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(This story is set on earth’s twin planet GAIA2 which is younger by about 800 years and is evolving.)

Ruma was young and shapely. Attired in a pareyou the usual wear of that land, she looked stunning. She was very bold and adventurous and often wondered about life beyond her native Ruby Isle. That was because she had never travelled anywhere as her family was very poor. If asked, her friends would say Ruma was very imaginative and very sociable. That festival day, she with her parents participated in a community dinner.  Back home late, she went to sleep during which time she had a very vivid dream:  She was on a boat and reached some place where she landed and was taken to a circular building which she entered from the rear. The dream vanished but the memory persisted. She knew she would go nowhere due to poverty.

A few days later, Ruma was on the shore awaiting return of her father who had gone fishing in the sea. There were a few people around her some of whom she knew. In their midst she noticed an elderly tall man who had massive biceps with many tattoos. Among them was one of a crocodile over which an elephant stood leg raised as if ready to trample the saurian. She saw the man had rugged features. Not wanting to catch him staring, she looked away. Her father arrived and she helped him as usual to carry the catch to market.

4 days later she went to the woman Winma who was a well known tattoo artist. Ruma said “I want a tattoo on my wrist.”

Winma gave details of what all could be depicted and told Ruma “My charges will depend on how complex the tattoo needs to be.”

“Granny, I haven’t much money. Please make a floral design on my wrist.”

Winma said “Child, wait till I’ve finished lunch.”

As Winma ate Ruma asked “Granny have you been tattooing for several years?”

“Yes. I’ve designed many to suit individuals. One fellow wanted a nude woman tattooed on his bicep in such a way that she would appear to wink when he flexed his arm. I knew it was a difficult job and refused. There were many cranks like him.”

“Have you made any of crocodiles and elephants?”

“Yes. A few. Years ago one fellow who came from Kristal wanted it done showing a crocodile about to be trampled by an elephant. Some others wanted the same design and I’ve complied.”

Winma finished her lunch and said “Talking to you made me recollect about the fellow from Kristal. It seems he turned brigand and vanished after murdering a family of 5 related to the king. I’ve heard that a big reward had been offered for the brigand’s capture but he was never found.” Winma said “Now sit on that stool and stretch out your hand.”

Winma sat near Ruma and after a while a nice floral tattoo appeared on her wrist. Ruma thanked her when Winma said “You’ve my blessings. I wish you well.”

Ruma’s mind was on the man she had seen with the croc-elephant tattoo. He had been coming regularly to help out fisher folk who needed help to carry the catch to market. One day she went to the Chief Minister’s office and wanted to speak to him. The CM was free and she met him. She said “There’s a man named Berd who works with fisher folk. I was told Kristal is still seeking to secure a murderer...........”

“Yes. Kristal is still looking for the brigand who killed 5 of the king’s kin. There’s a substantial reward for anyone who can tip off Kristal authorities the whereabouts of the brigand. I can do it on your behalf if you think you have found the man.”

She gave details saying “His name is Berd. I can’t say he’s the brigand though he looks like one.”

CM said “Berd is a common name but Kristal is continuing to look for a Kip. Anyway let Kristal authorities satisfy themselves on your tip off.”

A fortnight later Berd alias Kip was arrested by Kristal police.

 Ruma asked them “What will happen to Kip?”

“He will be hanged as already decreed by the king of Kristal since he had murdered 5 of the king’s kin.”

The CM of Rubi Isle gave away the reward which was a big sum to Ruma.

 Ruma told her parents about receiving the reward. She said “This is a windfall. We must celebrate by going on a vacation. We have never been out of Ruby Isle.”

Ruma made enquiries and was told that the best vacation destination would be Gabe where there was an amusement park and a lighthouse. She booked a trip to Gabe which was a distant place. The three set off on the journey which would take about 3 days by ship, with scheduled stops on the way. After 2 days of travel they reached Niani and were forced to halt due to the prevailing hostile weather conditions. The captain of the ship said “Madam, it is good we have to halt: I can get service here to repair some parts of the ship besides the sails. I suggest we spend 4 days here. You could all stay in some rest house.”

Ruma agreed to the halt and enquired about a rest house. She was told that there was one next to the market. “It’s a bit expensive but is worth staying in as the food served is very good.”

She got directions and soon they reached the market in an ass drawn cart. Ruma said pointing “Dad, may be that circular building is the rest house.”

She led the way to the back of the structure saying “I’m sure the entrance is behind.”

The man who owned the rest house remarked “How did you know the entrance was in the rear?”

Ruma merely said “I only guessed it.”

A young man now joined and the owner said “This is my son Tito who is an architect. He designed our king’s summer palace. In appreciation the king presented Tito this site. Tito then built  a unique rest house and you’re in it.”

Tito said “Dad looks after this place while I continue to practice architecture.”

Ruma and parents were allowed to camp in that rest house. In their room she said “Dad this is a nice place. I don’t mind this halt.”

A day later, Tito’s dad spoke to Ruma’s father. He said “My son is still single and has taken a fancy for Ruma. He is doing well in his profession. If you agree, Tito could marry Ruma.”

That was agreed to and the planned holiday in Gabe was cancelled for the nonce. Ruma said “I’ll go to Gabe with Tito on our honeymoon.”

She wondered how a dream had turned reality!


July 20, 2021 05:58

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Karin Venables
14:10 Jul 29, 2021

This story would benefit from a look at passive voice over use. Take a look for glue words as well. Several punctuation mistakes as well, but a deep edit will take care of all of the issues. I would recommend the online version of ProWritingAid. It's free and very good. It's a pity Reedsy will not allow us to edit after a submission is approved. I liked the happy ending for Ruma. It brought a smile to my face.


16:31 Jul 29, 2021

Thanks. Regards.


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