Coming of Age Friendship Kids

   "Trevor, you don't want to be late for school," called my mother as I finally turned off the TV after watching an episode of Digimon. I headed to the front door where she was standing and grabbed my school bag on the way which was placed on a hook in the hallway. Mute was there at the bottom of the steps just watching me. I stuck out my tongue but the dang cat process to just lick it's paw as if ignoring me anyway. As I walked towards my mother, she gave me a big smile as she holds my bag lunch full of snacks. 

   "Now remember sweetie," started my mother as she suggested while handing me my bag of snacks: "Don't eat it all up at once. We don't want it to cause you a upset stomach."

   As annoyed as I was, I respond as politely as I can: "Yeah, I know the drill mother. We have been over this plenty of times."

   She smiled and said: "Splendid. Now off you go. Please have a good day at school honey."

   "I'll try," I said as I walked out of the door. 

   After I made it to the end of our front yard, I saw my mother there still watching. She gives me a quick wave as I then does so too while walking my way to school.

   I walked for a good five minutes and Lord behold, Mute was there just a few feet away.

   "Don't you have other places to be, you meddling cat?!" I asked it.

   Mute respond with a simple meow.

   I shook my head before replying: "Suit yourself then."

   Eventually I came to my school after a good ten minutes. Mute of course waited for me for a good portion of the day as usual. Throughout the school day, I was eating my snacks little by little. 

   In the bag of goodies, I had a pack of fruit snacks, grapes, carrots, cashews, a Twinkie and a banana pudding along with a plastic spoon and Vanilla Wafers on the side. I ate literally everything without anyone looking. But there were a few items I have saved for last. And that was the banana pudding with Vanilla Wafers which happens to be my all time favorite snack. 

   I decided that I'll eat this during my lunch break. I'll have it along with my chicken patty with barque sauce and mashed potatoes along with some chocolate milk. Just thinking about it all made my mouth water. Anticipation was through the roof when it came down to the wire of wanting to eat this favorite snack of mine along with my favorite food at school. 

  It finally came time for lunch and once i heard that bell, I walked very fast to the cafeteria as quick as my feet could carry me. I grabbed a tray and ask the nice old lunch lady, Carie, for my usual. She has been working at this school's cafeteria for a good week and she already knows our usuals including mine. 

   Once I receive my chicken patty with barque sauce, mashed potatoes and chocolate milk, I then proceeded to sit on the nearest table and start munching down.

   Sitting right next to me, was a boy roughly my age who kept looking at me. He had a bag of lunch and judging from his food, all there was, was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with some celery. The boy had a darker skin than me and he looked very scrawny. 

   'What's the dealo with this dude? Im trying to eat my lunch in peace,' I said this all to himself. It's one of my pet peeves when someone is watching me eat. I don't like it, not one bit.

    Eventually the scrawny boy scoots over close to me as I'm about to open my banana pudding and Vanilla wafers. I was attempting to mix this together yet I was interpreted by the boy for he asked me the following question: "Can I have some Vanilla wafers please? Just a small handful will do." He even beg me with his big brown eyes. 

    I looked at the ziplock bag of Vanilla wafers and then to him. 'Was this guy serious? This is my favorite snack in the entire world. I won't possibly share it to anyone,' I said this all to myself dumbfoundedly. The next thing I did was shrug and answer: "Sorry bud. But this is all I have for my pudding."

   The scrawny boy then replied with a disappointed look on his face: "Oh, alright. Sorry to bother you." He then scoots back to where he was a moment ago. 

   After that little interaction, I then finished my snack and proceeded to my next class. It eventually came to the end of the school and as I walked out towards where the cafeteria was, I noticed something peculiar happening. The same nice old lunch lady, Carie, was giving Mute some scrap to eat. She welcomed the cat with leftover food and her friendly smile. I walked up to them and she took notice. 

   Carie smiled there while asking: "Why hello Trevor, how are you, my dear?"

    I respond: "I'm doing good. How about you Ms. Carie?"

   "Oh, I doing fine. Just feeding this stray cat is all."

    "Actually that stray cat is mine," I noted. "My parents got me Mute here as a Christmas present."

    "Oh, how delightful, you two make such a good pairing."

    "Yeah, I guess so."

    "Why do you doubt, child?"

    "Well for starters: I wanted a dog, not a cat."

     "Is there a reason why you didn't receive such a thing, my dear?"

     "Yeah, I wasn't being responsible to my parent's eyes so they instead punished me with this lousy cat."

     "I don't think this cat of yours is a punishment, my dear. Think of it as an opportunity."

     "An opportunity to what?"

     "Opportunity to be more responsible. While also making unexpected friends along the way such you and Mute as well as you and that one scrawny boy."

     "How did you know?"

     "I was taking the trash from the cafeteria when I saw it. You should give that boy some food of your's. I have been noticing that he don't have much of food for myself."

     "Why must I do that? I won't ever give any to my own parents my food let alone some kid I don't even know. Why can't you or any other lunch ladies just give him some food?"

     "Trevor, in order to make new friends, you have to learn to let go and be a kind person. Some aren't lucky as you are. For example, you have both a cold and hot lunch while that boy earlier today only had a small cold one. Now as for us lunch ladies giving him food, we have offered him a free meal several times this past week alone but he always declined it. He just got transferred here not too long ago and I think he's in need of friends. The boy don't ask much but he's a heart of gold and always bring a smile to your face. Bottom line is that you should learn to share is all I'm asking. Can you do that for me?"

     I scoffed before replying: "We shall see."

     "Sounds like a plan. I'm off to clean up the rest of the kitchen. You two have a good night."

     "Yeah, you too."

     Carie then left us as we then proceeded to head home. Mute grabbed a piece of fish patty with his mouth before us leaving the premises. When I saw that, I shook my head while thinking to myself: 'You're such a lazy cat. Can't even hunt for your own food. No, you need to have food brought to you instead.'

     On the way, we came across a couple of stray cats who was roaming around the neighbor's trash. They look awfully skinny that I could see their bones amongst their bodies. Mute came up to them and lets down the piece of fish patty down for the two of them. The two strays meowed a thanks before chowing down the food.

     'Psst, even these cats aren't much of hunters themselves,' I said to all to myself. 

   We then continue on our way home and eventually had the evening to ourselves with my parents. I of course didn't talk much bout my school day for I didn't think it was important at the time. 

   It eventually came time to bed and as I was trying sleeping, I couldn't shake off what Carie had said nor the action of what Mute did with the strays. Maybe a simple act of kindness can go a long way to get what we want and need in life. Maybe I'll be able to get the dog I always wanted. After contemplating, I finally figured out what to do. I'm going to ask mom a favor first thing in the morning.

    The next day went by as per usual. By the time it was lunch, I sat at the same table where the scawny boy was. He didn't took noticed of me for his was zoned out into his own world. I grabbed a banana pudding and put it down in front of him. He looked shocked as he grabbed the pudding and asked: "What's this?"

    "That pudding is for you," I said with a smile. I then brought out an extra banana pudding and a ziplock bag of Vanilla wafers and said: "These are for us too. I got extra."

    The boy smiled before replying: "Oh wow, thank you so much. I absolutely love pudding."

     I agreed by saying: "Me too, buddy. By the way, I'm Trevor and what's your name?" I even held out my right hand to him.

    He responded as he to return the gesture: "The name is Devin. Nice to meet you, Trevor."

    And like that, we ate banana pudding along with Vanilla wafers during the whole lunch period. We got a lot of things in common and became immediate best friends even still to this day. 

    Later that day, I tried looking for Carie but she was nowhere to be seen. I figured I would try to find her again tomorrow. I hope she saw what I just did. I'm sure she'll be proud.

February 11, 2023 00:44

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Graham Kinross
09:55 Feb 23, 2023

Another great story, Sean.


Sean Sorce
14:30 Feb 24, 2023

Thank you Graham for your kind words.


Graham Kinross
20:03 Feb 24, 2023

You’re welcome.


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