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Ahh… the library. The area of imagination, the home of millions of books and the second home for children. As Daniel Lopez strolled in through the glass doors, a wave of cool air from the air conditioning ruffled his hair. He headed straight for the study cubicle in the corner of the room, and dropped his bag on top of the desk. Rummaging through the bag slung over his shoulder, he finally brought out his history textbook which he dropped in front of himself with a thud. After a long gruelling day of high school, he was ready to drop from exhaustion but he had a history exam coming up and everyone said that it was the hardest test of the year. 

Flipping open the textbook, Daniel desperately tried to locate the beginning of the topic “The War Of 1812.” However, the words kept floating around the page, as a result of my dyslexia. Stupid dyslexia. Finally finding the beginning of the paragraph, Daniel read out loud, “The war if 1812 were a cucumber behind the Untitled Snake of America and its alley.” Shaking his head wildly, he reread the sentence as “The war of 1812 was a conflict between the United States of America and its Allies.” “Ha!” A laugh sounded behind me and an excruciating pain burst in Daniel’s shoulder. Through a haze of pain, he saw Darryl the bully chuckling behind me, retracting his fist from my upper arm, with his gang at his shoulder. 

“What up Dyslexic Daniel? Having trouble reading a picture book?” he scoffed, his eyes screwed up in laughter.

“Leave me alone.” I grumbled, massaging my shoulder. He leered at me and I noticed that his two front teeth were different shades of yellow. 

“Oh, are you scared?” Darryl retorted.  As he strutted off chuckling, Daniel’shead slumped. He leaned forward and rested his head on his arms. 

“Maybe a little nap…” he mumbled. His last thought was about Untitled Snake Cucumber creatures before he descended into a dreamless, peaceful sleep.

What seemed like thousands of hours later, Daniel rolled over in his sleep. He forced open his eyes that had been glued together with sleep and glanced at his watch. 10:24 pm. Daniel grunted and rolled over back to sleep. Just then, his bloodshot eyes popped open. “NOOO!” he shrieked, leaping out of his chair. All around him, the library lights were all switched off, as dull as dusty doorknobs. “Oh, no! The librarian must not have seen me when she ushered all the kids out of the library!” he thought in horror. He sprinted to the door and crossed his fingers. He jiggled the handle with all his might…  Locked. Locked from the outside. He ambled back to his seat, dragging his feet and set his head in his arms. He started sobbing quietly, but there was no point in sound, as no one could hear him. No point waving as no one could see him. “I’m all alone!” he moaned, wiping away his tears with the back of his hand. Those words were not something anyone should ever say, as he then heard quiet hissing noises, the sound a snake could make if snakes could talk. Someone - or something was locked in here with him.

“Sssurely we ssshould wait for the boy Daniel. He isss holding the ssssecret to the myssstery of the - ” one voice was cut off by another, but this voice was much younger and human - and it sounded faintly familiar… Daniel dived behind the “Book Nook'' section as three shadows loomed into view. “No! He is always on guard, and he is always under the watch of adults! Oh my god, stop pestering me about this, ya jerk!” said the young voice, exparased. Daniel’s heart raced a million miles a minute. His breathing became short and panicked. It was Darryl. Suddenly, a foul smell filled the room. It wafted into Daniel’s nostrils and made his nose itch. “Please don’t sneeze, please don’t sneeze, please!” prayed Daniel. His nose calmed down and Daniel took a deep sigh of relief - quiet, but not loud enough to hear. However, the creatures seemed to have superhuman hearing. They swiveled their heads to face the boy who was staring at them in horror. Their faces were grotesque, with pointed fangs and needle-like teeth. Eyes were pasted all around their faces, while their nose were squashed flat like mashed tomatoes. They were as skinny as pencils, so they looked like victims of a disease. Blood stained the front of their simple white clothes and a green liquid dripped slowly down their teeth. Nothing moved for a second. Then, one of the creatures leaped off a bookshelf and launched itself at Daniel, ready to sink its fangs into his neck. 

Daniel rolled over and the creature tumbled into a bookshelf, being crushed by a collection of encyclopaedias. The second one glanced at his fallen comrade uneasily, like he didn’t want to suffer the same fate. Daniel picked up a book from the fallen shelf and threw it like a boomerang. (A bookmerang. Ha ha.) The demon crawled to the side but the book seemed to curve as he ducked. It hit his head with a sickening ‘crack’ and the demon crumpled to the floor, blood oozing from the wound on his head. Green blood. Daniel quickly scanned his surroundings, and located the book he had chucked at the monster. The title read, “Fighting is Not the Answer” by Vi lance. Ironic. Suddenly, the last monster, Darryl, raked his claws over Daniel’s chest. Daniel collapsed instantly, the energy abandoning his limbs. With one last thrust, he tried to hurl another book at the demon but it sliced the paperback book cleanly in half. Blood oozed from Daniel’s wound and stung like a swarm of African bees. “I wanted to spare you, but you hold a power you have never known.” Darryl growled. “Goodbye, Daniel.” And with that, he drove his claws into Daniel’s heart.

(Sorry about the cliffhanger. Promise I’ll write another story soon :)”

May 02, 2021 23:31

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