his mind was distracted by the woman who had the opportunity to hug Vidal before the final match, more specifically the rumble match because a total of 15 rounds, very intense like a one by one boxing match. Johnny looks epic even though he lost, it can't be the only reason Ali left him. Indeed, on July 15, he had forgotten his birthday, maybe that was the real reason. The 1980s were rife with such incidents. When the sparring with Lamar the brown belt was lost, it was very clear that it was a deliberate defeat. Johnny decided to go home by himself on a motorbike without being in a gang with the gang that he himself was the leader of. Changed into normal clothes at the earliest before they knew it and went home alone. A tape recorder to the right of the Cobra Kai Red Leather Jacket that he designed himself and requested at the Taylor Shop next to his house in Encino Hills. Walking down the road from Reseda to Encino Hills, while serving his shoulders who objected to the burdens of today that made him tired, accompanied by the sunset, he played songs from Foreigner, Head Games:

Daylight, alright. I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s real. Been a long night, and something ain’t right. You won’t show, you won’t show how you feel. No time ever seems right. To talk about the reason why you and I fight. It’s high time to draw the line. Put an end to this game, before it’s too late. Head games, It’s you and me baby. Head games, and I can’t take it anymore. Head games, I don’wanna play the head games.

Daylight turns into night, with a bottle of coors, walking around parking lot out the tournament All Valley Championship palace, remembering a scene that he never forget:

Johnny: What do you say? I said I did my best.

John: You’re nothing, you lost. You’re a loser.

Johnny: Oh I’m a loser huh?

John: Yeah. (Took the second place thropy that Johnny held, breaking it by his right thigh, throw it away like it’s nothing.)

John: Now, who’s a loser?

Johnny: Maybe you really sick, man.

John: ( Pull Johnny’s collar and grab his neck, streetfighter style)

Darryl himself come in, getting involved in the conversation.

Darryl: Let him go!

John: Beat it slope, or you’re next.

Darryl: I said let him go. (Following with reversal move to let Johnny go.

John: (Push Johnny even harder so his face knock on one f the car’s side door, and unconscious.

Darryl: Go away before John look at him again with sprint running move by his training.

Why Johnny still have bad influence against him after what he did to him. Of course, sees him with Ali, with an “I”.

Darryl just walking around to take a fresh air at night. Sees a blonde guy sleeping on a bench.

Darryl: Johnny, my man. What are you doing here with a bottle of coors?

Johnny: (Zzzzz)

Darryl: I got you man. You may lose,but you’re still a great fighter, I won’t let you down. Even after what you did to me yesterday. If you’re really hate me, you must be fight me. Tommy just threw a dead worm, I know you and your friends did that because you just want a real fair fight, so you decided to do harmless action, even funny.

Johnny: Zzzz.

Darryl don’t know where Johnny lives, so he just takes him on his back, walking to his flat.Today is Friday, so tomorrow doesn’t need to rush to school. Even he get off Johnny’s sports shoes, cobra kai jacket. He’s wearing Boston band.

Johnny’s dream full of song by Boston, entitled Don’t Look Back:

12 years old boy, rode his bycicle going down through Encino Hills, 1979. Summer time, two months ago just join Cobra Kai, then he got his blue belt. A real talented fighter.

John: I give you blue belt, doesn’t meant you’re already achieved everything.

Johnny: (Hold tears)

John: What was that tears, mr Lawrence. What’s the matter, you can’t handle my words?

Johnny: No, it’s my step dad.

John: Listen, tears mean weakness. And I don’t teach weak students. Say it?

Johnny: I’m the winner, sensei.

John: I can’t hear you.

Johnny: I’m a winner.

Don’t look back, the new day is breakin, It’s been to long since I felt this way. I don’t mind, the road I taken. The road is callin, today is the day. And I can see, it took so long just to realize, I’m muh too strong not to compromise see where I’am, it’s holding me down. Until arrive. Ohh, yes I will.

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