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"Alright, kids! Come on down and pile in the car! Oh, don't forget to say bye to your grandmother!" My mom calls. My sister and I come tumbling down the stairs, fighting over the tablet. But then we realize our dad is watching us. He tells us to straighten up, or we won't go on the trip at all. I didn't really want to go anyway. Hiking was not really my thing. Or mountains. Or climbing. The drive was something I could tolerate because we were going to have the tablet. My grandmother was going to be house-sitting. She only agreed if she got my bed.

I was not thrilled about that because I do not like people other than me to sleep in my bed. Even if it was just my grandmother. My grandfather was house-sitting their own home. Without my grandmother. My grandparents were really close to us, only really living a county away. Which wasn't very far in the grand scheme of things. Now, when we were deciding on whether to go to a really cool and fun-looking theme park or this camping grounds on a mountain, we would take us up in a helicopter to see a view not many people see in person.

In fact, the majority of people only see it in pictures. But instead of picking a super cool theme park, we chose the camping grounds. Why? Because it was way less money apparently. And also they decided it may be a better experience. Then going on a super-cool, super-awesome theme park? I beg to differ. But no. I hate heights. And yet, here we are going to some stupid campground to see a sight. To connect us with nature was the way my mother put it. But the only thing I would be looking forward to was the tablet in the car. This place was three hours away.

Costs the same amount of money for gas the way the theme park would have been. But hotel fees were very expensive apparently. And so would have been the rides. But it would have been way more fun than being in a helicopter and seeing some mountains. Now I had seen the view in the pictures, my parents showed us. They told us it would be way better in person than it did in the pictures. After seeing the picture, I was pretty sure that seeing the picture was enough. Because I already knew what I was going to be looking at. No need to go.

But still, here we were, about to leave for this stupid camping trip. We kissed my grandmother goodbye. My mom gave my grandmother some more last-minute directions and then thanked her a million times. Then we got in the car, waved goodbye to her, she went inside and we were gone. We were on the highway soon. All we had to do now was drive to the campsite, pitch our tent, and go exploring explained my dad. He told us if we got hungry, there would be a pit stop in an hour and thirty minutes. Until then, enjoy the tablet, the scenery, the drive.

The only thing my sister and I enjoyed out of all three of those things was the tablet. She was way more excited. In fact, she voted for this. She does not like thrill rides. So being in a safe helicopter for ten minutes to see a scene, then camping seemed really safe. She understood that it was less money, and was thrilled to go on this trip. My mom was not as excited as they were. She was more like me. She was a thrill seeker. She wanted adventure like me. But that was not working out in our favor.

My dad wanted to save as many pennies as possible. If one costed even a dime more than the other, he would choose the one that was a dime less. Even if the one he wanted more was the dime extra. From what I understand, he wanted to go to the super cool theme park. But then he found out what it would cost. I think he said something like twenty dollars more before the gift shop. So that night at dinner he told us that we were going camping. We rented a caravan and put it on the back of my dad's truck. It was only a hundred dollars a night. We would be here tonight and tonight alone. We were leaving in the morning.

Originally he wanted to stay in the car. He said that was cheaper. But my mom told him that we would still need gear to eat. Our campsite wouldn't provide that. Also, they would have to sleep sitting up. So they argued and in the end, my mom was the official winner because he told us that we were going to be sleeping in a caravan. He also thought about tenting. He would buy a used tent. But then my mom told him all the dangers of buying it used and then told him he would have to buy two. That made him officially decide on the caravan.

When we got to the stop, we had a packed picnic lunch and then we used the bathroom. In the car, I tried to stay awake longer than my sister for the tablet. But unfortunately, I fell asleep what was probably ten minutes after the stop. When we got to the campsite, I started by waking up and going in. We got everything ready for us to be in there. My sister and I were on the tablet again when our parents told us we were going around the campsite to look all around the other sites. So we put on our heavy-duty shoes and then took a hike around the place.

It was a long hike. But at the end of it, we had seen just about nothing but trees and bushes. There was a pond, which we saw. When we came back, we ate and went to bed. By the time I woke up, everyone else in the caravan was running around wildly trying to get ready. They said we were going on the helicopter in an hour, and we hadn't even had breakfast. My mom was cooking, my sister and dad brushing their teeth, combing their hair, and getting dressed. My mom was already dressed.

Once my dad finished, my mom got the chance to get a bit more ready. I quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth. My dad did my hair for me, and my mom finished the job. Everyone hurriedly ate. Then we practically ran to the helicopter. We were only ten minutes ahead. My parents asked us how we slept. I did terribly. I couldn't fall asleep. And once I did, I slept lightly. At long last, I was able to get to bed and sleep like I would have if we were back at the house. My sister and dad did alright, and my mom did ok. Soon after we got there, so did the helicopter.

There had already been people on the plane. Only one other group had gone. The four of us counted as an entire group. My dad showed the helicopter people our tickets. Then they boarded all of us and then they took us up really high. After what seemed like forever but was probably ten minutes, they told us to look out the window. And what I saw was beautiful. The clouds were all perfectly aligned, and the sunrise was beautiful. Not to mention that there was also the mist of the morning beneath us. Plants growing up in the mountains. It was all so beautiful.

It was like I was meant to be here at this moment. It was overwhelming. On the ride home, I no longer needed the tablet. I couldn't get the beauty of it out of my head. The absolute perfection of seeing it. That feeling of belonging in that nature. It called to me. My mom and my sister saw a beautiful picture. My dad saw something that looked worth his money. Seeing the happiness be worth the money he spent on this trip. But for me, I saw nature in its finest and best state.

April 23, 2022 18:25

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