I have come to bring this bag that has stones, and this one also, lighter- and Fatty put the identical bags at the entrance of the mine's gallery system.

 It goes to the bottom, Don Braulio, manager of the gold mine, told him, shaded like almost everyone who came to or left the mine.

 "It must be the dust of the mine"

 You know right?

 No. I think I'm going to get lost, said the Fat Man whose hat was his brown hair - looking up over the shoulders of Don Braulio Vázquez, a middle-aged man, scratching his closed beard to frame the rudeness of his work.

 Don't worry, said Don Braulio, calling for an ugly little miner, with a scar that crossed his cheek, and a sly look, whose age was difficult to know: use this flashlight - and he put the flashlight on the Ugly's hat. And he accompanies Fatty to deliver his order.


 They entered through the galleries.

 El Gordo tripped over a stone, screaming like mad, and lifted his foot from what he thought was scale-faced mud.

 It hurts! My little finger has bent!

 Chew coca and put it on your finger.

 Works ?

 Sure !, That happens all the time around here ...

 I haven't seen the stone! Is there no light around here?


 They should use a candle even if it is. That darkness penetrates even thoughts.

 Not so much. In that tunnel there is light. Let's go there. I help you stand up.

 Well - and put his arm around her neck, walking with only one foot.

 Hey, you should go on a diet - turning his sore shoulder.

 Is it true that the devil lives in the mines? El Gordo asked, disconversing.


 Aren't you afraid of it?

 He is the owner of the mine. He commands.

 And already they crossed the gallery that seemed illuminated.

 El Gordo covered his nose

 What is that smell? - while the Fat Man watched a centipede eat a giant spider, in a violent struggle between the legs of one and the fangs of the other.

 The remains of the fight were immediately cleaned up by giant ants, emerging from the ground that seemed to perspire between each stone.

 Where does that smell come from? Acid, burning my nose, and scratching my belly, laughing.

 From this gallery.

 And they were already at the end of it.

 However, it was a dead end gallery.

 And there was no light, only the reflection of a trident.

 In the background, a man with a straw hat sat showing a horn.

 - they called me? asked a small man, shaggy and shaded, with reddish skin, two pointed horns on his ears and a tail conveniently curled around his foot,

 - who are you? El Gordo asked him, dropping the bag of coca, and the heavy bag at his side, on the floor, his eyes fixed on his harpoon, fixed on a black rat, which was eating from the man's hand.

 Or devil, whatever.

 The Ugly, spilling his straw hat as he bent down, made it appear that he also had two protrusions on the sides of his oval head.

 Leave your bag here, and showed him a shiny hole, which seemed to have water.

 It's that smell! Fatty said - opening his eyes wide - does the smell of sulfur come from here?

 And the Ugly one was quick to show the mirror, to the man, shook his head.

 .The owner.

 Hello, the devil said, who are you bringing me?

 It is the deliverer of the merchandise.

 Welcome, he said, sticking his tongue out, forked.

 El Gordo took two steps back.

 What is that violent force that invades me? Fatty wondered, when he was overcome by an anguish that made him tremble and sweat profusely, wetting his brown hair and running down his fat cheeks.

 That sensation, which until then seemed diffuse, focused on the throat.

 And the Fat Man suddenly seemed to be suffocating, coughing without breathing, coughing, suffocated by the lack of air and by the poisonous sulfur, and so much, so much ... that he turned red, red, red ... until he became unpleasantly purple.

 "Do you want my gold?" Asked the devil.

 And the Fat Man, straining to speak, trying to bring out that invisible force that dominated him and permeated every particle of his anger, was finally able to control the energy that the devil incessantly transmitted from his entire cursed being and from that his miserable carving that he held him bound against his will and against the wish of a free-born human being. Thus, he got rid of the demon's grip, releasing a weak


 Better - distrusting that soon, or very soon, the plump slave will get away, leaving the domain site determined by the malevolent.

 Looking at him somewhat suspiciously, the devil put the trident under his backpack, took out some coca leaves and put them in his mouth, leaving the other bag at his side.

 Come on! He said to the Ugly and Fatty, pulling them by the neck, as if there were a collar - the collar of restraint - placed on each of them.

 After you, Fatty told him, ushering him in first - he might suddenly fool you and turn around.

 -? - The devil, obviously, laughs, saying: that your friend is cool - to the Ugly - but don't think he can stab me in the back or leave here, even if you want to, even if you hate him, even if I don't see you. eyes on your back and on your whole being.

 - what does it say ? What has eyes on me? On my back? Asked the Fat Man, looking at the devil's back, scaly and purulent, and without finding any eyes.

 He shrugged, listening to the devil:

 There is a door in these galleries, which leads to the much coveted gold.

 Or don't you think you're important, Fatty? - hitting his belly with the trident, to li that the whole boy turned red, smelling of sulfur.

 Do you want to know where it is?


 But they owe me loyalty, or else I take away everything they have.


 Well then they have to go down through the mirror.

 -That . It's hell, Fatty said, clearing his throat.

 No. It is the road to the real mines of the King.

 Right? And the devil looked at the Ugly.

 'Yes, almost wanting to laugh sarcastically.

 The devil stirred the waters of the mirror, which before clear and transmitted, turned reddish, like a soup.

 Come in. To the bottom. Do not be afraid.

 The two boys entered through the mirror, somewhat narrow, and quite dark.

 He felt the floor under his feet move.

 Cobwebs hung everywhere, until a giant spider came out of its nest, up between two and with its claws it wanted to take them to its mouth, but the devil's trident fell and reached them, cutting the claws of the spider.

 Scared, and without realizing that the floor was covered by a river of liquid magma, where the stones floated, moving, and the Fat Man tripped over one of the stones, falling deeper into the center of the earth that joined a cavern with a very deep well, that like a soup pot, mixed boiling magma with decomposing human skeletons. And the same smell of such sulfur.

 There was a bridge that passed over the magma.

 -Is it gold? Asked Fatty, seeing that the bridge was yellow, and it shone.

 No one answered him.

 The bats flew past her ears.

 "Ai!" Cried Gord: a bat had bitten his ear.

 Bleeding, Fatty stopped walking, falling to the ground.

 The devil just looked at him, and El Gordo fell off the bridge into the magma.

 Weak, said the devil.

 But the Ugly, reached out his hand, and saved the Fat, helping him get him out of the hurtful magma.

 The devil kept walking.

 Thank you! Fatty said to the Ugly.

 His left arm was burned, but his leg, protected by the fabric of his pants, was not burned.

 Don't thank me, said the Ugly.

 We can go, said El Gordo, removing the magma that stuck to his pants with a pebble, just as bright as the bridge.

 He wanted to put the stone in his pocket

 He remembered the words of the devil, "They owe me faithfulness," and would running away be faithful?

 And they continued on, reaching the entrance of a cavern.

 "With teeth? Isn't it the mouth of some prehistoric animal?"

 - Shut him up, said the devil to the Ugly, touching his belly with the pitchfork, to which the boy, in immediate reaction, obeyed him, turning red "with love" - ​​the evil one would logically complete.

 When they finished crossing the cavern, the opening of the same gradually closed.

 Realizing what was happening, El Gordo turned back, wanting to leave.

 The mouth closed, and the Fat Man ran to get out of it.

 The devil, turning around to see what was happening, saw him jump through his teeth.

 And he threw the trident at him.

 The trident didn't hit Fat, but a red light came on.

 And that light came out strident, enveloping Fatty.

 And brought it back, like a bag of potatoes.

 "Were you going somewhere?" The devil asked him, directing his hand towards El Gordo and bringing him back, in the air, floating.

 The Fat Man trembled.

 Am I going to be punished? He asked the devil.

 You go ahead.

 And they entered that cavern, increasingly dark, and the stones floated more and more.

 The ceiling was getting lower and lower.

 And short.

 And short.

 Until it becomes a hole.

 El Gordo, being in front, was truncated.

 Isn't it happening? The devil asked the Ugly.


 Then you have to push.

 El Gordo was sweating. And he began to tremble.

 And to tremble.

 And tremble.

 The devil, always with the pitchfork in his hand, directed him towards El Gordo.

 And turned it around.


 And turned.

 360 degrees.

 And suddenly, the Fat Man became skinny, very, very thin.

Now pass, said the devil, continuing to pass.

As he emerged from the hole, El Gordo returned to his normal form.

 Hey, Ugly, you step on the magma and you don't get burned? - Noting that he also had his feet placed in the magma, and that he did not burn either.

 The Ugly said nothing, but stared at him with bright, wickedly smiling eyes.

 El Gordo shrugged, looking at the cracks in the shaky walls of the caverns that interconnected.

 Suddenly large pliers come out of the ceiling.

 How are you Scorpio? The devil asked him.

Good and? - putting his six eyes on Gordo.

 Yours, the devil told him.

This is mine! Said the scorpion, readying its multi-colored and seemingly sharp pincers at the reflection of the firelight that burned their skin, surprisingly electrified by chemical polarization.

 El Gordo, understanding what was happening, went back, and with his hand full of magma, he threw it at the face of the devil and the Ugly, blinding him for an instant.

 He ran as far as he could towards one of the caverns.


 It was dark.

 And the floor came undone.

 El Gordo fell into a kind of pot.

This, for sure, is the worst place to make soup! I don't like it, so it started going round and round and round.

The pot - a miracle of diabolical ingenuity, had the ability to absorb the essence of the anima that touched it, thus being able to define the town where, in this case, he had spent his childhood, playing soccer with a rag ball in a group. of friends, or, the three-headed dog that walked like the shadow of all of them, or, the sacred image of his mother bringing breakfast to the table.

 Dramatically, those disturbing images for those who had lived it, emitted corrosive fumes of sulfur, calling the devil, who appeared in his memories, out of nowhere, hanging him with a rope of red lightning that came from his fork.

 Out of air, Fatty began to kick, and with all his might, he pushed the devil to the wall.

 El Feo ran with the bag of coca to put a coca leaf on the devil's head, kissing his forehead.

 El Gordo, opening his eyes, and, with his forehead bleeding, drew the strength to get up and pick up the snoop, with his mouth, since he found himself bound, not with ropes but his hands had been welded, one with the other, from where a very strong smell came out.

 "Sulfur," thought Fatty.

 From Fatty's eyes, a foul liquid came out.

And all over my body, thought the Fat Man, to what the devil fixed:

Yes, all over your body. Only your soul is missing.

 And the devil took out his soul.

 Handing over the body to the scorpion.

 The bags? The cocaine and the other?

 They were around here, Ugly told him, searching behind the trident, among the human bones.

 He stirred, the walls.


 Until a coca leaf came out of the wall.

 And they looked attentively,

 And the reflection of the giant multicolored pincers of the strangely shaded scorpion revealed that there were two bags in the slit at the end of the gallery, passing through the bridge.

 -Did you leave them there? The devil asked Ugly

 - Nnnooo! , moving his brow as when one does not understand what is happening.

 - It doesn't matter! The cocaine was empty. But the other is what interests me.

 -I was full, the other was full!

 "Full? Did you dump the contents into the magma?" The content has to be thrown into the magma so that we don't petrify! I already told you !!

 And the devil threw the trident towards the wall, making golden stones fall on the Ugly.

 The devil, throwing the pitchfork to all sides of the cavern, repeatedly shouted:

Come on, run, come on, run, come on, run! - infinitely.

 And the Ugly one went to see the giant scorpion, hidden in the ceiling of the cavern.

 Where is El Gordo? Asked the Ugly, pulling out some coca leaves that he had in his pants pocket.

That fat man is there, in the final gallery, said the scorpion, eating the coca, to which his multicolored tongs turned black, and a white slime mixed with the magma that was everywhere, turning gold.

 The Ugly one, scratched through the magma, like a dog, with claws, never seen before.

 He passed under the bridge, where there was already a tunnel, narrow, that at some point he had made himself.

 The journey was not very long, something like ten meters, to the end of the dark gallery.

 At first you couldn't see anything.

 But, for the first time, he sniffed at Fatty's body, without seeing it.

 And he found Fatty turned to the ground.

 He touched her forehead and her arms.

 It's still warm.

And he put his ear on his chest: his heart was beating.

 He tried to unpack it.

It's bitter as heavy - he concluded - but there are other ways to revive it.

 And scratched his belly, screaming:

 -Wake up !, Andaaaaa….

 The Ugly one was poking his pockets, tickling the fat man's belly.

 I laughed.

 The Ugly, breathing now, asked him:

 Where did you leave the bag?

 Bag? For talking about it, you haven't paid me to carry the bag.

already! Take - and handed him a gold nugget

 - gold? for real?

 - yes.

 And the Fat Man, jumping for joy, scratching his belly, and laughing from ear to ear, handed the bag of coca to the Ugly, polishing the nugget, while he disappeared from that "horrendous" place - according to his thoughts, although changing his physical structure u turning into a pig - that ate all the grime and all the magma, is eventually covering up from that place - and was never seen again

 The Ugly, relieved by the event, and went to the devil's.

 Here you have.

 Thank you, faithful slave.

 And they opened the bag.

 There were only bay leaves.

 - What about metal? The devil asked desperately.

 It was to be a bag full of sulfur! And there is nothing in it!

 I've been cheating! - and the scales on his body began to bleach, and dry, one by one.

 His tongue, until then always active, fell into the magma, but without sulfur, it disintegrated.

 The trident, lost its shine, and its teeth, becoming scrap.

 The bags, both the coca and the salt,

 And, without sulfur, the devil got petrified.

 Like the Ugly and the piggy.

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