Night Visitor

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Fantasy Fiction Romance

Night Visitor

By Merry Marcellino

             Tap, tap, tap. My eyes flew open! Tap, tap, tap. Someone was tapping on my bedroom window. Maybe it was a tree branch. The oak tree overlooked my bedroom and sometimes stray branches would touch my window if the wind was strong enough. There was no balcony and the tree branches that reached my window were too thin to climb or hold a person’s weight.

           Tap, tap, tap. That sounded too constant to be a tree. I held my breath, my heart pounding in my chest, my mouth dry.  Keeping my eyes glued to the window, I waited for the tapping to begin again. It had been nonstop since the sound woke me.

           The curtain was drawn, the window closed. It was hot and humid outside. The AC was on but it didn’t work that well in the best of times. For some reason, my room felt cold. My hands holding the covers in place were like ice.

           All was quiet. I laid with my eyes wide, breathing deeply so I didn’t hyperventilate. It must have been the tree tapping. My mind was playing tricks on me. I hadn’t been sleeping well lately and my sleep deprived brain was hallucinating. 

           I waited a full fifteen minutes, only the tip of my head peeking out from under the covers. The silence and my heartbeat pounded my ears.

           No sound. With relief I turned on my side. I didn’t think I’d get back to sleep but I had to try. My eyes closed and then I heard it. Tap, tap, tap.

           Sitting up I looked around. Nothing odd in my room. Whatever, whoever it was it was outside my window. Was I brave enough to check? I lived alone. No one was here to help if something happened to me.

           I could pull the curtains back to see. The window was locked. Perspiring from the stress, I shook my T-shirt but the cold air in the room made me shiver. Why was it so cold? Looking at the thermostat in my room, it read seventy-nine degrees. It felt more like fifty.

           Creeping toward the window, silence met me as I stood watching, listening. No tapping. I was losing it. I should go back to bed. 

           Turning to look at my bed, the pink sheets I’d bought for spring looked inviting enough.  I didn’t know why I had been having trouble sleeping for the past week. Closing my eyes, I thought about my week. Nothing strange or bad had happened. Laughing at myself for my imagination I reached for the curtain.

           Taking a deep breath I flung the curtains aside and my eyes widened! There at my window was a man! He was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. His skin was pale blue with no facial hair. His hair was black as the night around him. His lips turned up in a seductive smile. He looked to be in his twenties. His eyes drew me in. They were icy blue, so pale. I could feel their caress.

           I stood frozen to the spot gazing into those eyes. 

           My trance was broken when he tapped on the window with his finger. Tap, tap, tap.

           I jumped from the sound my heart once again a rapid drumbeat. 

           He said something but I couldn’t tell what words he used with the window between us and the wind raging outside. Gesturing toward the window, he was asking me to open the window.

           Shaking my head no, I was rooted to the spot. I couldn’t open the window. Who was he? What was he? For no man I knew could float above the ground like he was doing.

           Gathering courage, I stepped to the window leaning on my window seat cushion. He didn’t seem to be able to get in. Glancing down I saw he was indeed, floating in the air. What on earth? Maybe it wasn’t earth? Maybe he was an alien. Not that I believed in such things, but there was a man suspended outside my window. 

           I looked back at my bed, my head swinging back to the window when he tapped to get my attention.

           He wanted to come in. Part of me wanted him to come in. The heat in his eyes the inviting smile on his kissable lips. Is that what he wanted with me? To kiss me? To do more? My heart raced. Not fear. No, not fear. 

           He waited patiently not moving except to beckon to me. 

           Placing my hand on the window I looked down again. The ground looked far away from the second floor where my bedroom was situated. 

           I yanked my hand back with a gasp as he touched the window and I felt warmth. How could it be warm? He was obviously making it cold. My shorts and T-shirt not keeping me warm, but his hand. His warm hand.

           What would happen if I opened the window?

           Closing my eyes I decided. Placing my hand on the window again I waited for him to reciprocate. He did immediately, the warmth traveling slowly up my arm to my body. It wasn’t like the warmth from a heater. It was like a glow, like I’d never be cold again. How could he do this and make he air in my room icy?

           I flipped the latch on the lock not taking my hand from the pane. 

           The man’s smile grew as he figured out my intent.

           With his hand still on the pane I pushed the window up and wind whipped about my room throwing papers to the floor. The curtain flew behind me like a barricade between me and my bed. 

           “Hello.” He greeted me with that smile but he didn’t come in. He didn’t try to touch me.

           “Hello.” I didn’t know what to do. I wanted him to come in. That’s why I opened the window. But now what? I wasn’t going outside. I sure couldn’t float. 

           “Are you going to invite me in?” His voice was smooth like the finest chocolate. Smooth and sinful.

           “You can’t come in?”

           “Not unless you invite me in.”

           “Are you a vampire?” He didn’t look like any vampire I’d seen I the movies. He had the sex appeal down pat, but vampires couldn’t make icy winds. Could they?

           He laughed at my question. “No.”

           “Then what are you?”

           “I’m an ice fairy.” As if that explained everything.

           “I’ve never heard of an ice fairy. Does that mean you make ice and snow on earth?”

           “No. I’m from Fairy. Making ice and snow is my ability.”

           “Do you always come to the windows of women asking for admittance?”

           “I have never been to anyone’s window before. You are the first.”

           “Why me?”

           “Because you are mine. We belong together.”

           I knew my mouth was hanging open, not an attractive thing. I couldn’t help myself. 

           “I have been in Fairy for centuries but I felt a pull to come to you on earth. I came to you this week to try to speak to you, but you did not hear me.”

           “You came this week?” Is that why I couldn’t sleep?


           “So you say I’m yours. What does that mean?”

           “It means I am yours too.  We are mates. We will be married in a Fairy ceremony and you will live with me forever.”

           “I’m mortal, I won’t live forever. Would we have to live in Fairy?” 

           “I am not immortal. I have lived centuries and will live centuries more but if we are mated you will live the same lifespan as I will. We can live wherever you like. I would like to show you my plane. Fairy is beautiful.”

           This was crazy! Was I actually contemplating going with him? Being his. That sounded nice. In all my Twenty-seven years I’d never met anyone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Could he be why? Was I waiting for him without knowing?

           “Are you going to invite me in?” His smile was in place.

           “What if I don’t?”

           “I will be sad, but it has to be your choice.” His patience seemed endless.

           Looking around my room again, I saw nothing I would miss. He did say we could stay here. I wouldn’t have to lose my house.

           “I know it is a hard decision for you. Take your time.”

           “Can you come in while I decide?”


           “You won’t try to take me away?”


           “Ok. You may come in.”

           His grin covered his face as he climbed in the window. He stayed where he was his legs touching the window seat. 

           What did I have to lose? He was handsome, nice, he could have made me go with him once I let him in. It felt right. He felt right.

           “I’m ready to go with you.” 

           Reaching out he waited again. Taking a deep breath, I placed my hand in his and he whisked me away. Away to a new life with an ice fairy. Who knew?

June 04, 2021 23:52

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Mohamed Sarfan
17:37 Jun 17, 2021

Dear Writer, This story soaks me in a relentless rain of love. Like the softness of snowdrops, the heart lovingly stores the precious memories that the heart seeks. Every man had different thoughts. Viewing the earth through the windows from the side of loved ones is like a beautiful poem. My mind fills with the satisfaction of reading a very good story. Write more Congratulations


Merry Marcellino
19:08 Jun 20, 2021

Thank you, Mohamed, for your beautiful response to my story.


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Merry Marcellino
22:54 Jun 05, 2021

Thank you Jose!


Valerie June
01:16 Jun 06, 2021

Your welcome!


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Allie Mae Sakry
18:33 Jul 06, 2021

Okay, I’m sure this wasn’t meant to be funny, but I could not help but laugh at the conversation they had! I thought it was so cute and funny, and the way I read it I guess probably wasn’t the way it was intended. But I loved it, so is that okay? 😂 Now I want a pretty ice fairy to come to my window, that’d be so fun!


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07:18 Jun 16, 2021

This romance is so tender and wholesome, I enjoyed every second of it! At first, your use of sound and the tapping made me wonder if this would go down an avenue similar to the Tell-tale heart. But then I was happily surprised! I love the way you described the love interest, and the fact that Fairy is a place, and not the name of the being he is identified as.


Merry Marcellino
14:06 Jun 17, 2021

Thank you Sabrina! I love writing all things paranormal and fantasy! This was a fun piece and I'm glad you liked it.


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Anneliya Lydia
16:47 Jun 12, 2021

Hi Merry! This is such a creative response to the prompt! I also like how you did your paragraph spacing; that is something I am trying to learn how to do! ; )


Merry Marcellino
18:44 Jun 13, 2021

Thank you Anne! I write in Word and then copy and paste it here. I'm not sure if I'd know how to do it if I wrote here! LOL! :)


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Valerie June
02:22 Jun 05, 2021

Aw, this was a sweet story. I love the idea of an Ice Fairy tapping on someone's window! It kinda reminded me of Peter Pan but with a twist. Well done and welcome to Reedsy. :)


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